Top 10 Ways to Thrill Yourself in Rishikesh

Now if you’re at Rishikesh and have already quenched your spirituality, then muster up some courage because the next best thing will certainly need it. Rishikesh is a place not only for pilgrims but also for adventure seekers. We all know that Rishikesh is highly regarded for its spirituality but a less-known fact remains that it is also home to India’s most thrilling activities. Rishikesh is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. You can flood your memories with your adventure activities in Rishikesh.

People across the world visit this city to worship the holy Ganga and then experience the thrills of white water rafting on it. Ganga is considered as one of the most dangerous rivers due to its geography. It comes from valleys through a rough course towards Rishikesh packing up a whole lot of adventures in its holy water.

The mountains nearby are also utilized for the pleasures of adventure enthusiasts. Be it a family trip, couples or individuals, Rishikesh never lets you feel bored. If you love adventure sports and are planning to visit Rishikesh. Here are the 10 ways in which you can make your vacation more thrilling and adventurous:

1. River Rafting

Do you want to experience some bone-chilling thrill? Well, how about White-Water Rafting/River Rafting in Rishikesh. River Rafting gives one of the most thrilling experiences in adventure sporting. You have to tear through waves and rapids of the river on your airtight raft boat. You will be part of a team that will row your boat with you through the water currents.

Avoiding rocks and cutting through the rapids fills the body with adrenaline. Ganga’s geography is not regular like most other rivers making it a perfect host for adventure water sports like Rafting. River Rafting can be tried at various destinations in Rishikesh. The prominent of all is Shivpuri-Rishikesh rafting extending for about 12 km. The prices are also not high making it fit in everybody’s pocket.

2. Bunjee Jumping

Who doesn’t love to jump down from a breath-taking height with their body tied to a rope? Some deranged person obviously! This is the mindset of mundane people but what if you ask an adventure enthusiast? Their face will undoubtedly light up and they’ll ask how high is it?

Bungee Jumping is a famous adventure sport in which you jump from platforms at astounding heights with your waist, shoulders and legs supported and tied to a rope. This sport is so thrilling that some of the people even pass-out during the episode. But those whose senses remain intact, experience a brisk rush of adrenaline in their bodies. Bungee jumping is not for heart patients and the people with the phobia of heights.

The setups are generally safe and checked thoroughly with and after every jumper. Mohan Chatti is one of the oldest Bungee Jumping sports in Rishikesh. It stands at about 83 meters from the ground. Reverse bungee jumping is also available for extreme thrill-seekers. Bungee Jumping is one of the best things to do in Rishikesh which must not be missed.

3. Flying Fox

How about literally feeling like an aeroplane? Yeah, Flying Fox is going to make you feel exactly that.In Flying Fox, your torso is supported by chords from four sides with your body suspended in the air. The chords are attached to a pulley rolling on a long rope in order to move you forward. So, you descend down a valley, suspended in mid-air, totally dependent upon one rope for our one-dimensional airplane like moving forward.

The fun multiplies when you can do it with one or two more friends of yours. The best thing about Rishikesh is that it has Asia’s longest flying fox track. It stretches for 1 km in the valley. The height of Flying Fox can also be adjusted based on the money you’re paying. This is one of the coolest adventures in Rishikesh and it is worth a try.

4. Giant Swing

You must have played with swings in your childhood. A giant swing is similar to it but it takes your breath away, literally. LOL! Being pushed ahead from a height similar to a Bungee Jumping platform, supported by a few chords while swinging wide arcs just above the ground is a thrill to enthusiasts but dreadful to others.

You are pushed from a height of more than 50-100 meters with a few ropes supporting your torso. Then you are made to swing alone in mid-air for long distances and nothing is under your control. Every thought in your mind gets overridden with the overwhelming thrill of this adventure sport. The safety is double-checked before every volunteer.

Similar to the experience of bungee jumping, the giant swing is another rope-based adventure sport in Rishikesh. Tourists don’t have to look for a lot to tick this one-off, you can try this at Mohan Chatti itself while you are up for the bungee jumping adventure. The long elastic chord will swing you across the valley from a height of 83 meters and you hang in there for a while to the grove in the fun of it. It is quite an amazing experience for those of you that love adventures involving height.

5. Kayaking

Kayaking is a water sport done by using a small narrow watercraft called the kayak, with the help of a Double-Bladed blade to move the kayak forward. Kayaking boats are available for everyone at different sizes and types. In Kayaking, the rider is in a sitting position with the blade in his hands to push the Kayak forward. A kayak comes with space for one, two and for three people.

Kayaking can be done for a long race and also use for just watercourses. Some kayaks are made for racing and some made just for the normal water ride. This sport can be done in rivers, oceans, surf zones and also in lakes. If you are looking at Kayaking for the first time, the best choice is to go somewhere and take a kayak on rent.

Doing Kayaking helps you to improve your health because this is one of the upper body workouts. It can also relieve you from stress. Thus, Kayaking is not only helpful for your body but also helpful for your mind.

6. Rappelling

Rappelling, or you can say Abseiling, means using a rope. The name quite properly defines this popular sport which even the Army, Police, and rescue service use this technique to access the area where it can be trouble by ground. Rappelling is descending down a cliff by being supported by ropes. In early times, Rappelling was used without any technique and was called Dulfersitz.

You don’t need anything special equipment for this adventure sport. But for safety, you have to use Helmet, ascenders and descenders and gloves. And you should have a quick knowledge about the other techniques such as Like the Knots, which is used to secure the rope.Rishikesh’s geography is mostly mountains and valleys. Thus, facilitating multiple places for Rappelling and other adventure sports.

7. Mountain Biking

Biking is one of the most done activity by almost everyone for health and also for fun. Mountain biking is similar but it’s at just another level. It can be described as riding your bicycles off-road on the mountains and hills. This activity is great for thrill enthusiasts who are mountain lovers. For doing this activity, first, you need a mountain bike with a bicycle kit for repair. For safety, you need a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.

Mountain Biking is divided in Trail and Cross-Country riding. To indulge in this sport, you need the strength and balance with a good bike skill and handling on the bicycle. You can go for both, the high hill climbs or the downhill activity. Both need a decent technical knowledge of the bike and physics.

If you aim to go for a long ride, you need the backpack with the important stuff. Some bikers always carry the backpack for water bottles, food, first-aid and other stuff. A Mountain Biker also needs the skill of navigation for unknown trips. These navigation skills are a great help in rides at unknown places.

8. Trekking

This adventure sport includes walking for exploring new ways around the region. You can enjoy the views and the terrains during trekking. Enjoying nature and going deep into it is always a beautiful thing. There is a lot of places to visit and to explore the beauty of nature.

Mountains are often not attached with roads. So, the only way reaches there, is on foot. For some people, this is fun, for some this is passion. The mountain ranges are some of the most adventurous places you need to go to. There is a wide range of place for tracking available in India. Rishikesh is one of the most popular ones. You can easily find a trekking guide and your team members for trekking there.

Just a backpack and a bag back cover (for rain and dust) are the things you need to carry your survival stuff safely into the trek. The survival stuff includes your food, water, stick, and some other stuff. If you are planning for night stay, you need a sleeping bag, silk liner, and a torch.

A first-aid kit is one of the most important things that you must carry with you. Trekking is helpful for people who want good health. But before going through with it, make sure you are physically fit so you can climb the mountains without any problem.

9. Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping is an extreme sport nowadays as many people love jumping from a high place. From at least 25 to 26 meters height and you need to jump in the water. Almost everyone loves to dive into the water so you only need to go a high place and jump off without any equipment. For diving safely, you need a life jacket. It keeps you floating and absorbs diving impact.

The gravity and your body weight help you in this adventure sport. There are many places in Rishikesh for Cliff Jumping. All of them are considered safe and can be tried out without fear. For Cliff Jumping, you need to prepare your mind first for all the thrill you are going to encounter during the sport. But if you have any fear of heights or water, you should consult your doctor before going through with this sport.

10. Body Surfing

Body Surfing is one of the most trending and adventurous water sports nowadays. If you are ready to do some more daring with your venturesome personality and you are in Rishikesh, then you can go for Body Surfing. There are no age limits for this sport and everyone can enjoy it.

In Body Surfing, you have to leave your body in water and streamline your body without any surfing board. You can use a pair of surfing fins and somebody surfing gear with yourself like surf guard, surf earplug, hand paddle, wave blades to increase your speed. Here you can enjoy freestyle crawling as long as you want.

It is better to attend the professional body surfers training session if you are a beginner or new to this place. They will tell you about safety precaution and teach you all the tricks about body surfing, so you can have more fun safely.

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