Water Filters for Travelling

it’s solitary when you’ve been going for some time in nations with dangerous water that you really value having the capacity to drink what leaves the tap back home. Of course, you can ordinarily purchase filtered water inexpensively in those however, you’re not in every case beyond any doubt where it originated from. The ecological effect of plastic containers is likewise difficult to overlook when you see them appearing on the shoreline around you.

Water purifiers can give you the best of the two universes: spotless, safe water on interest, without devastating nature all the while. They’re a shifted parcel, however, and picking the wrong one can abandon you with foul-tasting water and real stomach issues.

You’re searching for something that will eliminate microscopic organisms, pimples, and infections. It’s the remainder of those species that numerous gadgets won’t crush. At the very least, you require something that won’t aggravate the water taste than it as of now does. In a perfect world, it ought to likewise sift through particulates, chlorine, and metals so it tastes better.

At last, it should be proper for movement — light, vigorous, and dependable, at a value that won’t burn up all available resources. There aren’t numerous that possessed all the necessary qualities, however, fortunately, there are a couple. Here are seven water purifiers really worth purchasing for movement.


There is an advanced type microfiltration membrane technology used in lifestraw bottle to purify the water. Its lightweight and nonelectric system make it perfect for traveling. This purifies give you 99.999% fresh and healthy water. This type of purifies available in two models. One type model is like a straw and the second type of purifying like a bottle.

The straw type purifies allow to drink water directly from any lake and any other container. But in the bottle type model, you have to fill for purifying and after that, you will drink water. Lifestraw removes bacterias from water but it does not remove chemicals

. while traveling for hiking and camping there is no chemical found in any lake or pond which is far from a human so it is safe to use lifestraw. This is a small portable water filter and its do not take extra space in your bag. This is also very cheap against bottle filter.

2. UV portable Water Purifier

UV water purifiers are quick makes safe and healthy water in only one minute. The cost of this type of purifier is less than bottle purifier. This purifies uses electricity for purifying water. You can charge it like a cell phone it has an inbuilt battery.

It has ultraviolet light which has focused on the water and it kills all bacterias from water and makes it safe to drink.

This purifier is looked like a pen and everyone can carry this purify in his pocket. It has a lamp light called UV light.

Remove and place the lamplight in water and wait for a minute. The UV light is an automatic light it automatically off when water will be purified. This purifies has a disadvantage that it does not remove chemicals from water.

3. Personal Purifier Bottle

Personal purifier bottle is a personal small bottle purifier. It looks like a simple bottle which has inbuilt water filter inside. This bottle has a one-liter capacity to store water. This purifies does not use any chemical to purify water.

This type of water purify is portable and it takes a small space in the bag. The cost of this purify is too cheap almost 600 rs in India. It is a very useful purify for a single person. This purify take electricity to purify the water so it also has an inbuilt battery for charging. This advantage makes it perfect for a journey.

4. Sawyer Point one Squeeze Water Filter

The person who is mad about hiking, camping and traveling and need a water purifier for a long time. So this is a perfect water purifier for this type of person. Sawer point one is a complete water filter system. This purifier kills 99.999% bacterias from water and makes it clean for the drink. It also kills protozoa which live in water.

Many types of peoples like this type of filter because this model comes with an ingenious adapter. This adapter used for transfer water from any pouch to bottle. People can use this filter in the emergency to filter any bucket of water. This filter can use for a long time and it has 1 million-plus gallon without needing a replacement filter.

5. Survivor Filter Pro

This is a small and compact water filter. This filter can remove most of the bacteria’s in the water. This is a very good Filter it will remove 99 percent of bacteria and virus from the water. This filter is made by 99% heavy metal. The filter will also Protozoa from the water. 

Everyone will be impressed seeing how this small water pump manages to filter the water. This filter will come with his necessary accessories which make the filtering process easy. It is also a great filter for long time uses.

6. Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle

The lifestraw water filter bottle is a model of a small water filter. This water filter looks like a normal water bottle. This water filter bottle made for peoples who enjoy backpacking, camping and traveling too. This is a great addition for your emergency kit. This water filter can remove any foul taste and smell from water. This filter also removes 99.99% of bacteria from water. The design of this water filter looks amazing.

This type of water bottle is made out of BPA free plastic. Daniel Wellington and the other parts like mouthpiece is made of soft silicone model has the role of a model can conserve also that why it is very easy and comfortable to use. The mouthpiece of this bottle can be removable. So you can use this bottle like a normal bottle in normal places where you will get clean water. A single stroke filter can clean up to 264 gallons of water.

7. Mini Water Filtration System

This is a very durable filter.  This is a very small water filter. It can remove 99.99% of bacteria from water. It can remove 99.99% of bacteria from the water it also removes the bad smell from water. This type of Google filter can clean up to 10,000 gallons of water without needing a replacement.

This type of filters come to a great adaptor. The people can attach this adept in their Water bottle. This water filter is very easy to use and it gives you clean water when you will go camping and traveling.

8. Seychelle Extreme Water Filter

Like the Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier, the Seychelles Extreme Line is another top choice for those who want a portable and lightweight filter. You can bring it anywhere, including hiking, camping, and backpacking. You can also bring it for domestic or international travel. You can rely on it for survival or survival.

It is also effective infiltration because it uses ionic absorption microfiltration. This feature is one of the best around because the function can remove many types of contaminants, including odors and tastes. You can rely on it to remove chlorine, silt, and cloudiness. I also liked that the filter 99.95 can get rid of organic contaminants including viruses, bacteria, and cysts, to name a few.

The Oz Extreme bottle is available in other types of containers in the market with a larger size. With it, you can be sure about the high capacity of clean and filtered water. It is also convenient to use as it allows you to drink water from freshwater sources. This model is also designed to work for sterile and contaminated water.

9. Epic Nalgene Og Water Filtration Bottle

Getting the Nalgin Oz Water Bottle Filter System allows you to achieve both. The “real gangster” water filtration bottle imagines the company president’s brain when he learns that his son’s Boy Scout team is using it in Nolzin’s container. The 32-ounce full mouth water bottle holder from Nalgin with Epic’s urban filter system is becoming as it is today to further improve and make it more efficient.

Two brands made entirely in the United States that we’re able to create a water filtration system that could produce 75 gallons of water that is safe, healthy, and ideal for drinking. Tests and studies show that it lasts three times longer than other bottles which makes it very expensive for you. A bottle for all your daily needs and it is also suitable for all members of your family. If you are a parent, you can stop worrying about the quality of the drink your child drinks when you are not at home.

For peace of mind, the filters included here are tested to effectively remove 200 and more known water contaminants and impurities. The filter is duly certified by NSF / ANSI to meet the required water filtration standards. It uses a multi-stage mechanism for its filtration system so that nothing is missed.

10. Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Bottles for drinking are another solution that helps you enjoy pure water all the time. If you like hiking, cycling, and going out, you will also appreciate the benefits you get from this water bottle. One of the things I like about the water bottle is that it weighs 26 ounces. It is a premium water bottle that has enough capacity for an individual bottle. When you buy it, you can get a replaceable filter.

I would like to recommend the bottle for its design. It comes with an easy-sip straw, which is bound to prevent the entry of harmful contaminants. It is also easy to carry as it has a portable loop, which allows for more portability. So, even if you always keep going, you can look forward to using a portable water bottle. It’s a great thing that it’s designed with convenience in mind.

Also, this water bottle comes with a cup holder-friendly design, which allows for safe storage and portability. The one-hand push-button also adds ease of use to this water bottle. With it, you can get the hassle-free way of carrying a container that works to provide you with clean and safe drinking water at any time. It is environmentally friendly in that it can eliminate the need to buy plastic bottles. This model can replace 300 single-use bottles. Thus, it not only saves money but also saves the environment. It can reduce plastic waste, which is one of the problems in this modern world.

11. Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter

If you are looking for a travel water purification system, you should not miss this filtration system. This will help you to drink clean and safe drinking water on the go. It is needed for water when you need it.  I liked its EZ clear membrane. As the name implies, it is easy and quick to clean. All you have to do is shake or shake the filter to remove debris.

No backflushing is required for this. You do not need to use additional equipment. Also, I liked that it could filter 1,000 liters of contaminated water. You do not need to use any chemical or any other instrument to clean the contaminated water. You can clean the filter in seconds, giving you extra convenience.

12. Miniwell Gravity Water Filter Straw

Straw like water purification bottles for third world countries is shared with whole family or friends as far as miniwells are concerned. Yes, this mini gravity water filtration system can do what you and your group need when you win our outdoor campaigns. It is not designed for a single user straw sucking, but instead, it is the whole team filtration straw.

You will be amazed at how useful and straightforward it is to mention that this system does not work in practice. The whole package is easy to transport and does not take up too much space or weight in your backpacks. This includes a tree strap, your pocket-sized water filter, hose, and hose clip, a clean water compressible bottle, and your unfiltered reservoir. All this in a smart carry bag so that you can get everything you need.

For this, you need a tree, your water source, and a miniwell gravity water filter. You can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about access to clean, safe, and safe drinking water and improve in case of emergency. The system can impressively filter 2000 liters of water at 0.1 microns. A fast rate of 600 ml per minute is acceptable. You can enter safe and pure drinking water in a few minutes.


Safe drinking water is free of protozoa, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that are safe for human consumption. In other words, you will not get sick when you drink water. The water filter cleans the water by removing particles, protozoa, parasites, and even bacteria. They remove dirt, floating particles, and debris and filter it to make clean drinking water so it looks cleaner and more delicious. But, viruses are so tiny that they can slip through microfilters, even the tiniest of .02 microns.

Now, it is usually quite clear water in less populated areas, like a distant mountain stream where there are not many people or cattle in the vicinity. Waterborne viruses that are harmful to humans are usually found where there are large numbers of people because they are successful and carry through human waste. Yes, ick. But it is a reality of life. This is especially true when you travel to countries that do not have the infrastructure to take their water to the level of ‘safe drinking’.

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