Top Bikes For Long Rides

Long highway rides are becoming a new norm among commuters. Now, even a new young climber wants to go on long journeys with friends and explore the unknown. This allows motorcycle manufacturers to develop friendly bikes for travel on a wide budget.

There are many affordable bikes that are best for long rides with prices ranging from over one million to over a million for premium customers. Here is the price list of the best bikes that are good for long rides in India. Not all bikes are great for long rides, not all bikes have long range and windblast protection.

However, for long rides, the first priority of the bike must be the comfort of the rider, the riding posture should be steep or slightly tilted so that it can be ridden for several hours without riding and without stretching your limbs.

The second priority should be protection from wind explosions. On highways, you tend to climb about 80-120 kilometers per hour for cruising, and wind gusts at this speed will make you tired more quickly, stopping you for more frequent rests.

If an air-conditioned windshield visor is attached to the front, you will be protected from exhausting air explosions at high speeds. This allows you to run a few hours effortlessly. In addition to these, to reduce the number of fuel stops you need a practical riding range for about 400 kilometers of highway in a single tank.

Many bikes come with a trip computer that shows the distance of empty and other features, Bluetooth connection to get notifications and turn on GPS etc. Some passengers can carry extra luggage on the bike on long journeys.

Top 6 Best Bikes for long trips & ride

1. Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is the most affordable 200cc cruiser bike for sale in India. The bike has enough power to handle highways and it is capable of cruising at 100 kilometers per hour throughout the day. The Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is a comfortable bike for navigation as it offers increased rear seating position and handlebars.

There is a huge windscreen visa to deal with high speed windblast and it reduces the fatigue that any driver can feel without it. Any bike with wind blast protection and comfortable riding postures can go on a long distance tour and the Avenger 220 can excel in both of these categories.

The mobility of the Avenger 220 Cruise comes from a fuel-injection engine with a single cylinder, air and oil-cooled, 220 cc, 2-valve head. This motor can pump 18.76 bhp of maximum power at 8500 rpm and a top torque of 17.55 Nm at 7000 rpm.

The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox with a 5th gear long enough to travel comfortably. The combination of air cooling and an oil cooler helps to control the temperature of the engine which in turn provides better engine reliability over time. The ride quality of the Bajaj Avenger 220 is quite implanted and comfortable.

High-speed stability is comparable to competitors due to its 163 kg carbon weight and long wheelbase. The suspension is designed with precision and offers the best of both worlds – comfort and durability. This setup is comfortable in bad patches on the road and gives great durability at high speeds.

2. Hero Xpulse 200

The Hero Xplus 200 is the first proper long-distance travel bike in India and it is the only affordable Rs 1.13 lakh ex-showroom, one of the most affordable in New Delhi. It has a long windshield visor to protect you from high-speed wind blasts.

The Xpulus 200 got a flat and long single-piece seat that gave the driver enough space to turn around while running. Also, Pillion’s seat has enough space for passengers to travel long distances. Hero has done a great job of picking up the ergonomics of the bike for adventure lovers.

The bike is equipped with a large 21-inch front rim and 18-inch rear rim to deal with peat, rock and uneven terrain. Wheels are spoke units that are designed to absorb high impacts and move away from it. A 119.6cc single cylinder, air and oil-cooled engine helps remove the bike.

This motor has now programmed fuel injection system for fuel and is compliant with BS6 emissions regulations. The maximum power of 17.8 bhp comes at 8500 rpm and the peak twist power is rated at 6500 rpm and the picking is rated at 16.45 nm. There is a 5 speed gearbox which has short gears for higher torque output on the rear wheels.

3. Yamaha FZ25

To ride on highways all bikes must be adventure tours or cruises and size and style not road bikes Yamaha FZ25 is a great option for long rides because it is quite comfortable to ride with a straight riding posture and comfortable suspension system.

The suspension is stiff enough to keep the bike stable at highway speeds and the endurance sin is soft enough to handle city speeds. A pair of flat and spacious seats for the rider and the pillion are comfortable for long rides and leave passengers a few hours of leisure.

Proceeding towards the engine, the bike is fitted with air and oil-cooled, 249 cc, single-cylinder, 2 valve SOHC head with fuel-injection BS6 engine. This motor generates 20.1 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm and the maximum power of 20.51 bhp comes at 8000 rpm.

There is a 5-speed transmission with a city-centric gear ratio but it is comfortable to drive the FZ25 on the highway at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Since the engine is a basic unit and produces less power the fuel efficiency of the bike is surprisingly 37 km per liter. It takes about 500km of highway range in a single tankflower which is more than most of the bikes mentioned in this list.

4. Royal Enfield Classic 350

This extensive list of the best bikes for long rides is incomplete without mentioning the cruise icon on the highways. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of India’s favorite bikes for long rides. The language of classic design with the signature extraction purists love and minimal penetration of chic bits is the bike that holds the top spot in the hearts of thousands of riders.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes with a comfortable flat and spacious seat for riders as well as the Pillion, its superior torque engine ensures that you can carry as much luggage as possible without compromising performance. The high scratch weight of 195 kg provides stability at high speeds and has sufficient rigidity to prevent any kind of turbulence on the road.

5. Jawa Standard 300

The Jawa Standard 300 is a great bike for long climbs. It comes with a comfortable straight riding posture and an accessible 765mm seat height. It is also a retro style motorcycle designed specifically for miles on highways. Engines develop enough power and torque to carry extra luggage for long long rides.

Java comes with 300 liquid-cooled engines which are the first of the classic style bikes and in any case keep the engine at optimum temperature and extend the life of the engine. A pair of telescopic forks on the front and two shock absorbers on the back give good comfort and durability.

The 1,170 kg carb weight cross windows play an important role in keeping the bike planted on highways even when using cross winds. The engine is smooth and the vibrations are at the forefront of running comfortably and the cruising speed is 100 kilometers per hour.

The top speed is 130 kilometers per hour which is the highest in this section. With more power the fuel economy slows down and the same happens with the Java 300 You can get about 34km on the highway and with the capacity of a 14 liter fuel tank, expecting the bike to run about 460km before the refill is needed.

The Java Standard 300 offers great candy on the eye candy and highways that make it easy to access unknown areas you’re interested in exploring.

6. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is a cruiser bike launched by the iconic Indian brand, Royal Enfield. The Meteor 350 is a completely redesigned and developed cruiser that will replace the old Vibe Thunderbird 350 in the company’s Indian lineup.

This new motorcycle gives the ultimate comfort on the highway as it is done. The bike comes with a bucket-shaped wide rider seat that is quite well padded which provides a few hours of comfort in the saddle. The temporary suspension system consists of a telescopic fork at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear.

This setup tunes to the soft side by providing a comfortable ride along the bad roads. For long-distance riding, the bike is equipped with a windshield visor to remove air blasts at high speeds and reduces rider fatigue.

Pelion gets a backrest that makes it possible to ride great distances without back pain. Also, the company is providing a variety of accessories with the bike along with touring mirrors, touring seats, luggage bags and much more.

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