Best 30 Beaches in India

The bright sun, the wind, the clear sky, and the waves are all so colorful. Well, even a simple walk on the beach has always been fun and comfortable. And if you are on the beach, and love to spend time on the beach. We need a perfect vacation at the beach when our mind and body want peace.

The best thing about beaches is the bright rays of the sun that fall directly on the seafloor, the glittering sand that covers the beach area and the waves of the sea hit your feet. Well, it is a combination of the three of them, which enhances the beauty of the beaches of India and makes them naturally attractive. It forces tourists to escape the chaos of the cities to hear the whispers of the wild waves on some of the best beaches in India. If you are planning to treat yourself to an Indian beach vacation.

1. Radhanagar Beach

With a variety of the purest beaches of the country in its arms, Andaman and Nicobar Islands best noted for its natural surroundings and bright natural beauty. The Radhanagar Beach on the material covering Island is that the most well-liked deadly attraction of Andaman and Nicobar Island.

It has been bestowed with the dear ‘Asia’s best beach’ award by Time Magazine. This exotic virgin beach has white sand and blue water and plenty and peace, making it an ideal spot for bathing and sun-basking. The beach, however, is off-limits for journey freaks as no water sports unit of time allowed here and albeit swimming is legal, it’s only between 8 AM and 4 PM.

2. Agonda Beach

What is just similar to the foremost concerning ‘Goa’? The long and crowded stretch of beaches, late-night parties, tasty cuisines, or water sports activities. The province has everything to satisfy the hungry beach lovers. It collectively has some serene beaches for folk that would like to stay one’s hands far away from the beach aspect hustle and bustle.

Agonda Beach is the associate isolated stretch of sealine settled on the outskirts of a province that helps you to relax amid natural wonders like, soft heat sand and turquoise blue water. It’s various beach aspect accommodations, chiefly huts for tourists to relax and experience the stillness of nature.

Agonda is gaining quality lately, and a good deal of hotels, souvenir stalls, and restaurants are arising in the information processing system. It’s doubtless one altogether the best beaches in the province. Best time to go: November- Gregorian calendar month

3. Cavelossim Beach

Another destination for beach vacations in Asian country lies inside the serenity of province between the attractive Sal watercourse and ocean. Affirmative we tend to stand live talking concerning the beautiful ‘Cavelossim Beach’ encircled with a variety of flora similarly as affluent palm trees, casuarinas vegetation, and paddy fields.

This serene beach in a province attracts tourists with activities like bathing, sun-basking, dolphin visits, sunset cruise, and looking.

One can make a choice from an outsized vary of Indian crafts and gift things and carry them as souvenirs to their state from the colorful bazaars that surround this beautiful beach.

There unit of measurement plenty of luxury hotels and beach resorts on Cavelossim Beach and additionally the tourists can merely get accommodation in these hotels to pay some memorable time with their family or friends.

4. Puri Beach

One of the foremost necessary attractions of a province, Puri Beach continues to be a sacred venue for associate endless vary of pilgrims world organization agency visit the place to pay court to Lord Jagannath. This pretty palm-fringed beach lies on the fine white sands and rolls in from the Bay of geographical area, making it one altogether the favorite spots for every Indian and foreign beach lovers.

set at a distance of thirty 5 km from the Sun Temple and sixty 5 km from Bhubaneshwar, the beach at Puri offers a singular probability to witness the engaging sunrise and so the sunset at a similar place. The guests can see a fishing village on the coast and luxuriate in ocean food prepared with a created catch like prawn, pamphlets, and totally different exclusive fishes.

5. Elephant Beach

Famous for activities like snorkeling, sun-basking, bathing, beach walking, etc. the attractive and virgin beach destination Elephant found in covering Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This sparkling beach spot embraces the variety of the colorful coral reefs that push sapphire-colored waters with light waves, making the experience even extra pleasant.

Elephanta Beach looks its best throughout springtime once nature is absolutely bloom and snorkeling becomes even extra gratifying. The bulks visit this beach to relax; some to urge pleasure from a picnic lunch with family and friends, and lots of to seem at the colorful corals beneath the ocean water. Now, it depends on you. Which activity you’d like to try and do throughout your beach vacation.

6. Yarada Beach

Andhra Pradesh to is given Andhra Pradesh to is given with many exotic beaches that share their bounds with Bay of geographical region, virtually like the province. Yarada Beach is one altogether the varied beautiful and unspoiled beaches of an area, that isn’t best-known for parties or water sports activities aside from their beauty and serenity.

In distinction to province and Kerala, Andhra doesn’t have many late-night beach parties or five-star properties, but it is the second-largest lineation and additionally the longest beach road inside the country. Settled at a distance of fifteen klicks from Visakhapatnam, Yarada might be a pristine and uninterrupted lineation, that leads to Dolphin’s Nose tower that sits atop Black Mores Hill.

7. Arambol Beach

Considered to be a heaven for the hippies, Arambol Beach embraces a variety of the best natural attractions even once there are any no resorts or trendy hotels on the beachside. The place is untouched and serene with merely some basic guesthouses and some traditional hotels and huts on the sealine. The guests find it irresistible this fashion and feel happy indulgence in simple activities like swimming, sun-basking, beach walking, etc.

different attractions at Arambol Beach unit of measurement paragliding from the cliffs that surround the beach, dolphin observation boat journeys, and looking from colorful beach bazaars that sell clothes, bikinis, junk jewelry, and handicrafts. One might understand some good cafes on the beachside, which offer tasty delicacies from a state, Goa, and India.

8. Dhanushkodi Beach

There is not a lot of to check in Dhanushkodi aside from the beach and sand, that stretches across a good vary covering most space of the place. Bordered by the Bay of geographical area from one facet and also the ocean from the opposite, Dhanushkodi situated twenty kilometers aloof from Rameshwaram, provides a visible treat to tourists with the implausibly stunning views of the turquoise blue sea.

Dhanushkodi Beach is that the nearest purpose from Ceylon and it’s additionally believed to be the permanent place wherever Lord avatar in conjunction with Lord Hanuman and his army engineered the renowned ‘Setu’ bridge to succeed in Lanka. Once a flourishing city Dhanushkodi was blasted by a cyclone in 1964, laundry away from the complete village, but, the tourists still visit this place to check the remains of the city and luxuriate in the indefinable fantastic thing about its beaches.

9. Palolem Beach

Enclosed by thick coconut palms and encircled by clear ocean blue water, the picturesque Palolem Beach is undeniably the state’s loveliest beach. Chiefly lined with beach huts, boats, and fishnets, this pretty sealine stretches across miles and seems shady and semi-circle fashioned with numerous sort of flora.

This beautiful beach spot offers completely different atmospheres to varied tourists- it is the foremost serene and pristine north stretch for quieter and organized back people, packed and action-packed beach center for families and backpackers, and party stuffed south zone for hippies and partygoers. Except this, people can indulge in dolphin recognizing, fishing, boat riding, shopping, and massaging activities at Palolem Beach.

10. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

The only installation beach of Asia, Muzhappilanged offers a sleek drive of 4 km between Thalassery and Kannur, that’s parallel to National route NH-17. Tourists visit this excellent beach spot notably inside Apr once locals organize a contest to attract travelers and young journey enthusiasts to perform automotive stunts and bike stunts like drifting and wheeling on the beach.

Driving safe at Muzhappilangad Beach as a result of it’s encircled by black rocks, that safeguards it from stronger currents of the ocean. This serene beach is one in every one of the famous beaches in Kerala that is well-known for its tranquility and picturesque ocean scan, that produces it a perfect spot for tourists to swim, take sunbathe, and to walk around.

11. Lighthouse Beach

The most popular of the three beaches in Kovalam Cove is the Lighthouse Beach in Kerala which is Boga near Goa. Here is all the action and the crowd. The beach is filled with numerous leisure hotels and staying in one of them will be a comfortable holiday strategy for you! Ni beach Undoubtedly the main attraction of this beach is the attractive red and white lighthouse which is 35 meters long and stands on the Kurumkal hill.

12. Mandrem Beach

Located in North Goa, Mandrem is a quiet and pristine beach that is considered one of the best beaches in India. It is a highly preferred beach by Honeymoon. The solitude and the beautiful beach provide the couple with much-needed privacy which makes it one of the best beaches in India for the honeymoon. So all you have to do is ride your rented scooter and hit the road to Mandrem, the ride is just as beautiful as the destination.

13. Varkala Beach

Varkala is the only beach in South Kerala where the hills are adjacent to the sea. Many travelers claim to have witnessed the most exciting sunset on this beach. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best beaches in India. Varkala beach is also known as Papnasham beach, which means to wash away sins. The water of this beach is said to have medicinal properties as many herbs are found around the beach.

14. Om Beach, Gokarna

The shape of the beach is similar to the shape of an ohm in Sanskrit which makes it quite attractive. The place has religious significance for obvious reasons but lately, it has become a hippie sanctuary.

15. Half-moon Beach

Divided into a peak from Om Beach, Half Moon Beach offers spectacular views of the sea. The whole beach is in typical Indian-style village huts or huts. Numerous hammocks placed in the middle of the trees provide great opportunities for rest.

16. Kaup beach

Kaup Beach in Karnataka is one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka. The beach is famous for its quiet environment and cool environment. This is another beach in India where you can surf at high tide. The black and white lighthouse on the beach stole the show. This lighthouse was built in 1901 and still serves sailors. If you want to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the locality, you should climb into the lighthouse for a small fee.

17. Ross and Smith Island Beach

Like the tropical equivalents, the islands of Ross and Smith are connected by a narrow sand arrow of shiny white sand. It is one of the top beaches in India which offers incredible swimming and snorkeling experience in the Andamans. 

18. Wandoor Beach

Our Beach is located in Port Blair, a famous tourist spot in the Andaman Islands. It is spread over a wide area and is usually visited by a lot of tourists and it is one of the best beaches in India for a honeymoon. If you want to walk a long way to the beach, this is the only place. Also be sure to visit the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, which is located very close to the beach.

19. Merk Bay Beach

Merck Bay Beach on North Passage Island has all the features of being one of the best beaches in India – sparkling white sand, turquoise blue waters, peaceful surroundings, and breathtaking surroundings. To reach the beach you have to take a short journey of about an hour by ordinary Andaman boat (dungi). The best thing about the beach and the island is that it is uninterrupted, which makes it restless and calm.

20. Kala Pathar Beach

Black Stone Beach is a small beach on the Andalusian island of Havelock, famous for its rugged attractions. The beautiful view of the black stone beach is the aquatic green water that hits the silver shore and brings with them dead corals. It is not an ideal beach for snorkeling or swimming but it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in India.

21. Cherai Beach

The best part of Cherai beach is the place where the backwaters meet the sea. The tides here are usually low and even the rookies can easily swim and have fun. 

22. Poovar Beach

Puvara beach is one of the most unusual, unconventional, and captivating beaches in Kerala. Covered by pristine backwaters, an estuary leading to the sea, and dreamy golden sand, this beach is one of the best beaches in India. In earlier times, this beach served as a major trading point and today it is a travelers paradise.

23. Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode beach is the best hunt for sunset views in Kerala. Adding to the beauty here are two broken holes more than a century old and a lighthouse that retains the charm of its old world. Go to this beach to title your taste buds with some of the most delicious seafood, especially kallumekaya (oysters). In the evening, go straight to Dolphin Point to see the dolphins roaming around.

24. Munambam Beach

A long beach located near Vipen Island in Ernakulam district, Munambam beach is a sight to behold in Kerala. Munambam Beach is one of the beaches in Kerala where you can see huge fishing nets. It is also known as Mujiris Golden Beach and is also famous for kite flying.

25. Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach is a major tourist destination in Pondicherry city which is spread over 1.2 km from War Memorial to Duplex Park on Gaubert Avenue which is also known as one of the major beaches of India. Tell De Promenade Beach is a famous venue that is often crowded with groups of people playing volleyball. Tourists like to do activities like jogging, walking, skating, yoga and swimming in the evening at this beach. Apart from this, there are many attractive places around Promenade Beach which tourists can visit during their visit to this beach.

26. Majorda Beach

Majorda is another South Goan beach famous for its breathtaking beauty, bakery, and toddy which is found in abundance here. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in India that offers the option of luxurious beach accommodation. Not only that, Majorda is associated with Hindu legend, according to which Lord Rama was brought here after being abducted in his childhood.

27. Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is the centerpiece of the Goa Trans Party scene. The beach is located at the bottom of a steep peak and the famous fort Chapora is also located on the beach. It is one of the best beaches in India, especially because of the inaccessible rocks that set the shore apart from other beaches in Goa. Sit on any rocky structure and let the waves play with you.

28. Marari Beach

Aleppo’s Marari Beach is well known for its unparalleled cleanliness and stunning surroundings. The water here is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and occasional surfing. At Marari Beach, unlike other popular beaches in Kerala, you can catch a glimpse of rural life in Kerala. There are many beach resorts around the beach where you can enjoy a charming and unforgettable location.

29. Baga Beach

Goa Party Central, Boga Beach is one of the most famous beaches in India. Located in North Goa, it is known for its beach parties, nightlife and amazing seafood served in beach shacks and restaurants. Even if you’re not at a loud party, you can just find your corner on the beach and listen to your favorite music while looking at the kissing gamble waves in the moonlight.

30. Rushikonda Beach

The gem of the east coast, Rishikonda beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India. The beach is located 8 km from Vizag and is very popular among tourists and locals. It is a haven for watersports lovers and is popular among windsurfers and jet skiers.


The Indian coastline is one of the longest incredibly picturesque beaches in the world. And lately, the best beaches in India, especially the west coast are trending in the travel scene. The beaches here offer secluded solitude and of course vibrant adventures for lively parties. Every beach in India has something different and a completely different experience. From lively parties to water sports, to leisurely private caves, there is something for all types of travelers. Here we have compiled a list of all the beautiful beaches in India. Spend the most amazing beach vacation with you and your loved ones.

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