Things Essential to Carry for Traveller

1. Back Pack

A strong, lightweight, and spacious backpack is essential when traveling.

2. Passport

Passport is one of the most important things to carry with you if you are visiting another country.

3. Identity Certificate and Cards

You can carry all the identity cards or and one of them. It will come handy in many places likes hotels, checkpoints, and other places and if you are traveling on a rented vehicle in some other place you will need your Driving license too.

4. Extra Pairs of Undergarments and Socks

Yeah, It sounds a bit crazy but you should always carry extra pairs of socks and undergarment cause you never know how long your trips will and maybe the weather will be not in your favor.

5. Raincoat

A raincoat will come handy if you are traveling to a rainy place. Never forgot to carry one.

6. Sleeping Bags

If you are an adventure sports person and camping is your thing you should buy a Sleeping bag immediately.

7. Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle is always a nice idea and Do buy a good quality bottle for long lasting and hygiene issues.

8. Towels

Most of the time you will not get a towel from hotels so do carry yours.

9. Map

Carrying a Map will help you in the locations where your GPS stops working cause of signal issues.

10. First Aid

As I mentioned above for the medicines the same goes with the first.

11. ToothBrush and ToothPaste

Toothbrush and Toothpaste will come handy while you camp or traveling long distances from trains and in other situations.

12. Spare Chargers and Mobile Phones

It is good to carry spare chargers and mobiles cause if you lose one or break one you always had other option.

13. Extra Pair of Contact lens and Sunglasses

You should always carry extra things cause you never know when you need it.

14. Books

Books are always a good friend while you are bored and want some me time.

15. Speakers

Just to chill and have fun while traveling.

16. Food and Wafers

It is good to carry food and wafers around with you, they will help you get back your energy and some extra calories.

17. Earbud and Eye Mask

These will help you sleep better in noisy places.

18. Gloves and Scarfs

These are lifesavers in cold areas.

19. Camera

Cameras are good to carry if you need some good memories of your trips.

20. Some heavy Shoes

I mentioned heavy duty shoe which means you should buy a pair of good quality shoe like waterproof, good grip, lightweight, and strong build.

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