Some Best Bicycle Trails and Parks in India

Bicycle parks is a piece of land that is specifically designed for off-road or mountain biking. Bike parks can be created in small urban areas, on public lands or by integrating with trail systems. A bike park can include skill courses, pump tracks, jumps, trails and features. With many design and budget options available, a bike park is an achievable project for all communities. Bike parks offer family-friendly recreation.

With the popularity of biking, the need for a safe, sustainable, progressive riding area is growing. With more than 5 million people in North America riding bikes, there needs to be a place for every community to enjoy riding opportunities. The health benefits of cycling are extensive and well documented.

From tackling obesity and dementia in nature to strengthening friendships and family ties, biking has the potential to transform the community. Bike parks and bike trails may be used in existing park systems, in trail systems, in planned communities, adjacent to skate sparkles, or may be used to reclaim vacant land.


1. Munnar

Munnar is one of the best cycling trails in India and has some of the best highlights to offer when you become part of a mountain bike experience in India. Your trip will include a wide range of tea gardens and spice gardens – explore the flora and fauna that will surely amaze you. The routes are as incredible as possible, the cycling tour will explore more about the city and its regions. Enjoy breathtaking views of Bison Valley and Lockhart Gap with Shola Forest and Cardamom Estate. Munnar has one of the best road-riding facilities in South India.

2. Manali to Leh

The bike from Manali to Leh is about 30-50 kms diving on several routes that start – from Manali to Mari, from Marhi to Kailong, from Klang to Patsayo, from Patsio to Sarchu, from Sarchu to Whiskey Nalla, from Malay Plains to Debring, finally from Drebring Rampstay, Rampstay. The plant provides cedar and pine trees throughout your journey, you will shower the currents of the Khoksar river and also witness the spectacular views of the Himalayan mountains. Before reaching Leh you will also cross the Thiksi Monastery and the Chortens Garden. To take you by surprise, the whole trip includes picturesque views of small, contiguous villages, plants, monasteries, Parabastra Lake and the Himalayas.

3. Sikkim

Sikkim is known for its rugged and steep regions that offer fascinating bikking trails that make you an adrenaline rush. Sikkim has several bike trails such as Gangtok to Ranka, Martam to Sirwani, Yuxom to Khechupeliri Lake and Richenpang to Jorethang. On the way back to Gangtok you will be able to see the rural side of Sikkim which includes Bhutia and Subba villages, Fensong and Fodang monasteries. The covered distances between these trails are about 30-38 kilometers which is important to know in order to prepare for such an adventure sports. Despite being introduced to this adventure sport recently, it is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for mountain biking in India.

4. Kumaon Region

Kumar Region, Uttarakhand includes bike routes from Bageshwar to Baijnath, Baijnath-Kaunsani, Kausani to Someshwar, Binta to Ranikhet, Ranikhet to Bhatrajkhan, Bhatrajkhan to Garija, Corbett to Kotabagh, Kotabagh to Kaladungi and Chorgalia. The biking distance of each route can be calculated between 12 to 63 kilometers. It offers a variety of routes from flats to steeper lands that amaze you with gorgeous jungles, surreal rivers like the Gumti River, camping zones for relaxation, beautiful gardens and botanical gardens.

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5. Coorg

After considering Kurag as a mountain biking destination, get ready for the scenic sights and enchanting routes to come your way. The mountain bike can go on the Chelvara and Madikeri routes, covering about 25-35 km of hilly terrain. It’s time to unveil a journey filled with evergreen forests and coffee gardens. If you are looking for historical landmarks, take the bike to Madikeri Fort. It has a church building, a museum and several monuments. You can choose the bike path of Malali Falls which is surrounded by jungle and Puspagiri Mountain Range. Scented tree planting cycle in Nilgiris. This rural area presents several stunning landscapes of the country and goes hand in hand with green roads, forests and mountain trails.

6. Shimla to Spiti

Mountain bike routes from Shimla to Spiti include: Shimla – Sarahan – Sangla – Kalpa – Tabo – Kaza – Ki Kibar – Kaza – Chandartal Lake – Kailong – Manali. These spots are adorned with abundant landscapes, mountains, waterways, religious communities, valleys, regular structures of antiquity, ice masses, fields and almonds. Appreciate the ride on your bike across deep valleys and high mountain ranges to keep you awake. You can similarly climb directly into the cut spots inside the city and within the city. See perhaps the most well-known religious communities in the region.

7. Kangra Valley

It offers one of the most interesting mountain bicycle routes in India – the beautiful small villages, paddy fields, Buddhist enclaves and multiple prayer flags on the Kangra bike route. The cycling route is a 260-kilometer circuit – the roads are a mixture of ups and downs as well as a few flat lands. Riding height averages about 1300 meters. Routes include Mleledganj-Shahpur-Jawali-Pong Dam, Jawali-Ranital-Base Camp Andretta, Andretta-Papola-Baijnath-Billing and Billing-Palampur-Eol Cantt-Mlededganj.

8. Garhwal

Explore Garhwal by mountain biking as it is one of the revived sights to offer including great sun oceans, alpine ghats, forests, bright rivers and breathtaking trails. Travel routes include Barkot, Mussoorie, Uttarkashi, Ganganani, Harsil, Gangotri, Dharsu and Tehri. It is time to immerse yourself in the surreal beauty of the Garwali hills, visit the beautiful villages like Kempati Falls, Naogaon, Barnigarh, Sarigarh and Damtar and pay spiritual homage to Goddess Ganga.

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9. Leh to Zanskar

It’s time for a great mountain biking experience – the Leh-Jangskar mountain bike trip will surely make you an adrenaline rush and test your stamina and strength. The route has steep terrain and the ride has several passes, narrow valleys and alleys that are challenging to cross. The difficulty level is a bit high on the Leh-Zanskar bike tour. The route is Stoke – Hemis, from Hemis to Leh, from Leh to Liquor, from Leekir to Alchi, from Alchi to Lamayuru, from Lamayuru to Mulbekh, from Mulbekh to Kargil, from Kargil to Panikhar, from Panikhar to Rangdum, from Rangdum to Fe, from Fe to Padum. Get ready to visit some of the most surreal monasteries in Leh.

10. NH17 Udupi Trail

This trip will meet all your sensitive needs, be it for ancient beaches or museum forests. Start from Mumbai and go to Mongolia or be an adventurer and go the long way to Trivandrum, this is a guaranteed treat. A good mountain biker is a person who never stays away from regular practice. To prepare yourself for mountain biking in India, you must be equally proficient in controlling beaten paths and rough terrain. While you can take care of stamina and endurance by planning a good diet, there are some more techniques involved that can be achieved through practice and encouragement and must be followed religiously.

11. West Arunachal Trail

The roads here can be a bit dangerous but it only adds to the tension. Explore the forests and mountains on your way from Bhalupong to Tawang and probably feel the adrenaline pump falling into a few landslides. Hit Dambuk if you don’t turn around a bit. Mountain biking in India has attracted bikers and adventure seekers. The Himalayan Range is the perfect setup for this extreme adventure that tests your grit and gives you a lifetime experience.

But at the same time it is extremely dangerous and requires professional guidance at every step. Aside from the Himalayas, there are some extremely tough and exciting mountain biking trails all over India that never fail to impress. From those who are just starting out or who are now at the professional level, there are opportunities to both practice and master this skill further in this country. Mountain biking is fast becoming a favorite among countless exciting candidates.

12. Spiti Valley from Manali

Reach the highest village in the world in ten days. Make the sense of culture very different from your own and don’t forget to talk to the locals especially in temples and monasteries, most of which are amazingly beautiful. Mountain biking is an adventure sport where you can cycle across unforgivable roads and alleys in strong mountainous areas. This is an off-road cycling that can only pull on specially designed bikes and requires a lot of practice and stamina. For adventurers, this is a test of their nerves, accuracy and optimal fitness.


Imagine cycling through the best mountain adventure sport in India to overcome your fears. Although we cannot reduce it to an easy adventure sport as it requires a lot of stamina, confidence and courage to successfully complete the journey. We have found 12 mountain biking destinations in India to give you a sense of adventure. Mountain biking is definitely an adventure to go. While each park has its own national treasures, and plenty of ways to explore from hiking to sightseeing, we think the best way to get around on a bike is to discover the wonders of discovery, history, beauty and wonder.

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