15 Romantic Restaurants in Mumbai to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! To some, it may seem a bit glamorous or dramatic, but hey, what’s the harm in celebrating Valentine’s Day? I’ve been unmarried on Valentine’s Day and both with someone over the years but I’m convinced that I should only be treated with love, especially on that day. And the idea of ​​my treatment is, of course, to eat my heart out and sip on some delicious cocktails. So if you too agree with the way I or my partner celebrate Valentine’s Day, here is a list of restaurants in Mumbai that have some amazing offers that you can make full use of.

1. Shizusan

They are offering a huge, eight-course meal worth Rs 3,199 (all-inclusive) for couples, including soup shots, sushi, egg yolks, appetizers, salads, mains, staples, and desserts. This offer also includes a bottle of Indian sparkling wine with your meal and to satisfy your taste buds.

2. Olive Bar and Kitchen

Nothing beats a pleasant candlelight supper in the midst of some relieving music and warm setting. Apparatus up for a hair-raising Valentine’s Day party in Olive Bar where you can get your woman the best culinary has a great time town and humour her in a sentimental move that she’ll recall for whatever remains of her life. With so much sentiment overflowing out from this chic sanctum, your Valentine’s Day in Mumbai will without a doubt be a remarkable one.

3. Pali Village Cafe

Needing a calm, yet romantic candlelight supper in Mumbai with a scope of brilliant dishes and the best of wine to look over? Make a beeline for this vintage and provincial setting in Pali Hill whose feel and peacefulness will impress her. Impractically themed on the eve of fourteenth February, this place is a Valentine’s Day exceptional in Mumbai that won’t baffle you.

4. Ellipsis

Done and cleaned with supper? Make a beeline for Ellipses to add to your effectively sweet issue. The astounding nourishment of this place extending from Nachos, Scallops, Chicken Yakitori, Truffle Pasta, Falafel, Crispy Pita, Creamy Wasabi to sweet enjoyments like Ice Cream Sandwich, Pancakes, Melting Chocolate, and Caramelized Walnuts are essentially out of this world. Verifiably yummylicious, a trek to Ellipses is ideal for those searching for romantic eateries in Mumbai needing to end their date on an appetizing note.

5. Bayview Cafe

What makes a date flawless? Great nourishment? Extraordinary feeling? Perfect perspectives? We state, every one of them! Which is the reason you should go to Bayview with your bae for the best festival of Valentine’s Day in Mumbai? The excellent ocean disappearing into the skyline, the dusk painting beguiling hues into the sky, and overpowering perspectives of the Gateway of India out there will thoroughly make your visit advantageous. The best part – you can enjoy some shoddy alcohol and a sentimental flame light supper when here on Valentine’s Day eve!

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6. Aer, Four Seasons

What might you do when she prefers Italian sustenance and you despise it? No, you don’t need to make that extreme forfeit to take her to an Italian eatery and grin through the torment while biting on that pasta. This current Valentine’s Day in Mumbai, you can take her to this astounding and sentimental multi-food eatery where each dish is a perfect work of art! It’s housetop setting, warm vibe, and tasteful Spanish, Italian, European, and Lebanese, and Mughlai sustenance will make her become hopelessly enamoured with the place… and with you!

7. The Table 

The restaurant has won numerous honours and a lot of acknowledgement and is touted as one of the city’s if not the nation’s absolute best eateries. Space is warm and closes practically like feasting in the solace of upscale home and the sustenance that contains little and extensive plates from different cooking styles and culinary motivation is superlative. It is a phenomenal decision for a supper this current Valentine’s Day whether you pick from their lunch menu or their supper one.

8. Hakkasan

The mark illuminated blue lighting and profound dim conditioned stylistic theme, Hakkasn can be massively sentimental regardless of which area you are situated in. The region that has their well known Ling Bar is faintly lit with coffee shops making the most of their dinners in quieted conditioned giving it sentimental and private eating like air. Phenomenal oriental sustenance on the menu, also their mark mixed drinks and expand sweets making this deserving of Valentine’s Day dinner.

9. Gadda Da Vida

Gadda da Vida is one of the most beautiful places to visit on Valentine’s Day in Mumbai. A warm and cozy environment that sets the mood for the day and in the corner of separate eating and entertainment, Gadda da Vida is the perfection! The breathtaking sea view simply adds to the experience. This is one of the best restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai.

10. Asilo

If you want to have a romantic trip, go to Asilo. Valentine’s Day celebrations in Mumbai don’t happen like in Asilo and once you try it you will say the same thing. This is one of the beautiful restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai. One of the most lavish and awesome restaurants in Mumbai, Asilo offers exotic European cuisine and gorgeous views!

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11. China House – Valentine Dinner

This is one of the famous restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai. Special moments deserve something spectacular, which is why China House Pagoda is bringing an intimate Valentine experience with a wonderful candle-lit 6-course dinner for all the food-loving couples out there. Enjoy the season of love with the most glorious dinner in one of the best places to visit in Mumbai on Valentine’s Day.

12. Toto’s Garage

Okay, we understand that the name doesn’t jam with you but we know it will if you are a car lover. This is one of the top restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai. If you are looking for pocket-friendly but great places to visit on Valentine’s Day in Mumbai, this is it. As the name suggests, so is the decoration! It looks like a garage with the body of a VW Beetle hanging over the lounge and playing some amazing numbers in a Maruti van.

13. Out Of The Blue

They are offering a special package priced at Rs 4,000 which includes a la carte menu and a Miglam touch-up bar at the restaurant entrance for women on Valentine’s Day. This is one of the best restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai.

14. Yazu Restaurant

Yazu one of the best restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai. Enjoy free mocktails for any couple coming to lunch or dinner with Petit-Four A portion for the couple, which includes four small chocolates and desserts, made especially for Valentine’s Day.

15. Lake View Café

Lake View Café is one of the beautiful restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day in Mumbai. They are running a Valentine’s Day buffet which costs Rs 4999 + tax including a bottle of sparkling wine.


Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to eat in America, second only to Mother’s Day. And while 2021 looks different, the best and safest way to celebrate takeout, delivery, and bundle-up outdoor dining, there are still many creative ways to provide Valentine’s experience with great food and hospitality.

For many couples, family, and friends celebrating Valentine, a special meal is the best gift. To capture a fraction of the millions of dollars spent on these Valentine’s Day restaurants, try one of these unique ways to set your restaurant apart – even in this unconventional year – with great marketing, menu ideas, and special offers and promotions.

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