Top 22 Restaurants for Couples in Dehradun

Many couples lookes restaurants for couples in Dehradun because Dehradun is known as the “City of love.” Also, the sultry Doon valley is every foodie’s paradise. The key to a romantic meal is a quaint environment and delicious food to have some quality time. Thankfully, our beloved city has got both of them.

There are a lot of charming restaurants in the city where you can have a hearty meal and lots of memories to cherish. Beautifully fragmented at the bottom of the Dun Valley in the state of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a mountainous place that you will always want to see.

Wide-open spaces, natural hills, ancient forests, and clear wide skies fascinate travelers and tourists. Families and couples are part of the state’s huge tourist population. With a proud backdrop of the Garhawal Himalayas, Dehradun secures one of the top places on any traveler’s list.

restaurants for couples in Dehradun , the provisional capital of the state of Uttarakhand, is located between the foothills of the Himalayas in the north and the Shivalik range in the south. Dehradun is a very popular tourist destination, everyone wants to come here once in their life.

For outsiders, Dehradun is like a paradise, because Dehradun is a country where nature resides. Dehradun is a wonderful place for lovers, the natural beauty of Dehradun spreads romance in the air. 

The best way to enjoy the beauty of this city is to walk with your near and dear ones. Not just for lovers, Dehradun is also the best place for their weekend for the family. Some parks and gardens give a feeling of paradise.

Best Restaurants for Couples in Dehradun

1. Unplugged

Unplugged provides the closest environment to the entire city. Although the inner city is already so enchanting, there is a lovely view of the hills around the outdoor seating. You will find a variety of flavors that will tighten your taste buds. Tourists love to spend time in this best restaurant in Dehradun.

Location: Rajpur-Sahastradhara Link Road, Behind Sai Temple, Dehradun.

2. Town Table

Another very favorite restaurant of Town Table Dunn. The sunset view in the roof area is usually crowded in the evening to draw crowds. The restaurant serves delicious food. Enjoy a beautiful evening with your sweetheart in the romantic atmosphere of the town table. Lots of huts in Dehradun for couples are available here.

Location: Rajpur Road, Chironwali, Dehradun.

3. Y Cafe & Restaurant

Y Cafe & Restaurant for Restaurants for Couples in Dehradun as a sought-after restaurant in the White House. It has a classic and elegant setting. On a dinner date, most prefer a sophisticated environment.

All the while, you and your loved one will be restless, so enjoy to the fullest. The menu alone is very interesting, and so is the food. Don’t miss the hands-on coffee here.

Location: Hotel White House, Subhash Road Behind St. Joseph Academy School, Dehradun

4. BMG Cafe

While walking through the noisy streets of Dehradun, you will see the best-served food. The common meeting point for many. This is one of the beautiful restaurant in Dehradun.

The only reason for its popularity is the mind-blowing food served here. One of its barbecue pizzas and smoothies forces people to hop inside this small food point.

Location: Rajpur Road, Jakhan, Dehradun.

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5. Mirabilia Restaurant and Bar

Mirabilia is restaurants for couples in Dehradun , a bar, and a lounge that caters to the needs of its visitors. Its picturesque interiors and excellent food are all enough to attract people here.

The seats are very spacious and comfortable. This multi-cuisine restaurant serves a wide range of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Mirabilia will make sure that when you leave, you are completely satisfied.

Location: Hotel IDA, East Canal Road, Rajpur, Dehradun.

6. Mussorie lights

Mussorie Light is one of the best restaurants in Dehradun for casual dining with a casual dining setup. Mussoorie lights have a gorgeous ceiling setting. In the evening, the place doubles its beauty when it is bathed in fully colored lights and lamps. And when delicious food is associated with an elegant environment, what more can be sought.

Location: Rooftop floor, Hotel Park View, Rajpur Road, Dehradun

7. Sunburn Bistro Restaurant

Sunburn Bistro is a familiar term among college students. Decorative decorations will amaze you. But what sets Sunburn Bistro apart from the rest is that it maintains a high standard at a pocket-friendly rate. The uniqueness of its food will turn your philosophy here again and again. Its cheese pasta cannot be missed. Worth spending an evening here.

Location: Karanpur, Dehradun

8. The terrace hall

The restaurant is part of the hotel’s solitaire group dining hall. A secluded place where you and your partner have a special time to stay away from the chaos in your resting world. Delicious dishes are ranging from North Indian, Thai to Italian food. Recommended in this long list are tandoori khumb tikka and kalmi kebab.

Location: The Solitaire, Haridwar Byepass Road, Dharampur, Dehradun

9. Black Pepper Restaurant

Any list of restaurants in Dehradun would be incomplete without black pepper restaurant. The comfortable seating and peaceful environment make it a few friendly places. Black pepper is widely known for its delicious non-veg dishes and its butter chicken is on everyone’s order list. Now, have a hearty dinner with your partner in black pepper.

Location: 3, Astley Hall, Rajpur Road, Rajpur, Dehradun.

10. Punjabi Grill Restaurant

It has set a standard in Mughlai and North Indian cuisine. The staff is very friendly, and the whole set has been filled with enthusiasm. Cuddle your partner with great food and then see the radiance on their face after dinner. This is one of the famous restaurants in Dehradun. Everybody is happy to spend time here with family and friends.

Location: Rajpur Road, Jakhan, Dehradun

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11. Vishranti Resort

Surrounded by Jaunsar Bawar and Shivalik hills, the resort offers a perfect stay for couples looking for a resort at Dehradun Hill Station. It has a great pub called Holdy Pub and a multi-food restaurant called Brigadier’s Bar that lets you relax with your loved ones with delicious food and your favorite drink. This is one of the gorgeous love huts in Dehradun.

12. Shaheen Bagh – Riverside Love Huts in Doon valley

The name “Shaheen Bagh” resort fully supports the beauty and romance around this place. Located far away from the chaotic world, you and your partner will love this place.

The resort has a huge library called My Fair Lady, which captivates visitors who love to read and collects a DVD of more than 5,000 movies for movie buffs. Hosts recommend a technology-free vacation so you can heal your body and mind.

13. Rio Resort 

One of the best Dehradun resorts in the foothills of Rio Mussoorie. This place is heaven if you are looking forward to the thought of a quick vacation in the lap of nature. The Rio Resort is a perfect example of luxury in harmony with nature, and the best thing is that it is close to all the amazing places in Dehradun.

To help you rejuvenate, there is an indoor Ayurveda spa and yoga that you are going to like. Also, you can enjoy activities like bird watching, popping, zooming, and stargazing. And the most romantic thing is the river breakfast – setting the table in the middle of the river.

14. Nauka Hills Resort –  Luxury Love Huts in Dehradun

Nauka Hills Resort where you don’t have to relax; You can feel the mountain culture. Each room at the resort has been thought to add charisma to the wonderful location.

It is one of the best resorts in Dehradun with all the modern conveniences so that couples can enjoy their time together, With all these picturesque hills and always changing colors. Everybody loves to spend time in couple huts in Dehradun. You can spend quality time with your partners in huts in Dehradun for couples.

15. Riverstone Cottages 

The beautiful Riverstone Cottages are one of the few romantic resorts in Dehradun located on the banks of the Tennessee River, which means you can hear the soft music of the water all day and night.

This is one of the gorgeous love huts in Dehradun. A mountain on one side and a clear river on the other, it certainly looks like a heavenly location! Lantern – a multi-cuisine restaurant – is a nice section of the property.

16. The Salwoods Forest & Spa 

Located in distinguished gowns, Salwood Resort is a perfect haven for couples who want to relax in silence and peace. From comfortable rooms to delicious food, the resort provides everything you need to make your vacation perfect.

You can spend quality time with your partners in huts in Dehradun for couples. With a touch of luxury in the middle of the desert, this resort takes romance and peace to a whole new level. 

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17. The Competent Palace 

Located in Selaki, this stunning resort is one of the best romantic resorts in Dehradun and a great place to relax and unwind with your partner. It is beautifully decorated with dim lights and modern conveniences like TV, coffee maker, mini bar, and many more.

Tourists love to spend time in couple huts in Dehradun. The resort offers several workshops and seminars to keep you busy. It also has a gym and a swimming pool so you can swim in your spare time and enjoy your time with your important person. You can spend quality time in the gym and swimming at huts in Dehradun for couples.

18. Walterre Resort 

The resort is an absolute hidden gem, beautifully decorated with ferns and bougainvillea flowers, it has a vibrant and beautiful interior making it one of the best romantic resorts in Dehradun.

It is perfect for you and your partner to rest in the lap of nature. The resort is equipped with all modern conveniences and is a 15-minute drive from Jolly Grant Airport.

Lovers’ Point and Love Huts in Dehradun for couples

19. MDDA Park, Rajpur

MDDA Park is also known as Rajpur Park which is located in Raipur Raod, Dehradun Uttarakhand. The park is well maintained with trails and various benches to enjoy the beautiful mountain view. Mountain View is fresh and looks most beautiful with the flow of the river in the rainy season.

It is a great place to visit with your family and your lovers, there is a fountain next to the park which looks great during sunset, there is a small canteen where you can have breakfast and cold drinks.

20. Dehradun Zoo

Dehradun Zoo was formerly known as Malsi Deer Park, one of the most famous love points in Dehradun. It is about 10 km away from Dehradun, it is located on the way to Mussoorie and is quite popular with lovers.

In addition to the boyfriend, it is a park for children and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The main attraction of Dehradun Zoo is the variety of animals, reptiles and fish kept here. 

21. Buddha Temple

It is an important landmark of Dehradun which is famous for its impressive architecture, beautiful interiors, decor, and picturesque environment. The murals of the Buddha temple depict the events of the life of Lord Buddha are incomparable. Another major attraction in the temple complex is the Buddha statue.

Tourists love to spend time in couple huts in Dehradun. The beautiful garden of the temple has a variety of beautiful flowers. The shops and gardens of the temple are open to the public for seven days and the main interior of the temple is open only on Sundays. Most people and couples come here to enjoy their weekend at the Buddha Temple.

22. Maggi Points, Dehradun

Maggie Points is famous for its spicy Maggie, and it’s also famous for lovers. Most people call Maggie Point Lovers Point. Maggie Points is located on the restaurants for couples in Dehradun in Dehradun-Mussoorie road.

There are many shops along the road that serve hot and spicy Maggi noodles and this is why they are called Maggi Point. If you’re looking for a gateway out of the city frenzy, this is the perfect place.

When a couple goes to Mussoorie or returns from Mussoorie they spend their time at Maggie Point and chat with their lovers. So basically Maggie Points are the points of the most famous lovers in the city of Dehradun.


restaurants for couples in Dehradun is undoubtedly considered to be the most famous destination for love birds. Couples of different ages always respond to this call and create a place to explore the spectacular beauty and cherish some memories forever. Love can be felt and lovers can be found in the alleys and sub-alleys of Dehradun.

Nevertheless, there are some spots in Dehradun that fascinate lovers and are thus designated as hotspots for couples. Although some places have been handed over to commercialization, many sites are enough to satisfy the aspirations of couples.

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