Popular Lakes in Uttarakhand

Intense mountains, rich green fields, and tangled circuits are a portion of the recognized topographical qualities that layout the Himalayan province of Uttarakhand, however, it’s the lakes in Uttarakhand that require an exceptional notice. The place that is known for legends encompassed commonly’s surrealism has been blessed heaven where nature inhales presence anyplace.

set at a portion of the greatest testing statures, those lakes lie settled in the midst of mountain crests. depending at the atmosphere, they adore playing camouflage and are hunting down with the sun oriented or, for higher, remain underneath layers of snow.

here are apex 10 of the most charming pools of Uttarakhand – even as a couple of them intense treks sound for globe-trotters, distinctive are unwinding excursions, perfect for a lethargic end of the week break out.

1. Bhimtal lake

Named after Bhima of Mahabharata fame, Bhim Tal, one of the largest of lakes in Uttarakhand, is only 25 kilometers from scenic Nainital at a height of about1200 meters, making it a wonderfully pleasant place to visit. You can go boating and visit the island in the center where you have a panoramic view as you dine at the restaurant here. The area around is also exquisite for nature lovers with farmhouses, fields and orchards.

Good clean lake, may enjoy boating, walk beside the lake is must; we stayed in royal rosette, jus on the bank of the lake; so enjoyed the walk in the morning. We watched lot of Himalayan birds, Malta (local citrus fruit) juice, sikanji, and magi are must-haves from the local vendors.

Bhimtal Lake Dam

The Bhimtal Lake dam was built in 1883 under the British Raj after the Anglo-Nepal war. Raja Baj Bahadur Chand of Kumaon Kingdom built a temple on the banks of the dam here in the 17th century. The colossal dam is a masonry structure that stands over 14 meters tall and has a length of 150 meters. It has 12 gates designed to allow flood discharge of 45 cubic meter square. River Ganga is the basin area of this lake.

The Bhimtal Dam was initially built for irrigational purposes, but now it is majorly to provide drinking water to the population residing in the region.

How to Reach Bhimtal Lake

One can drive to the beautiful Bhimtal Lake by private or public vehicles within Bhimtal from any part of the town.

The nearest railway station is the Kathgodam Railway Station which is located at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Bhimtal Lake.

One can avail public of tourist vehicles to reach the Bhimtal Lake. The nearest airport is the Pantnagar Airport. Visitors can avail taxis from the airport to drive down to Bhimtal Lake.

2. Deoriatal lake

A holy place, Deoria Tal is spread over an area of 700 meters near Ukhimath, overlooking the Chaukhamba Mountain and dressed with forests populated by twittering birds. Deoria Tal is located at a trekking distance of about 2 KMs from Sari Village and comes under Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Sari Village is located about 13 KMs ahead of Ukhimath.

How to reach

  1. Direct bus from ISBT Anand Vihar, Delhi to Gupta Kashi leaves at around 10 PM. Get down at Kund and take a bus or shared taxi to Ukkimath and another shared taxi to Sari.
  2. Take a night train to Haridwar (Same as mentioned earlier in this article). From there go to the private bus stand which is 15 minutes of walk or INR 20 rickshaw ride from a railway station. From Haridwar, take a bus or taxi to reach Sari. Follow the route as given below.

3. Hem Kund lake

Hemkund Sahib is situated at an altitude of 4,329 mts above sea level in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. Hemkund literally suggests ‘Lake of snow‘ and the pristine water of this lake is as cold as snow. It is also known as Gurudwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib.

Numerous waterfalls, dense forest, enchanting view of the Himalayas, crystal clear lake and the holy Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara are the key highlights of this trekking trip. The weather changes very rapidly at Hemkund Sahib.

4. Kedar Tal lake

The mountains tower up into the sky and at a height of 4425 meters, you will find Kedar Tal, about 18 kilometers from Gangotri. The serene and cool waters reflect the skies and snowcapped mountains, well worth the arduous climb.

Kedartal also was known as ‘Shiva’s Lake’ is one of the highest lakes in Uttarakhand. This immaculate glacial lake is seated at an elevation of 4,912 meters above sea level in the Uttarkashi district. This emerald lake is formed by the melting of Kedar glacier, thereby giving birth to Kedar Ganga River which is an important tributary of Bhagirathi River.

Kedartal lake holds crystal clear water, is situated at the base of the Thalaysagar Peak (6904 mts) and Brigupanth Peak (6772 mts). The view of the reflections of Thalay Sagar peak on Kedartal is truly enchanting.

One of the famoustrekking spots in Uttarakhand it allures the trekkers from all over the world. Kedar Tal is also the base camp of trekking to Thalaiyasagar, Jogin, and Bhrigupanth. You can also plan treks to other Himalayan peaks from Kedar Tal. But this trek is quite a tough one and you must have a guide to be along with you in your journey.

5. Sahastra Tal lake

You must not miss these two Lakes located on the way to the Khatling Glacier. Sahastra Tal is one of the most beautiful lakes from where you can go on to Khatling or the Meru, Kirti Stambh and Jogin Glaciers. The Khatling glacier, the extremely beautiful glacier, is the source of the river Bhilangana. A legend behind Bhilangana origin says that Bhilangana, a divine spirit tried to tempt Lord Shiva.

She was rejected by him and distorted into a liquid form and thus, originated the river Bhilangana. Sahasratal and Martial are on the west and east of Khatling glacier. This glacier is enclosed by snow-capped peaks of the Join group (6466 m), Barte Kauter (6579 m), Spheric Pristwar (6905 m), Kirti Stambh (6902 m) and Meru. The Valley of Bhilangana is certainly the best place to visit for nature and photography lovers.

If you have a passion to explore the real beauty on this earth, then trekking to Khatling Sahastra Tal can best meet your needs. You will cross many lakes like Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal, and Sahastra Tal

6. Satopanth Lake

Only 25 kilometers from Badrinath, this triangular Lake is yet another place of religious significance. People believe that Mahesh, Vishnu, and Brahma occupy one corner each of the three-cornered lake. Lotus flowers bloom in abundance and lend this lake a charm all its own.

At a short distance from the sacred town of Badrinath, The glacial lake of Satopanth allures adventurists to add the accomplishment of one more impressive trek in their biography. Sequestering amidst the imposing ranges of the Garhwal region, this green triangular lake offers an ambiance of serenity.

The lake is said to have a deep set connection with the Hindu mythology as the three corners of the lake are believed to be the sacred part of the holy trinity, namely, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Lord Shiva) who are reckoned to have meditated at three of the respective corners. Many devout pilgrims also trek to this lake for bathing here on solar and lunar fortnights as it is considered most auspicious.

7. Naini Lake

Spread over a distance of 3.5 kilometers, this large freshwater lake is bordered by rocks, tall mountains, and forests. It is also a holy place with the Naina Devi temple on its shores and it has a religious significance since it is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in India.

Naini Lake is surrounded by Seven hills which are known as Ayarpata (2235 mts), Deopata (2273 mts), Handi Bandi (2139 mts), Cheena Peak (2611 mts), Alma (2270 mts), Laria Kanta (2481 mts) and Sher-ka-Danda (2217 mts)Naini Lake topology has two parts namely Mallital and Tallital.

The northern part is called as Mallital while Southern part is known as Tallital. Nainital visit can’t be complete without a boat ride in the lake. Visitors love to explore the lake on the boat provided by Nainital boat club. Tourist finds ample opportunity for shopping near Nainital Lake on the famous Mall Road.

Naini Lake during the night. The lake becomes more beautiful and mesmerizing during the night. Though boating is prohibited during the night, one can see the reflection of small lights of hotels and restaurants twinkling like Milky Way. Nainital Lake History Nainital Lake finds mention in a Hindu scripture Skanda Puran as ‘Tririshi Sarovar’.

This name refers to great sages of old times who meditate here. These sages were Atri, Pulastya, and Pulaha. A hole dug by these sages soon got filled by water and known as Tririshi Sarovar or Nainital Lake.

8. Nachiketa Tal lake

The charming Nachiketa, about 32 kilometers from Uttarkashi, leaves you absolutely stunned with its scenery and the divinely enchanting atmosphere. It is open the year round and besides being a place of religious significance, it is a paradise for birdwatchers and for people who would like to indulge themselves with angling or boating on the calm waters.

The Nachiketa Tal- All around it is an aura of peace and purity. The lake has captivating surroundings with forests all around. Here, the unholy are said to become holy and the holy, holier still. The lake is located between latitude N 300 27’ and longitude E 710 72’ with the altitude of 2680m high above sea level to the northeast of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and about 200m long and 30 m wide at its broadest points having the depth of 7 m. It is elliptical in shape and medium in size and has no discernible inlet as well as the outlet.

Natural drains are the only source of water for the lake which is managed by the luxuriant vegetation around the lake. It is quite possible that the lake is a depression in a possible fissured zone which may open into the underwater springs feeding the lake continuously.

9. Dodi Tal lake

Located in Uttarkashi, Dodi takes its name after the abundant freshwater fish populating the Lake. The ASI Ganga starts here and merges into the Bhagirathi near Gangotri. This is a scenic destination and one you should not miss, if not for the angling then for the view of the Bandarpoonch and for a visit to Hanuman Chatti.

The Dodital Lake is a freshwater lake situated at a height of 9921 feet above the sea level. Adorning the beautiful Himalayas in the state of Uttranchal, treat the lake is often visited for its tranquil environs and trout fishing. It fact the lake derives its name from the rare Himalayan trout called Dodi in a local language. The lake is a pleasant visit for all nature lovers and trekkers. There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh on the banks of the river.

This is the reason why the place has acquired great religious importance, and numerous pilgrims from Uttar Kashi visit the place throughout the year. The lake is fed by the natural springs, which are also the water source of the river Asi Ganga.

10. Shyamla Tal lake

Of historic and religious significance, this 1.5 square kilometer lake is about 132 kilometers from Pithoragarh and is associated with Pandavas and has ruins of ancient monuments. Shyamla Tal or Shyamla lake has been named so as it looks like a mirror to the sky reflecting its blue tint all over itself.

Besides the lake, there is an old ashram dedicated to Sri Vivekanand and managed by the Ramakrishna Mission. Sitting by the lake and staring into the vast greenery and the Himalayan peaks one cannot help but be awestruck by the beauty of the place.

Best time to visit ShyamLa Tal (Vivekananda Ashram)

Shyamla Tal can be visited any time of the year. The beautiful lake town is pleasant and cool during the summer as well as the winters. Summers are comfortable and easy while winters are a bit chilly, yet very enjoyable.

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