Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a beautiful place also known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ (The Land of God). Uttarakhand is covered by hills, forests, lakes, and rivers. Uttarakhand has numerous tourist spots with regal and pristine scenery. The state of Uttarakhand is considered a suitable place for adventure lovers as it has some enchanting treks that will amaze you. In addition to trekking, Uttarakhand tourism also includes river rafting, paragliding, and many more fun activities that make you memorable for a lifetime.

Shaded on the borders of Uttarakhand, Nepal, and Tibet, and the high Himalayan peaks, full of unparalleled natural beauty. It is divided into two regions – Garhwal in the north and Kumaon in the south. Ancient holy places, mountains, forests and valleys, and plenty of trekking options are some of the attractions that make Uttarakhand a success. Check out these best Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day in Uttarakhand.

1. Chakrata

Chakrata is very famous among the couples for trekking to Kharamba crest which is an honorable trekking destination in India. The perspectives of slopes and woodlands make it an ideal goal for a sentimental and reviving outing for an escape.

The northern zone of Chakrata likewise gives you an unclear joy of skiing and trekking. The town likewise has some amazing cascades, enormous caverns and old sanctuaries for you to investigate and get the best out of this wonderful hill-station in Uttarakhand.

2. Kausani

Who doesn’t love for awakening to the captivating perspective of snow-topped Himalayan tops on their date? Kausani is one more hot most loved destination of couples put in north India that abides upon the tremendous perspectives of dazzling pinnacles and rich prairies. The mysterious looks of Bandarpoonch, Trishul Peaks, Nanda Devi, Badrinath, and Kedarnath charm honeymooners deeply. The astounding dusk sees and the intersection of holy waterways and sanctuaries found shorewards put Kausani among the best places to visit in valentine’s day in Uttarakhand.

3. Auli

While a large portion of Uttarakhand delights in the brilliance of beautiful perspectives and elating encounters, Auli is best known for energizing winter sports and exciting experience exercises. Skiing in winter and a drive on the amazing street from Haridwar to Auli through Joshimath are two of the numerous attractions of Auli for daring couples.

What’s more, when you are worn out, spoil your body and brain by putting in some comfortable minutes in a curious lodging with a perspective of relentless Himalayas. Summer or winter, Auli is a perfect Uttarakhand place for couples of nature and adventure lovers in all seasons.

4. Jim Corbett

Nothing beats the energy of couples in Jim Corbett, a relieving retreat supported in the lower regions of Garhwal Himalayas. It is otherwise called the ‘Land of Roar’ attributable to the number of tigers found in the national park district.

Jim Corbett is positively a standout amongst the most favored sentimental places in Uttarakhand. Investigate wild getting it done while on a wilderness safari in Corbett; on the off chance that you are fortunate you’d end up detecting a tiger and elephants.

5. Mussoorie

Be it the captivating perspective of mists suspended mid-air or a sentimental ride along with the upside down street paving the way to the slope station, Mussoorie totally legitimizes its spot among the best romantic places in Uttarakhand. The distinctive market and a pleasant Tibetan settlement in the Happy Valley are some unique attractions, other than famous traveler puts in Mussoorie.

6. Nainital

From excellent lakes fenced by the overwhelming mountains and slanted streets to an incident commercial center and energizing perspectives, Nainital is an exquisite montage of delightful places and stunning encounters. It is a standout amongst the most looked for after sentimental places in Uttarakhand for couples who are searching for a wonderful romantic meet in north India.

7. Dehradun

The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is situated in the core of the Doon Valley. An untouched most loved destination among couples, it is a standout amongst the most favored Uttarakhand sentimental goals. Be it the all year, picturesque vistas of the Garhwal Himalayas, or sentimental stays, Dehradun genuinely legitimizes itself as a best sentimental goal.

Top reasons why Dehradun has included among the best places Uttarakhand for couples incorporate lovely atmosphere all around the year, stunning perspectives of the Garhwal Himalayas, a lot of sentimental stays, and a scope of intriguing activities.

8. Haridwar

Haridwar, considered one of the seven holiest cities in India, is an ancient city located on the banks of the Ganges in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by temples, ashrams, and narrow alleys across the city, Haridwar is a famous Hindu temple town where millions of devotees come to dive into the holy Ganges. It is believed that dipping into the sacred Har Ki Pauri saves you from all your sins.

Every evening, at Haridwar Ghat (on the banks of the river), witness a ritual for the famous Ganga Aarti where thousands of devotees gather and pray in the river. Once every twelve years, Haridwar hosts a mega-gathering during the world-famous Aquarius Fair which attracts millions of visitors from all over the country. Apart from Prayagraj, Nasik, and Ujjain, Haridwar is one of the only four cities in India where Kumbh Mela can be held.

Haridwar also serves as the main destination for Rishikesh and other tourist cities of Devprayag as Haridwar is well connected by train and road. In addition to the religious perspective, Haridwar is now emerging as a multifaceted cultural and spiritual center. It is also known for its cuisine and some of the must-try dishes include Kashyap Kachoriwala Kachori and Mohanji Puriwale Alu Puri.

9. Rishikesh

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas along the confluence of the Ganges and Chandrabhaga rivers, Rishikesh is a small town in the Dehradun district, near Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Ish Shikesh (also known as Hrishikesh) is known for his adventures, ancient temples, popular cafes, and “Yoga Capital of the World”. Garhwal is the gateway to the Himalayas, a pilgrimage site, and one of the holiest places for Hindus. The Beatles gained worldwide recognition in the 1960s after visiting the ashram of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi here.

Today, the place is popularly known as The Beatles Monastery which attracts tourists from all over the world. The quiet town has long been a spiritual center but is equally popular for white water rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, and camping along the fast-flowing Holy Ganges. It also serves as the gateway to many Himalayan travels. Since it is located on the holy banks of the river Ganges, Rishikesh was a center of saints (sadhus) where spirituality, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda spread to numerous ashrams.

Since it is a religious city, vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly forbidden here. Gang Shikesh sees the most beautiful evening aarti on the banks of the Ganges, which is not as crowded as his contemporaries in Varanasi and Haridwar. The International Yoga Festival is held here in the first week of March to see yoga enthusiasts from all over the world.

10. Kedarnath

Located in the Garhwal Himalayan Range in Rudraprayag district, Kedarnath is one of the holiest temples and the holiest Hindu pilgrimage site in India. A part of the small Char Dham Jatra in Uttarakhand, Kedarnath is the most important of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Kedarnath temple can only be reached by a trek from Gaurikund and the rest of the month is open for six months from April to November due to heavy snowfall in the region.

In the winter between November and May, food is transferred from the Kedarnath temple to Ukhit Math and worshiped there. Kedar is another name for Lord Shiva, the protector, and destroyer, and it is believed that the journey to Kedarnath provides a “salvation” or salvation.

Near the Chorabari Glacier, situated in the middle of the snow-capped mountains, with the Mandakini River flowing in front, Kedarnath is witnessed by millions of devotees every year due to its religious significance. The present Kedarnath temple is believed to have been rebuilt by Adi Shankaracharya, originally built by the Pandavas a thousand years ago from a huge stone slab on a large rectangular platform.

11. Gangotri Dham

Gangotri Dham is the origin of the holy river Ganga in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in India, part of the famous small Char Dham Jatra (including Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath). The easiest way to reach Gangotri is from Chardham (by direct bus or taxi). It is located 300 km from Rishikesh and 100 km from Uttarkashi.

The main attraction of Gangotri is the Gangotri Temple, which is dedicated to Mother Ganga. The temple is open for months from May to November every year. In Akshay Tritiya, the idol of mother Ganga was transferred from Mukhbas (Mukhi Math) to Gangotri temple. Brother Doze, the idol was returned to Mukhimath for the next 6 months. The source of the river Ganges is Gaumukhe, 19 km away. It can be reached by trekking from Gangotri.

The river Ganges is known as Bhagirathi as it originates from Gaumukh. It derives its name Ganga from Devprayag, where it joins the Alaknanda River. Gangotri is visited by millions of devotees every year due to its religious significance. This is believed to be the place where Goddess Ganga landed on earth after Lord Shiva freed her from the lock of her hair.

12. Lansdowne

Lansdowne Hall is a strange little hill town located 258 km from Delhi in the Pauri district of Uttarakhand. Pointing to bin Laden and the colonial-era buildings, including the Oak and Pine Forest, this hill station is a haven for bird watchers, casual hikers, and weekends from the NCR. The city was discovered by the British and got its name from Lord Lansdowne, then Viceroy of India. The guesthouses here are fading the memories of the colonial period, and they offer stunning mountain views from their verandas.

13. Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a small hill town about 50 km from Nainital in Uttarakhand. Known for its adventure sports and scenic views of the Himalayas, Mukteshwar is named after the 350-year-old Shiva temple located here called Mukteshwar Dham. This is one of the best places to visit on valentine’s day in Uttarakhand.

14. Valley of Flowers

This is also one of the best places to visit on valentine’s day in Uttarakhand. The Valley of Flowers is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand (near Badrinath), about 300 km north of Rishikesh. The Flower Valley is a world heritage site for wild endless flowers surrounded by white peaks. It is open from June to September every year.

15. Ranikhet

Ranikhet means Queen’s Land is a hill station in Uttarakhand that the British built around the ancient temple, devastating the Himalayan hills and forests. This is one of the best places to visit on valentine’s day in Uttarakhand. With minimal human intrusion, without overloading your senses or expectations, wealth gradually gets lost in your conscience with a long-lost blissful dream, it brings comfort and peace and gives you the necessary break from your weak routine life.

16. Chopta

Chopta, a small village in Uttarakhand, is a trekker’s paradise. Trek base camps like Tugnanath, Deoria Tal, and Chandrashila are ideal destinations for trekkers in Chopta to go on a guided trek and hone their skills. Chopta promises a life-changing expansion of your boundaries. This is one of the top places to visit on valentine’s day in Uttarakhand. The third temple of Panch Kedar is located at Tugnanath, about 5 km from Chopta. Camping in the open grassland of Chopta, gently sloping between alpine, pine, cedar, and rhododendron trees fills the soul. The snow-capped peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhambha predominate in the scenic views of Chopta.


Uttarakhand is famous for its natural beauty and pilgrimage centers. If you are associated with religious beliefs, you may be interested in visiting the place for divinity and if you are a nature lover, you will find divinity in the rich expanse of endless natural beauty here. Uttarakhand is the perfect destination to inspire you to live life to the fullest, no matter where you place your faith, whether in god or the power of nature.

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