Top 23 Places to Visit in Odisha

Home to several places of interest in Orissa combined with a vibrant cultural history. The temples of the state are some of the popular tourist destinations in Orissa. The temples here boast of stunning architectural details that have shaped the development of various states in the history of the state.

The twelfth century Jagannath Temple in Puri welcomes pilgrims from all over the world, the 7th century Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar is revered by Shaivites everywhere. Other popular temples here include Rajarani Temple in Bhubaneswar, Mukteshwar Temple and Parashurameshvara Temple. 

Best Tourist Places in Odisha

The history of Odisha can be further explored by visiting more caves here, which is one of the most interesting places in Orissa. Believed to have been built about 2,000 years ago, the cave complexes at Udayagiri and Khandagiri are beautiful architectural wonders.

The coastal beaches are some of the more beautiful places to visit in Orissa. Puri beach, Swargadwar beach and Pardeep beach are some of the amazing beaches here. Nature lovers can enjoy a surprise weekend in the district Jaipur with its dense forests, limestone caves and beautiful gray waterfalls.

1. Puri

If you are planning to visit Orissa for leisure by sea, Puri is the place to be. Ranked among the top tourist destinations in Orissa, you can visit the temples of Puri, the sun-kissed beaches and the local catastrophic markets that attract tourists throughout the year. It is one of the most important char dhams in Hinduism. This is one of the best tourist Places in Odisha.

2. Cuttack

Cuttack is one of the vintage cities of Orissa and a popular tourist destination. This is one of best tourist Places in Odisha. The business capital of the state is known for its many ancient pilgrimage centers, forts, museums, lakes and islands. Moreover, this place is also proud of the local handicrafts.

3. Konark

Konark is a hub of ancient art and sculpture and one of the best destinations in Orissa. The carvings of the Konark Sun Temple, one of the Seven Wonders of India, attract huge crowds of tourists throughout the year. In addition to the magnificent temples, the town has a peaceful beach and an interesting archeological museum to explore. Discovering most of the artwork and sculptures of the Konark Sun Temple is one of the main reasons to visit Orissa, especially for art lovers.

4. Bhubaneswar

Known as the temple city of India, Bhubaneswar is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Orissa. It is one of the best examples of history, heritage and urbanization. This is one of the famous tourist Places in Odisha.

5. Bargarh

Bargarh is one of the most popular places to visit in Odisha. However, the amazing century-old temple and the natural beauty of the surroundings make it a must-see destination. The Gandhamadan mountain, which is mentioned in a Hindu epic of the Ramayana, has a mythological significance.

6. Paradip

India’s famous seaport Paradip or Pardeep has been included in the list of famous tourist destinations in Orissa. It is situated near the Bay of Bengal and the Mahanadi. In addition to the busy dockyard, the city has some amazing beaches that offer admirable views of the surroundings.

7. Rourkela

Rourkela is one of the largest cities in Orissa. The place is primarily known for the growth of steel plants and related industries. But it is also one of the best places to visit in Odisha as it attracts tourists with its vintage temples, parks, dams and waterfalls. Some of the great things about Rourkela are trekking, picnics and shopping. Rourkela is one of the best tourist Places in Odisha.

8. Sambalpur

Sambalpur is one of the most important tourist destinations in Orissa, known for its natural splendor and cultural sites. The landscape is lined with numerous waterfalls and plastic green forests that attract photography buffs, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

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9. Chandipur

If you are looking for a sea resort, it must be the top of all the places to visit in Orissa. Apart from its unique invisible sea, Chandipur Sea is famous for its seafood. Try shrimp and pomfret. Also, the city is quite peaceful. It is a pristine coastal city that provides complete serenity and serenity. Go here to spend some quality time with your loved one.

10. Jeypore

Jeypore is one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations for nature lovers in Orissa. It is known for spelling definitions of rocky outcrops, picturesque waterfalls and green biosphere reserves. Deomali, the highest peak in the state, is a popular picnic spot in Odisha, far from Jaipur.

11. Barbil

Located on the banks of the Koro River in Keonjhar, Barbil is a lesser known top places to visit in Odisha . Surrounded by luxurious forests, this place is far from suffocating beauty and insane crowds.

12. Pipli

This small town in Orissa is world famous for its handicrafts and handicrafts. The applique handicrafts of this city are especially famous. Craftsmen do great work with embroidery and color, making this city a joke not in the country but in the world. If you like to visit Odisha, visit this city and buy handicrafts and souvenirs from here.

13. Roopark Village

It is a beautiful resort located in Orissa. The place is famous for being environment friendly. The place is surrounded by stunning scenic natural vistas and lush green lands that surround the village resort. Enjoy the dreamy sunset and powerful sunrise while you are here on vacation.

14. Taptapani

Hot water is famous for its hot springs. This spring is believed to have medicinal properties, it attracts tourists among the people. There is a pond next to the heated spring where people can bathe and use the hot water spring medicinal properties.

15. Dhauli

Located on the banks of the river Daya, 6 km from Dhauli town near Bhubaneswar. This place derives its significance from the battle of Kalinga which is believed to have been fought in the Dhauli hills. There is a famous peace pile here which attracts visitors from far and wide. This makes Dhauli one of the most famous places to visit in Odisha . Add this place to your itinerary and take a trip to the Peace Pagoda.

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16. Atri

It is a small village in Khurda district of Orissa. It is again famous for the dye for a hot spring present here. If you are wondering how to reach this small place in the state of Orissa, the nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar. The medicinal properties of spring medicine can cure skin diseases, he said

17. Baripada

Baripada is a cultural center of Orissa located in Mayurbhanj district. Famous for its art and culture, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Orissa. Many of them in Hollywood are also seen coming up from the city of Baripara in this Orissa city. The city has its own dance form which is quite famous in the world, known as Chao dance.

18. Gopalpur

If you like port city then Gopalpur should be your pick. Located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, this city is in the south of the state. It is one of the top places to visit in Odisha . Go to the beach here in this Orissa town and cool and relax here on a winter beach on your next trip to Odisha.

19. Berhampur

The city of Berhampur, also known as Brahmapur, is located on the east coast of Orissa. The city is easy to reach as it is connected to all the major cities of the state by roadways. The city also has its own railhead for commuters. There are some temples in the city that you can visit here.

20. Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over an area of ​​595 sq km, this wildlife sanctuary is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Orissa. Surrounded by lush greenery on the banks of the river Mahanadi, the place is home to a wide variety of wildlife, birds and plants. Tigers, gaur, symbols, four-horned deer, jhal, gharial and symbols can be seen around.

21. Rayagada

It is a district located in Orissa which is known for its rich history and a wide culture which is palpable. As well as this the place is also famous as a treasure trove of local tribal culture. In addition to historical sites, there are delicious food, handicrafts and handicrafts.

Located on the southeastern border, it is an upcoming destination that is visited by tourists every year. The heritage of this place belongs to the Maurya Empire which made it one of the best tourist destinations in Orissa.

22. Daringbadi

If you think that there is a hill station in Orissa, then Daringabad is that place. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the state of Orissa which is also known as “Kashmir of Orissa”. Take a road trip to this hill station and enjoy the scenery along the way. The nearest railhead is at Brahmapur, from where anyone can take a bus to the city.

23. Talasari Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Orissa located in Baleshwar district of Orissa, 10 km from Digha. Surrounded by antiquity, this beach is considered to be one of the secret beaches that enhances the beauty of the place.

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