Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh and Activities to do in Leh

Leh and Ladahk have a great natural beauty. Once you get here, there is no other place in the world that can be compared to the experience of Leh. And to add icing to the cake, 3 rivers, the Shok, the Indus and the Janscar flow into these ranges.

Widely awake with colorful flags, dramatic mountains and unforgettable landscapes, Leh is an eye treatment. Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of Khardungla Pass, deny the gravity of the magnetic mountains, feel the peace in the quiet mounds, try to breathe in the Dras Valley, pray for the heroes of the Kargil war and do many more amazing things to explore the enchanting sites of Leh, Ladakh.

1. Khardung-la Pass

Rent a Himalayan and go nuts on the road to Kharadong-l Pass. The pass is the gateway to the Nubra as well as the Shock Valley and is one of the most developed motive regions in the world. Cruisers and Himalayan people were considered the best means of travel here, can enjoy the raging beauty of travel.

2. Pangong Tso Lake

There is no doubt that Lake Pangong Tso Lake is famous for its 3 idiots of Aamir Khan, this place is perfect for your itinerary to visit Ladakh. Pack a sweet picnic basket and go up to the lake with your people and you will enjoy peace and tranquility every moment as well as camp next to it.

3. Magnetic Hill

As the name goes, the magnetic mountain is actually a gravitational mountain with impeccable magnetic properties. Because the magnetic field causes it to happen, don’t be afraid to move your vehicle suddenly. In fact, not being able to suck on the mountain’s magnetic field, planes often take their height up to a groove.

4. Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery is the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. More than 500 monks present here. For Ladakh sights, Thikse Gompa will enlighten you with knowledge about some Buddhist culture, way of life, scriptures, idols and even images.

5. Markha Valley

If camping is your thing, you won’t find a better place than the Markha Valley in Ladakh! You can trek to the beginning of some amazing sites like Markha, Skew and Hankers. Once you reach the summit you can take some lovely tents, uncover and make friends with strangers. 

6. Nubra Valley

Famous for its white-sand desert and double-curled camels, Nubra Valley is definitely one of the best places in Ladakh. Not only the natural opal of the Karakoram range, the confluence of the Shaikh and Siachen rivers has made the Nubra Valley a great trip.

7. Diskit Monastery

This strange Disket monastery is located in the center of the Nubra Valley. The sights of Ladakh are literally incomplete without a visit to this monastery which will surely take you to the whole new world.

8. Shanti Stupa

Located on the top of Chanspar hill, this beautiful dome-shaped chorten is called a quiet mound. What makes this white structure an attractive tourist destination is a perfect representation of the whole of Leh.

The inner walls of the chorten have panels depicting the life of Lord Buddha. Also, the intensity of the place will make you want to stay longer.

9. Tso Moriri lake

Imagine sitting in a glittering blue lake in the middle of an angry surroundings. That, my friends, is Lake Morro. Rather this little paradise 15000 feet above sea level in a rough environment.

The place is often not considered ideal by many tourists as it stands proudly due to its high altitude. However, with its impeccable unforgettable ambience, it would be a shame to miss this place.

10. Hemis National Park

Have you ever crossed a snow leopard? Well, Hemis National Park in Ladakh is considered as the capital of snow leopards in India. What makes this national park exceptional is that it is the only national park in the northern part of the Himalayas, except for the habitat of the famous snow leopard.

11. Royal Leh Palace

Leh Palace is located at the top of Tisemo Hill and has a rich history. Built of stone, wood, mud and sand, the 9-story palace has some beautiful artistic ruins to show tourists how the royals live. Attractive architecture is an added benefit of visiting the palace.

12. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa There is another picturesque monastery in the thick background of the Himalayas. It has views of rugged terrain and picturesque snow-capped mountain tops. It is this testimony that makes the location of the monastery ideal.

13. Zanskar Valley

The snow-covered steep terrain of the Jhanskar Valley indicates that travelers can be tracked when they are overlooked with clear blue skies. Undoubtedly it is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh, especially considering how the beautiful Zanskar River makes the blue color stylish and when all the passengers walk on icy feet.

14. Chadar Trek

What makes the Chadar Trek famous is that you can cross the frozen Zanskar River while the Himalayan range envelops you. Trekking and camping at Nerak instead of walking on the icy river is definitely a thrilling experience, which gives peace of mind.

15. Alchi

Alchi is a picturesque village trafficked on the banks of the river Indus. The streets greet you with steep apricot trees and offer an abundance of spiritual pleasure living in monasteries and temples.

7 Things to do in Leh Ladakh

1. Cycling

Cycling is one of the most famous activities in Ladakh. There are many trails where you can cycle on the quiet streets, chat with friendly locals, drink in the changed landscape and enjoy the beauty of the long snow-covered mountains. Many times though cycling can be difficult due to the difficult terrain, adventurers feel more thrilled on such trails.

2. Motorbike riding

Motorcycling expeditions in Ladakh are gaining more recognition nowadays, and so it is included in our Ladakh travel guide. On your way from Manali you will cross Rohtang Pass, Darcha, Tang Lang La and Baralach La Crossing which flows along the Indus River in the Leh Valley. Can. Along the way you will enjoy ever-changing panoramas and climate.

3. Indus river rafting

The Indus River flows through Mount Kailash in Tibet and Lake Mansarovar across the desert region of Ladakh. While rafting on this river in Ladakh you will be able to enjoy some of the fascinating beauty of nature as the river takes you through the hills of Ladakh and the Jangskar range.

This river is mainly second and second class and in some places of third grade there are rapids. There are different parts of the river where the level of difficulty varies. However, there is no reason to deny the fact that it gives you extraordinary pumping of your adrenaline with enchanting panoramas of places around the river bank.

4. Camel safari

Camel trekking is still an important transportation way, mainly in the Nubra Valley from Hunder to Diskit. Only in this area you will see Sector Batrian camels or double curled camels and it is a wonderful thing to do in Ladakh.

The distinguishing feature of these camels is that they store fat instead of water inside the pond. Camel safari tours are also organized here and have become popular among travelers.

5. Yak safari

The yaks or dong is what the locals call the animal because it is huge in size which is about 6 feet in height and weighs up to 1000 kg.

Yak safaris in the desert of Ladakh are a memorable experience, as you can enjoy the natural beauty of nature, the pristine blue lake, the vast green valleys and the long-standing snow-capped mountains all around. Yaks are animals of natural descent in this mighty terrain and can easily withstand the excitement of such safaris.

6. Skiing

The ever-changing landscape invites skiers from all over India and abroad, with the stunning beauty of the snow-capped mountains and icy lakes, with an abundance of high and steep allophones of the Trans Himalayas.

Nowadays Sky Trek is also being taken to explore unknown areas of Ladakh and it is one of the essential activities in Ladakh.

7. Snow leopard spot

The best place to find snow leopards in Ladakh is Hemis National Park, also known as the capital of snow leopards in the world. Usually the success rate of discovering a snow leopard in this region is about 50%. These places are a must for tourists to visit in Ladakh as they can catch the magnificent, mysterious snow leopard and it is one of the best works in Ladakh.


The tempting landscape makes you scream hard for a mag magical trip, forcing you to do some good things in Leh. Whether it’s camping in the lap of Ladakh, or feeling the adrenaline rush with a trek, or going on a jeep safari with your gang, or feeling uneven terrain on the way to a caravan, or the mind-boggling river rafting experience or even cycling (try and experience the difficulty) Level yourself).

No matter what activity you choose, it will definitely keep you hooked for life. Not only adventure sports, Leh is full of excitement even if you don’t do anything, but just sit in one place and enjoy the peace of the river or the birds.

You may have the best day of one’s life for traveling to Leh so you had enough reading, now we won’t let you wait. Here is a list of all the amazing things that can be part of your next trip to Leh.

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