Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest island chain in the world with 18,330 islands and also is the home of about 167 active volcanoes. Everybody knows about Bali and Lombo, apart from these there are many wonderful beaches in the exotic locations of Indonesia.

This island nation is the home for scuba diving and lot more amazing sport and also has the largest tropical forest area than anywhere in the world. An overview of the best places to visit in Indonesia is given below.

1. Gili Islands, Lombok

Who wouldn’t love to have an overwater villa, it seems so romantic. If you are a fun loving person or you want to have a romantic date Lombok is a place just for you. Lombok have a chain of three small, beautiful and isolated islands namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air which possess a very scenic appearance.

You can chill out in a beachside cafe and can have adventurous sports like surfing and diving. You can also go for island hopping, fishing and snorkeling, etc. Gili islands are offering a mix of natural beauty and luxurious modern culture with resorts and hip bars.

Lombok is the neighbour to Bali and often it is less visited due to this but Lombok is no less then Bali but offers cheaper scuba diving and a peaceful and quiet environment for families and couples. While in Lombok you should visit Les Villas, Oceano Jambuluwuk and Ombak Sunset.

2. Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

Raja Ampat which means Four Kings is a chain of islands comprising Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and 1500 minor ones. If you would ask that there is anywhere more beautiful than Raja Ampat islands. I would say No, or it is so hard to find that you would believe me.

The steep backdrops, sizzling beaches, forested islands, and shining water makes the place perfect for tourists. There are small atolls looking like mushrooms which are so attracting.

There are rice variety of marine flora and fauna and also very rare species of corals making it one of the most attractive tourist’s spots in Indonesia. Here is a little tip, there are no ATMs on this island. Make sure you have all the cash you need to survive on the island.

If you love diving, this is certainly one of the best places in Indonesia for you. While in Raja Ampat island you should visit Swiss Belhotel, Marina Mamberamo, and Belagri Hotel. The best way to reach Raja Ampat is via ferry from Sorong Harbor to Waisai. Once visited Raja Ampat you would seriously love to go there again and again.

3. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

It is no less than a riddle that Lake Toba is located on an island, which again is in a lake! Lake Toba has formed over 70 thousand years ago and has a volcanic origin and obviously one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia.

In Lake Toba, you can swim, which is normal but you can swim in naturally volcanic warm water which is amazing. This lake is a magical place with beautiful scenic landscapes to enjoy. It is perfect to relax in the surroundings of beautiful Indonesia.

A little Tip: The climate at Lake Toba gets cold so don’t forget to keep woollen clothes in handy. Lake Toba is more like a sea as it is spread in a huge area.

You will not only find the surroundings pleasing in here but also the Batak people with a rich culture and they are super friendly so you won’t miss a family like surrounding. One would surely love be here doing nothing, out of the reach of bustling city life and just sitting back and relaxing.

4. Bali

If anyone would ask you about The topmost honeymoon destination in Asia then I m sure your answer will be Bali. A true paradise place with Romantic escapes, luxurious resorts, relaxing massages and healing spas.

Bali is for Every Asian. It does not only offers awesome modernity but also have very Famous Hindu temples and is rich in Hindu Culture. Unlike the whole Indonesia which is primarily Islamic Bali offers Hindu Culture.

Bali is all known for beach life and luxurious resorts but there are also beautiful volcanic hillsides, calming rivers and rugged coastlines. Nightlife in Kuta is what you should do while your visit to Bali.

For shoppers, Bali is to empty your heavy pockets. Ubud Charms is known as the art capital of Bali which offers elegant art galleries and lively traditional performances is a must visit.

5. Jakrata, Java

The capital of Indonesia, A hustling city, Jakarta with real Indonesian culture is a home to 9 million people. If you crave for some delicious traditional food then Jakarta is a great place to visit in Indonesia.

If you are a party animal then Jakarta’s nightlife is something you should enjoy, particularly in Jalan Jaksa where you can find many traveller bars.

You can spend your afternoons strolling through e Dutch-settled Kota Tua old town and shop for some amazing stuff in one of the many malls in the city. Gunung Bromo is the most visited in Indonesia which is an active volcano in Java, and people travel from distances to see the divining sunrise here.

Jogjakarta is another busy town and one of the most popular destinations among the visitors in Java because it is near to the famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. This city offers an unforgettable experience of cultural Indonesia and also one can enjoy food as well as hiking and trekking here.

6. Komodo National Park, Nusa Tenggara Timur

One of the unique tourist places in Indonesia, Komodo is popular for the giant Monitor Lizards known as Komodo Dragons. The island, Nusa Tenggara Timur is dry, rocky and barren which also forms a part of Komodo National Park and Marine Reserve.

These are not the one that Khalese had in Games Of Thrones but certainly, the one to be afraid of. As they just tackle their prey with their giant claws and these huge reptiles weighs 70 kilos and are around 10 feet tall which is surely something to see.

Don’t worry about going there are being a prey, the tour guides there are really experienced so they won’t make you their food. This island has 3 islands – Komodo, Padar and Rinca which have hills, breathtaking beach views, lush coastline, and tropical hills.

Komodo island also has a pink sand Beach, one thing is clear that dragons will not be the only extraordinary thing that you will see in your visit. If you like sports then kayaking, diving and trekking are also done here. This destination is just for you.

7. Kelimutu Lake, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Indonesia is just famous for the beaches here. But Kelimutu Lake is a league apart. It is among the most beautiful places in Indonesia. You will be amazed and stunned after visiting this place and also after hearing one of the many myths about the origin of Kelimutu.

Kelimutu is not just one lake, it is a term given to three crater lakes. An amazing fact is this that the three lakes display three different colours – red, blue and white. The 3 wonders are the must-visit Indonesia tourist spots.

You can go on trekking and explore the beautiful surrounding and landscapes. Sunsets and sunrises here are unnatural. Anyone can guarantee that your eyes will be please forever after a visit over here.

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