Top 58 Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Often referred to as ‘The land of Snow’, Himachal Pradesh is breathtakingly photogenic. The mountainous landscape of this northern state is made up of series of valleys and snow-capped peaks. Some of the ace hill stations are situated here in tourist places in Himachal. Undoubtedly, Himachal Pradesh rules the heart of every ardent traveler. Best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

The himachal pradesh tourist places not only provide an eye-pleasing view but also an array of intriguing stuff like an adventure, beautiful sunset points and nearby cafes, street shopping and lastly, a comfortable stay. All these vivid features make Himachal the darling of every traveler.

Check out these top 58 tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Shimla

Tourist places in himachal On hearing the name of Shimla, a fresh mountain breeze sends chills down the spine. Time is the witness, the charm of Shimla has never faded. Shimla is an evergreen beauty, and we are here suitors! Shimla is a mountain ridge, enveloped in oak, pine and rhododendron forests. A widely spread mountainous landscape with a touch of British sophistication. Also, Shimla enjoys all the perks of being a capital city. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. 

2. Manali

One of the best Himachal Pradesh tourist places. Manali is a cocktail of adventure and serenity! Surrounded by the pine forests and raging Beas River, Manali is the favourite of adventure junkies and also newlyweds. You will be thoroughly immersed in nature, once you walk through those dense pine forests.

Skiing in Manali is an important ritual that every traveler does here, you too should give a try. Then there is an old Manali town, a peaceful village full of guesthouses and cafes. Hadimba temple, dedicated to the wife of Bheem( one of the great characters of Mahabharata), to is very popular among visitors.

3. Dharamshala

Dharmshala- A unique blend of cultures Dharamshala is the place where the Tibetan Guru Dalai Lama resides in. It is a perfect example of Indo Tibetan harmonious culture. There are plenty of monasteries in the region. There are also a number of museums that vividly explains the Tibetan culture. People flock to Dharamshala and MacLeod Ganj to undertake Buddhist meditation. Definitely Dharamshala is on your list of best destinations to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

4. Dalhousie

Dalhousie- The hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh is one of the top Himachal Pradesh tourist places. Experience Dalhousie and its spectacular views, experience a lesser-explored yet much to adore hill station of Himachal Pradesh. The place, as the name suggests, was a British ruled town. Once you reach here, you will be completely relaxed in its ambiance of tranquillity.

Victorian and Scottish style majestic British architecture in Dalhousie will leave you in awe. You will discover fascinating people and their culture here. Shimla and Manali, at times, get packed with the crowd. At such times, Dalhousie is a good option.

5. Khajjiar

Khajjar- Our very own Switzerland. 16 km away from Dalhousie is this quaint hill station called ‘Khajjiar.’ Also called the ‘Mini Switzerland,’ all the appreciating words from thesaurus are less to define its beauty. This gorgeous valley is one of the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. Khajjiar does not have many accommodation options. Which in a way is a blessing in disguise as more it remains untouched; more it is unspoiled. While you stay at Dalhousie, you can have a short visit to Khajjiar.

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6. Kullu

Kullu- A pristine valley. It is the paradise of every nature lover. Kullu is one of the most popular tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. The adventure and peace of traveling in this pristine valley are just incomparable. It is indeed one of the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh

7. Solan

Solan- The Mushroom city of India Known for its vast mushroom farming, Solan is yet another small town that is the epitome of the natural and cultural diversity of great Himachal Pradesh. Definitely you not miss Solan when you have made a list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

8. Kufri

Kufri one of the best places to see in Himachal Pradesh, underated beauty of Himachal Kufri is a small hill yet really beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Alike Dalhousie, it is also a good option to escape from the crowd.

9. Spiti

A cold desert warm enough to welcome you.. Bordered on sides by Ladakh and Tibet, Spiti is the least known paradise of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti is a cold desert mountain valley. The scenery of Spiti will give you an unforgettable experience. It is to be noted that due to Spiti’s high altitude special care must be taken.

10. Mandi

Mandi is a famous places in Himachal Pradesh inexplicable beauty. The last hidden treasure of Himachal is Mandi. Mandi is the place that satiates the wanderlust. Also, Mandi serves as the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Starting from here, you can go on exploring other places too.

11. Kasol

Kasol is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh in the Parvati Valley, known as Little Israel of India. It is just on the way to the holy city Manikaran and the best hill station in Himachal. The nearest railhead is Shimla. Take a bus from Delhi to Shimla and then take a cab which is approximately 381 km. Ideal for trekking in the forest – follow the path along the Parvati river. The Kherganga trek is enchanting where you can experience the hot springs. The Parvati Valley is an ideal path for trekking which is also known as ‘Stoner’s Paradise.

12. Chitkul

Chitkul is a diverse town in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The village is still not very common among travelers, and so one can enjoy the natural beauty in a quiet and serene environment. Near the Indo-China border, it is the least populous village. This secluded village is covered with snow during winter, so summer is the best time to visit it. It is one of the best-undiscovered places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

13. Solang Valley

Solang Valley is one of the most famous Himachal Pradesh tourist destination. When traveling to Manali on holiday. The Solang Valley, located 1 km northwest of Manali, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. During the winter months, the Solang Valley is covered with ice. Skiing is a popular sport here, with valley training institutes and trainers looking after skiers and newcomers.

14. Kasauli

A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Kasauli town and one of the most secluded places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in June. Almost on the outskirts of Punjab and Haryana, it is well connected by road. The nearest airport is Chandigarh, 70 km away. The nearest train station is Sonwara which is 4 km away.

A visit to the Anglican Church, built during the British period. Enjoy a great walk or trek to the mall below which leads to Monkey Point which is in the shape of Lord Hanuman’s feet. A must-see sunrise and sunset points where you can witness the most beautiful skies. Take the Gilbert Trail if you like to walk and explore nature.

15. Bir Billing

If you are looking for adventure, Bir Billing is the mecca of adventure sports and it should be on the list of top tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Bir is a small village located west of Himachal Pradesh and blessed with some fresh weather. The nearest airport to Bir is Dharamsala Airport (Guggle) about 30-45 minutes south of Dharamsala. Train to Pathankot + Bus / Taxi for Bir. And then a taxi for Veer from Pathankot: 4-5 hours Veer is about 12-14 hours by bus from Delhi. Take a bus on Baijnath or Bir Road.

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16. Malana

Looking for a digital detox, then Malana is the place to visit in Himachal Pradesh in August. Located near the Kullu Valley, Malana Deo offers a spatial view of Tiba and the Chandrakhani Crest. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Enjoy some stimulating weather in this gorgeous village which is also called Little Greece of India.

The scenic beauty of the Himalayas from Chanderkhani to the snowy Himalayas captures the captivating beauty of the Khir Ganga valley. Trek through spectacular forests and alpine pastures with spectacular views. Visit the pilgrimage center Manikran where there is a hot water fountain. Be a part of the regional festivals in the village of Malana, its distinct culture, and customs.

17. Palampur

Listed among the irresistible places of Himachal, Palampur is famous for its tea gardens and zoos. This is an ideal place to go for a walk with the family, as children and parents will find many attractions equally interesting. The natural beauty will fascinate you and thanks to the easy accessibility and number of accommodation options, it is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi.

18. Kinnaur

Known for apples, Kinnar is often called the land of the Gods and is one of the most unexpected tourist destinations in Himachal in summer. Heaven is 235 km from Shimla on the northeastern tip of Himachal Pradesh. Adorned with a vibrant cultural scene, the landscape of Kinnaur is adorned with huge snowy hills. Currently, it is not under the radar of tourists, so if you want to get out of the beaten road, Kinnar.

19. Chail

A relatively quiet and primitive paradise near Shimla, Chail is originally known for the world’s highest cricket ground and Chail Palace, the gorgeous heritage Tihya Hotel nestled among pine and cedar trees. It is located higher than most of the popular hill stations in its vicinity, which is why it presents an unparalleled view of the lush greenery all around.

It is also a hiker’s paradise due to the unspoken grace of nature around. It is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in summer if you need a quiet and comfortable holiday away from the polluted and noisy metropolis.

20. McLeod Ganj

McLeodganj is a small town in Himachal Pradesh near Dharamsala. It is called ‘Little Lhasa’ because of the number of Tibetans here. It is a perfect combination of India and Tibet and can be seen walking in the colorful alleys of this small town and it is one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh.

McLeod is a perfect destination for solo travelers and families alike because of the city environment. Being one of the cheapest places in Himachal Pradesh, you can enjoy amazing food in the beautiful cafes of McLeodganj market and eat some good food from there.

21. Shoghi

Although Shimla is flooded by tourists every year, the purity and personal beauty of the shogi are rarely discovered. Shoghi, a small hill town just 1 km from Shimla, is full of beautiful landscapes and lots of flora and fauna, making it one of the best places to visit in winter. This small town provides beautiful ancient temples for full activity in adrenaline with the famous fruit. The incredible climate throughout the year, perfect accommodation, and ideal environment make it one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh.

22. Narkanda

Located 20,000 meters above sea level, the city attracts tourists because of its natural beauty and excellent apple orchards. Surrounded by alpine forests and high mountains, it is one of the famous places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. There is a lake here, Tannu Jabbar – one of the major tourist attractions in the region. There is also a temple near the lake, which is a must for everyone who comes here. Narkanda also offers several trekking routes for more adventurous crowds. Hatu Nag is all a challenge that you can climb. In winter you can also go skiing.

23. Barot

Very few people know about Barot and the undiscovered landscapes scattered here. For those looking for an ancient destination, this is the perfect place to stay in the heart of beautiful Himachal Pradesh. Barot came on the radar in the 1920s when the Shannon hydroelectric project was proposed in India. It was mainly proposed to exploit the hydroelectric potential of Uhl between Barot and Yogindragarh. Since then, it has become the best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh, but very few people know about it.

24. Chamba

Chamba is a small Himalayan town known for its pristine beauty and solitude in the middle of the Himalayas. The city is famous for its temples and caves which are a major tourist attraction in the city and it is known as one of the best tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. In the background, Champa Pir presents a wonderful view of Panjal Range, Zanskar, and Dhauldhar Range.

25. Nahan

Nahan is a picturesque town that overlooks a hidden gem, a green field of Himachal in the high Shivalik range. Find your perfect escape in this perfect city which is one of the best-undiscovered places in Himachal Pradesh. About 250 km from Nahan is one of the nearest hill stations from Delhi. Barabara which is km0 km from Nahan is the nearest railway station and can be reached by train in about 5 hours from Delhi. The nearest airport is Chandigarh Nahan.

26. Kangra

Known as the land of the gods, this mysterious city is a quiet place for travelers and an ideal place for fellowship, away from the insane crowds. The city is covered with tea gardens, and sacred temples are scattered throughout the area. The nearest railway station to Kangra is Pathankot Railway Station which is located 87 km from Kangra. The best way to reach Kangra from Pathankot is to hire a taxi.

27. Tirthan Valley

The Tirthan Valley is a colorful destination. Located km away from the Himalayan National Park, this place is full of adventure activities – a paradise for nature lovers all the time. This valley, which includes the Greater Himalayas, with its snow-capped peaks and views of the Tirthan River, is best known for its fishing and wonderful flow of foreigners. The Tirthan Valley offers a magical environment and green paths leading to the nearby small picturesque villages, with a great location all year round. It is considered one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

28. Mashobra

Located just 1 km from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Mashobra is a secret for those who work with tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. Although the distance is not too great, it is a new earth, sprinkled with cedar trees. Go to the forest during the day, try different adventure activities like zip-lining and spend the night under the star camping, Do whatever you like in this paradise and prove why it is one of the top places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in summer. Get on the bus at Shimla and take another bus/cab to Mashobra. The nearest railway station (toy train) to Shimla and the nearest airport is Shimla Airport at Jubbarhati.

29. Bhuntar

Bhuntar is a part of the Kullu district because it serves as an entrance to Kullu Manali and is home to the Kasol Manikaran and the Kullu Airport. Bhuntar is a little town with little in the way of natural beauty, but it is a great spot to visit and relax. It is one of the most famous places in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by beautiful greenery and a plethora of temples. Bhuntar has a quiet wordly opportunity to provide.

30. Bilaspur

Bilaspur is a hill town near Shimla known for its forts and the Gobind Sagar lake, a man-made reservoir that provides the district’s lifeline. Bilaspur, India’s first scheduled hill station, is famous for the Gobind Sagar Lake on the Sutlej River, which was created artificially. It’s a lovely lake where you may relax while enjoying water sports and fishing. 

This lake also supplies water to the well-known Bhakra Nangal Dam. The Bhakra Dam is India’s highest dam, as well as Bhakra Dam is the  world’s highest straight gravity dam. The Gobind Sagar Lake is visible from this dam in Bilaspur, which is located in the Himalayan foothills. Aside from that, the Gobind Singh Road Bridge is a must-see.

31. Kalpa

Kalpa is a charming tiny village in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district. Kalpa is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, surrounded by the Kinnaur Kailash range’s towering mountains and sparkling peaks and offering an undisturbed environment. With its Buddhist Monastery and Hindu temple, this simple residence provides the ideal setting for spiritual enlightenment amid the Himalayan foothills.

Treat your eyes to the various sights of Mount Kailash, Mt. Raldang, and Jorkanden in Kalpa, and if you’re lucky, you could get to see the holy Shivling, which is located atop the sacred mountain, and its shifting colours throughout the day.Around Kalpa, there are a variety of sights to visit and hikes to take, including the Chakka Peak, which stands at 4572 metres. To get here, one must journey across valleys and glittering water channels.

A short hike from Kalpa will lead you to Roghi Village, a popular tourist destination in Kalpa, which is surrounded by stunning panoramas and lush green woods of pine trees. This Roghi hidden treasure, which is similar to Kalpa in appearance, entices visitors with its tranquilly and peace. The place Suicide Point is a short distance to walk from Kalpa hamlet, and passing through the gorgeous apple orchards and scenic roads.

32. Tattapani

Tattapani, a picturesque town 60 kilometres from Shimla, is a renowned tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. It’s popular for rafting, and its hot sulphur spring is supposed to help with stress, joint pain, fatigue, and other skin issues.. If you ask the locals, Shiva’s Cave is always mentioned as one of the must-see attractions in the area.

Shiva’s Caves, located 3.5 kilometres from the town centre, are known for marvels and the fulfilment of devotees’ vows and aspirations. In Tattapani, you can also partake in exciting activities such as White River rafting, Zorbing, Skiing, Paragliding, Trekking, and Camping.

33. Shoja

Shoja village is still off the usual route for most people, which is why it feels so unknown. This is a gorgeous area with sloping mountains covered in verdure, coniferous trees and deodars extending for kilometres, and an incredible sight of the snow-capped peaks Unless you drive yourself, getting here can be a bit of a hassle. However, the ordeal will be worthwhile. The charming and serene community, its pure environment, and Himalayan views greet you as soon as you arrive.

34. Manikaran Sahib

For Hindus and Sikhs, Manikaran is a sacrosanct and strict site since Hindus accept that Mani recovered human existence after the flood in Manikaran, thusly making it a hallowed site. The region is notable for its natural aquifers and pleasant view. As per local people, the Hindu god Shiva and his associate Parvati are going through the valley.

There are three natural aquifers where one can wash, one of which is inside the Gurudwara and the other two of which are exclusive to guesthouses. The washing region is partitioned into divisions for people. The water from these springs contains sulphur, which can be used to treat illnesses.. The water is sufficiently hot to prepare food by putting the vessels straight in it, and it is filled in as langar.

35. Sangla Valley

Sangla is a Tibetan word that literally means ‘Pass of Light.’ With its fascinating Himalayan Mountains, thick oak and pine forests, spectacular glacier streams, and the clean Baspa River running through the valley, this scenic town has a strong Tibetan influence. Sangla is unquestionably a destination for nature enthusiasts who may enjoy the serenity and clean surroundings of this unusual Himachal Pradesh resort.

The Fort Kamru is one of the most popular tourist place which attracts people towards it . This fort turned into a temple, dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kamakshi, is an architectural marvel and an artistic joy. The deity Kamakshi is located on the temple’s third floor. The Bering Nag Temple is also one of the most famous Sangla temple.

36. Parwanoo

Parwanoo, a charming tiny town in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most unusual locations to visit. It’s a great place for the visitors to go hiking and enjoy trekking on vacation. This location is unique in that it features magnificent apple orchards and delectable fruit items. We can feel good while visiting the place experience.

37. Naggar

The Naggar Castle is a must-see in Manali, with towering fireplaces, wonderfully built staircases, and painstaking wood and stone work. The castle has been transformed into a historic hotel. Naggar also boasts a well-known folk art museum and a hot spring that visitors should not miss. Naggar, a captivating town, is known for its breathtaking views.

The area is noted for its natural beauty, and visitors can participate in a variety of adventurous activities such as trekking and camping. A popular folk art museum and a hot spring attract visitors from all over the world to this tranquil location.

Naggar, near Manali, is home to a tiny piece of history in the form of the Naggar castle, which is set against the backdrop of gorgeous hills and the clear and pristine Beas River. The castle, which was once the home of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu, is a beautiful blend of traditional Himalayan and European architecture.

38. Nalagarh

Nalagarh situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district,  is a charming highland station. It is around 300 kilometres from Delhi and 60 kilometres from Chandigarh. Nalagarh is well-known for its scenic beauty. The Nalagarh Valley is a large swath of land bounded to the north-east by the outer Himalayan spurs and to the south and west by the Shivaliks’ badly eroded range.

The city’s primary attraction is the Nalagarh Fort. The Shivalik Hills, which lie beyond the Sirsa River, are seen from the fort. The post and royal residence of Nalagarh were underlying the Mughal style and are right now utilized as a legacy resort.The fort, which is surrounded by acres of lush greenery and is full of modern conveniences, provides tourists with a perfect royal experience.

39. Arki

Arki is a peaceful town in the Solan district that is well-known for its majestic fort that dates back to the 18th century. The location is well-known due to its proximity to Simla, and it is frequently visited by Shimla visitors. Arki is one of the tiniest settlements in the region, located amidst the Shivalik hills, which form the foot of the Himalayan peaks in Himachal Pradesh.

Arki is a Greek word that means “sunny place.” It is surrounded by a breathtakingly beautiful panorama of huge mountain ranges and deep valleys. Arki is known for its mythical past, as seen by its monuments and culture. The Arki Fort, the Luturu Mahadev Temple, and the Jakholy Devi Temple are just a few of the many monuments that bear witness to the emperors’ legacy.

Arki was created by the person whose name was Rana Ajai Dev, he was a Rajput. Arki had previously been designated as the princely state of Baghal’s capital. Shimla is 52 kilometres away from Arki. Arki gets a large number of tourists to visit throughout the year because of its proximity to the state capital. Arki’s mild climate and picturesque environment make it a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Arki also boasts a number of temples with beautiful architecture that travelers visiting the area should see.

40. Sarchu

Sarchu is a well-known stopping point where you may discover a variety of tent-based accommodation alternatives. At an elevation of 4,290 metres, the district of Sarchu in Himachal Pradesh is located on the highway between Leh and Manali. It would undoubtedly be a fantastic vacation experience to stay in one of the tented resorts amidst the magnificent Himalayas.

Sarchu is significant because of its placement on the Leh-Manali highway. With its stark magnificence, it also reminds of Ladakh. The Ladakh Manali Highway passes through Sarchu. In other words, both states’ lifelines. Sarchu is the beginning point for the Ladakh Zanskar Trek. The trek is difficult since it involves investigating distant crevasses, climbing high passes, and crossing streams.

Every step of the way on this walk offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped pinnacles. Aside from enjoying the natural beauty along the way, the walk includes some nerve-wracking challenges such as river crossings, sheer cliffs, and navigating through narrow gorges. The stark beauty of Sarchu entices those looking for shelter in the midst of the mountains.

41. Rumsu

Rumsu, a little village located at an elevation of 2,064 metres, is one of the best tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh since it is unlike any other tourist destination. The location is well-known for its visible beauty as well as adventure activities for the people who visit rumsu. If you want to see off-the-beaten-path places in Himachal Pradesh, this is the place to go!

42. Paonta Sahib

It is situated on National Highway 72 in the southern part of the Sirmaur district. On the banks of the Yamuna River, Paonta Sahib is an important destination of devotion for Sikhs, with a big Gurdwara named Gurudwara Paonta Sahib. The river forms the state border between Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

It’s also surrounded by beautiful mountains. This city is not only well-established, but it is also one of Himachal Pradesh’s most religious tourism destinations. Gurudwara Paonta Sahib, built on the banks of the Yamuna River, is the city’s most important religious site.

43. Keylong

Many people come to visit keylong  There is a bazaar there every week. This renowned tourist location is known for the majestic Kardang Monastery, which is Lahaul’s largest and most important monastery.

44. Lahaul valley

The Lahaul Valley is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most bizarre tourist destinations. This place looks like the ideal vacation resort for adventure enthusiasts. Lahaul Valley is a magnificent area to find that lost serenity, surrounded by little vegetation, bright blue skies, and pollution-free air. Lahaul is the spot to go if you want to do some photography and capture the most beautiful aspects of nature.

45. Nako Lake 

If you’re looking for places to visit in Himachal Pradesh that are off the beaten road, the Nako Lake is one of the best spots to go. This tiny lake, surrounded by poplar and willow trees, is as beautiful as it is captivating. Nearby are four Buddhist temples as well as the Nako Monastery.

46. Theog

In Himachal Pradesh, Theog is a peaceful haven. It is a well-known hill station 32 kilometres from Shimla. It’s one of the most popular camping sites in the area, and it’s ideal for a wonderful weekend vacation in the hills. This place is a paradise, far from the rush and bustle of the cities, and allows you to experience the peace and calm of nature.

47. Tosh

Tosh, a picturesque village in Himachal Pradesh, is another lovely place to explore. The tranquil village at the end of Parvati Valley is well-known among trekkers. You’ll be fascinated by the village’s bizarre vibe. The combination of lush green hills, snowy peaks, and nature’s splendour will present you with an unusual experience.

48. Kheer Ganga

Khir Ganga is a holy location that also has a hot spring in the area. Because Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati are honoured in this temple, it is well-known, and many people visit it. Lord Shiva’s younger son Kartikeya is claimed to have pondered for a thousand years at Kheer Ganga, making it a Hindu pilgrimage site.

The milky waters of the Parvati River pouring into Parvati valley gave rise to the name Kheer Ganga or Khir Ganga. Water resources abound in the valley, and a Hydel Power Project is being built in the settlement of Barsheni..

49. Sarahan

Sarahan, also known as the Gateway to Kinnaur, is a lovely village in Himachal Pradesh. Sarahan, known for its apple orchards, flowing streams, and terraced farms, is a paradise blessed by nature. Tourists flock to this quiet area for some peaceful moments because of the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

50. Kaza

Kaza is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most remote settlements, located in the Lahaul-Spiti District. Kaza, tucked away in the corner of Himachal Pradesh, is a peaceful retreat on the Spiti River’s plains. Kaza is a dream resort, surrounded by spectacular snow-capped mountains, meandering and bubbling rivers and streams, and a gorgeous desolate terrain with sporadic patches of green.

It is separated into two sections: ancient Kaza and new Kaza, each housing government offices and the king’s palace. Monasteries, Gompas, and other mediaeval beauties add to the city’s already enchanting atmosphere. This city is now a wonderful blend of modernism and ancient culture that will enchant you with its mystery.

51. Sethan Valley

Sethan is a small Himachal Pradesh town located about 12 kilometres from Manali.This Buddhist people group, which is a little villa, has a perspective on the Dhauladhar mountain. Sethan Valley, which is snow-shrouded the entire winter, is an amazing spot to take a stab at skiing and snowboarding.

52. Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake, about 50 kilometres north of Mandi, is a lovely body of water with a three-story pagoda-style temple dedicated to the sage Prashar. At a height of 2730 metres above sea level, the lake has deep blue waters and a magnificent setting. In Kullu Valley, the site overlooks the fast-flowing river Beas, which is encircled by snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar ranges. In the lake, there lies a floating island with an unknown depth.

53. Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley is located in Himachal Pradesh and runs along the state’s tourist attractions. Hiker home bases and experience workouts are prevalent in the startling valley. It is also well-known among hipster travellers for its well-known charas (cannabis), rave gatherings, and deep experience. Several smaller feeders join the Parvati River along the way, resulting in beautiful waterfalls.

The tourists are greeted by an unmistakable view of the Himalayan mountains while they enjoy journeying, setting up camp, and river boating. The goal is also a well-known stop for nonconformist explorers who come for the popular charas (marijuana), rave parties, musical festivities, and profound experience.

54. Indrahar Pass Trek

The trek to Indrahar Pass is quite straightforward, starting from Mcleodganj and passing via Lahesh and Triund Caves before continuing on a 14-kilometer single-track road. On either side, the Pit Panjal range and several more modest reaches are unmistakable. The peak travel season for this Pass is from April to October, so be sure your plans are in place.

55. Fagu

Fagu is a beautiful snow-covered village in Himachal Pradesh located 45 minutes drive from Shimla at a height of 2500 metres. It’s famed for its apple orchards, planting fields, and the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas. Fagu is a honeymooner’s dream because it is away from the rest of the island.

It is also well-known among tourists and naturalists. Every year, for around 9 months, it is shrouded in haze. The entire area is surrounded by lush green pine and cedar trees, creating a beautiful view. Several apple trees can also be found here, all of which are adorned with rich red apples. Potato fields are very common to come across. Snow panthers, yaks, and other animals can also be found.

56. Sirmaur

Sirmaur, which has fossils dating back 85 million years, is located in the state’s south-eastern corner. It is famed for its shopping and has a fantastic legacy. It also offers wonderful sanctuaries. It is mainly mountainous and provincial, with 90% of the population residing in cities. Sirmaur is well-known for its historical significance, outstanding sanctuaries, and even shopping.

57. Una

Una, also known as the Gateway to the Himalayas, has the highest concentration of smokers in the state. Explorers can see the Chintpurni Temple from this vantage point at 1210 ftHowever, if you plan on visiting around the middle of the year, bring cotton clothing with you.

58. Hamirpur

Assuming you like to travel and are down for some experience, you should visit Hamirpur. It is hotter contrasted with different spots in the area as it comes at a lower rise. Elevations differ as you move from level terrains to more significant levels that touch the statures of bluffs.

There will never be an absence of exercises to complete or places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Observe the spots that best suit your inclinations, likes and your sort of experience and you will unquestionably have a great time.


If you like a cool climate, serenity, a little adventure, and fun, then you must visit the hill station of North India. Create a place to visit in Himachal Pradesh where irresistible landscapes and peaceful scenery welcome you. This place is a joy for nature lovers! There is no better way to explore the royal mountains, evergreen forests, remote villages, and enchanted lakes than what Himachal means.

Those who have traveled to Himachal Pradesh will agree with me if I say that words can do no justice to the incredible beauty of the land. I have tried to give information about tourist destinations because I am sure that any attempt to describe the beauty of the land is equivalent to scaling even a small mountain without adequate training and experience. Write to include destinations that we missed to include.

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