Incredible Places to Visit in July in India in 2023

With the sweet fresh smell of the soil and the tiny drops of water on the green leaves, the July rains not only bring a much-needed respite from the intense heat and high humidity of summer but also create a serene experience. Imagine what could be better than this! Well, if you can’t think, leave it up to us because we’ve already figured it out – travel. You might say who travels in the rain and our answer will be many people like you.

As the rain speeds up, most people plan to curl up in their beds with a good book and a cup of hot steaming coffee; I am trembling at the mere thought of traveling in the rain. But for most travelers like us, here are some of the best places to visit in July in India in 2023, and check out your travel list. What’s more, prices have dropped dramatically in the monsoon in most parts of India.

Traveling is about discovering and enlightening yourself with the mysteries of the world. In the summer of India, often forces one to leave the busy life of the city and rush to a quiet hill station. Starting from April and May and ending in August, The Tuke is considered to be the best time to visit the mountainous areas of the country. From trekking to relaxing spas, hill stations have plenty to offer.

1. Ladakh

It is another amazing destination located in the north of India and is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit India in July. This month, the weather is beautiful and presents the best view of Ladakh. This mind-blowing destination is known for its spectacular landscapes and activities such as trekking, river rafting, and mountain riding. A place of hilly paths and beautiful monasteries, solitude can be best achieved here.

With a little rain, nice Pangong Lake, rugged mountain ranges, and scenic views, Nubra Valley and a motorcycle-rich ride are all you need. June-September is a season here in Ladakh, but if you plan to travel through Leh, you can miss most of the crowds. Also, visit the Nubra Valley which is once located on a trade route connected to eastern Tibet. Although the valley is cold all year round, it enjoys beautiful weather during the summer and rainy seasons. Be sure to carry your favorite comfortable fur to make you feel at home while sipping your coffee.

2. Shillong

Shillong is affectionately called Scotland and is located in Meghalaya. It is one of the places that attract a lot of tourists every year especially during the monsoon season and so it is one of the top places to visit in July. Tourists visiting Shillong in July can see Shillong Peak, Lightroom Canyon, Maojimbuim Cave, Elephant Falls, and the Museum of Indigenous Culture. In addition to the attractions, you can simply enjoy the visual treats as this destination contains spectacular landscapes including lakes, mountains, and waterfalls.

Known as ‘Scotland of the East’ because of the rolling hills and peaks around the city, Shillong is a great place to visit during the monsoons because of the abundant rainfall and the low visibility of tourists which makes it a perfect place to visit in India In July. The glistening foggy mountains, high waterfalls, and glistening lakes are a must-see and it retains its charm as it is located far away from the city of Hai Chai.

3. Kerala

This destination in India is another place of interest in South India in July. Kerala is a true paradise in the off-season, as this place offers the best in July. Backwaters and lakes fill up with water during the rainy season and so make them suitable for offering all kinds of adventure sports. Moreover, if you are not on an adventure, you can enjoy the classic backwater cruise in the water of Allapuja and Ayurvedic massage.

By saving the best in the end, Kerala is a paradise in the rain. Kochi, Kovalam, Kozhikode are some of the most beautiful places in Kerala. Green, fresh and vibrant, the rain enlivens the city. Whether it’s a rice boat trip in the backwaters or rest in one of the many Ayurvedic spaghetti, even a simple walk in this beautiful state and enjoying the delicious food of Kerala, it’s a great holiday to spend.

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4. Coorg

Karnataka’s paradise, Coorg can be beautiful any time of the year. However, Coorg is the most beautiful place to visit in India in July. Between July-September, the mountains and valleys are covered in various shades of green, and small shoots of vibrant colors of flowers soothe the eye from the rather harsh summer. Walkthrough the valley in the rain or watch the mountains play hide and seek in the fog.

5. Valley of Flowers

Flowers are hard to pronounce any name and chances are you will find it here. The Valley of Flowers in July has a wide flower carpet and many exotic ones as well; Wild rose, blue corydalis, saxifrage, geraniums to name a few. The Flower Valley is one of the famous destination to visit in July with a huge expanse of nature, as the places bloom in the rainy season.

6. Amarnath Temple

The Amarnath Cave is the sanctuary of the Shivling, an intricate structure of ice that is naturally formed, resembling Lord Shiva, and is therefore one of the most important pilgrimage sites in India.

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7. Udaipur

Udaipur is called the land of lakes and the rainy season makes the lakes more beautiful. This stylish city of Rajasthan became romantic and presented the best view. Moreover, the average view of creation in the monsoon season is an important attraction that should not be missed during a trip to Udaipur in July. Apart from this, the attractions to visit include Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, City Palace, Lake Fatehsagar, Lake Pichola, Barsha Palace, Kumbalgarh Fort, Ambrai Ghat, and Bangor Ki Haveli.

8. Tawang

Tawang is a stunning destination in Arunachal Pradesh and also the birthplace of the Dalai Lama. This destination is a religious place and a beautiful hill station, where natural mountains and valleys offer the best view during the rainy season. There are many interesting places here including Sin Tawang including Baap Teng Kong, Tawang Monastery, and many more. Usually, this destination feels frozen temperature and so it is recommended to visit here in July to enjoy the warm and pleasant weather. 

9. Goa

Imagine the beach and the rain together, not mind-blowing? Yes, monsoons can work wonders on a beach holiday and there are more than 30 beaches in Goa which makes it even more interesting as one will have more options to explore. Tourists visiting Goa in July can visit interesting places like Dudhsagar Falls, Mollem National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, and enjoy a pig cruise on the Mandovi River. So, if you want to visit a place with spectacular beaches, plan a trip to Goa. 

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10. Cherrapunjee 

Cherrapunjee is a popular destination and famous for being the second wettest destination in the world. This wonderful destination is located in Meghalaya and it receives a lot of rainfall during the 12 months of the year. Adventure enthusiasts who love trekking should visit Cherrapunji in July. Tourists visiting this destination can visit the tea gardens, enjoy driving on the natural roads, walk along the tree bridges.

11. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is another wonderful tourist destination from South India. It is another place of interest in South India in July. This spectacular hill station is considered the princess of all hill stations in Tamil Nadu and offers pleasant and foggy weather. Tourists visiting Kodaikanal in July can visit some of the famous attractions like Kodai Lake, Berizam Lake, Bear Shoal Falls, Palani Hills, Green Valley View, and Plantation. Kodaikanal is the perfect season for those looking for an adventure vacation.

12. Ooty

Ooty is an actual haven for nature lovers and it also provides a kind of experience and enchanting view. In July, this destination has a warm afternoon, foggy mornings with light rain, and foggy nights with cold weather. Ooty is well known as the “Queen of Hill Station”. Some of the top attractions of this destination are Ooty Lake, Dodabeta, Avalanche Lake, Rose Garden, Mukurthi National Park, Stone House, Emerald Lake, and Kamaraj Sagar Dam. Time with their loved ones.

13. Jog Falls, Karnataka

India’s highest waterfall, these magnificent waterfalls are a major tourist attraction in Karnataka, whose enchanting scenery gives everyone a memorable experience. The beauty of this place is enhanced during the rainy season as the area around Jog Falls freezes in cold, windy weather. The water from the Sharabati river falls from a height of 830 feet. The gorgeous waterfall is a gift for the eyes of every rain lover because it adds to the beauty of the sky above and the greenery all around.

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14. Spiti Valley

This destination is one of the favorite destinations among adventurous people. Surrounded by spectacular hills and glaciers, the Spiti Valley offers the option of staying calm and peaceful. If you want to experience the rich Buddhist culture and stay in beautiful villages or spiritual monasteries, this is one of the best destination to visit in July. Some of the famous places are Ki Math, Bara Shigri Glacier, and Tabo Math.

15. Dharamshala

Dharamsala is popularly known as the home of the Dalai Lama and is well known for its monasteries, temples, and exciting scenery. This destination offers the best weather in July with warm afternoons and cold nights. 

16. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Historic Historical palaces and temple towns live in the middle of forests and trees in the rain. The rain gives it a rustic charm. Betwa River is one of the important rivers of Madhya Pradesh, Orcha has seven streams which make it worth seeing. Overall, Madhya Pradesh receives less rainfall and is rarely violent, which makes it an ideal place to visit in July.

17. Lonavala, Maharashtra

A popular hill station near Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala is a rainy season resort. Lots of waterfalls, lakes, and mountains around, Lonavala is frequented by all kinds of people, especially hikers and trekkers. This beautiful place to visit in India in December is surrounded by lush greenery and little poodles and fountains of water.

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18. Malshej Ghat

A hill station in the mighty Sahyadri Range, this place is covered with green hills and numerous waterfalls near Mumbai in the rainy season. The way to Malshej Ghat is calming down with great valleys and beautiful views of the Pacific Lake. This mountain path is home to a variety of plants and animals; Flamingos are known to come here from Europe during the rainy season! A great place to visit in India in July for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, bird watching and there are some good resorts in the vicinity that relax and rejuvenate.

19. Panchgani

The Panchgani rarely receives heavy rainfall, but the climate is wet, cold, and foggy, so the scenery is limited, especially in the mountains. However, if one can tour the city they are perfectly prepared for the frequent fun showers that Panchgani gets.

20. Agumbe, Karnataka

Agumbe is a small village in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, often referred to as “Cherrapunji in South India”. This biodiversity-rich region receives the highest rainfall in South India and the second-highest annual rainfall in India. Visiting Agumbe is a rich experience with this hill station and the scenic beauty of trekking trails and windy showers. This beautiful place served as the setting for the TV serial Malgudi Days in the very famous fictional city of Malguri in India. Agumbe is famous for its breathtaking sunsets over the Arabian Sea that can be seen from this region.

21. Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a famous hill station in Rajasthan and it is the only place where it rains in Rajasthan. There are many attractions that tourists can see when visiting Mount Abu in July. Some of the famous attractions to see in July are Dilwara Jain Temple, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Achalgarh, Guru Shikhar, Trevor Tank, and Abu Road. The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu enjoys most of the little rain that falls in Rajasthan. Diverse vegetation and majestic hills bring people to this exotic small hilly area. Also rich in history and architecture, there are glorious ancient buildings that you can’t get enough of. Mount Abu is one of the best places to visit in India in July that you will not forget.

22. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur is a vibrant combination of old and new – highly urbanized pockets and shopping areas suddenly spread out next to bright castles and palaces. Jaipur is one of the brightest cultural gems in the history of the Indian subcontinent for a long time and the famous ‘Pink City’ royal corridor has a lot of adventures and activities that make it a memorable holiday experience. Jaipur is one of the best tourist places to visit in India in July, because of the cool climate, rain and the hills around the city look green and the landscape changes dramatically.

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July is the month of the year that marks the beginning of the rainy season and the end of summer. This is when you can pack your bags to get the best weather and spectacular landscape experience. This is the time when many destinations are the best and you can enjoy various activities in the best places in India to visit in July.

However, there is a class of people who usually want to stay in bed and enjoy hot cups of tea/coffee and spend some great time in a private space with their loved ones. So, we have a solution for this section because there are so many luxury resorts out there that give you the chance to stay in the best of enchanting destinations which is a must-visit in July. 

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