20 Glamours Nightlife Cities in India

Although India is primarily known for its culture, heritage, and traditions, the growing urban population has also ensured a rapid increase in India’s nightlife. While most cities have their unique pubs and microbreweries, they have incredible night markets, monument sightings, and delicious food options.

I’m not going to confirm the veracity of her true source, but what I will claim is that it’s always fun to go out and party if someone wants to. In some cities, if someone is in a celebratory mood, the only option is to simply cut a cake inside the house. But if there is one place around that plays great music and serves fantastic cocktails, I always choose this one.

1. Goa

Trust North American country once we state that each one aspect of this state spell ‘party’ because the night begins to fall. With shabby beverages and varied shorelines, the state is that the place you’ll need a good time, regardless. Discos, boundary parties, jazz shows, full-of-the-moon daze parties, rave parties – then on and it’s there for you. Edifice are likewise terribly celebrated here.

A state is outstanding amongst alternative places within the nation for perceptive. This is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in India. On the off likelihood that you are up for a perpetual gathering, Baga boundary is that the site you ought to be. You cal also visit the top beach in India after night party.

2. Mumbai

‘The town of Dreams’ or ‘The most City,’ Bombay has permanently stopped many names. Except for screenland and charm, the nightlife is likewise what town is renowned for. you may discover absolutely the best better-known international huge names, DJs and teams, doing the rounds at gatherings and interesting the walloping teams here.

Sleep deprivation at the Taj Mahal hostelry is exceptionally renowned for celebrating in Bombay. Puzzle, hearth nIce, and Totos are appealing additionally. For a vintage vogue party, move to Harbor Bar at Taj Mahal, but on the off likelihood that easygoing is more and more the same as your factor, the most honest place is Colaba Social.

3. Delhi

On the off likelihood that you are someone, United Nations agency esteems assortment in their nightlife, and the capital town is that the place you got to go. From comfy bars to sleek bars, Old Delhi has one thing for every style, outlay set up and disposition. Connaught Place has an improbable variety of bars and discotheques with easygoing settings and fun mixed drinks.

Be that because it might, on the off likelihood that you want to party modish, Kylin Sky Bar in Vasant Kunj is that the best place to travel . within the event that you are somewhat of a vocalizing aficionado, you utterly ought to check out Harry’s vocalizing Lounge Bar at Hudco Place. This is also the best place to enjoy the nightlife in India. You’ll be able to likewise move to Hauz Khas Village, that has the vibration of a residential community loaded with type boutiques and parlors.

4. Bangalore

Being the IT center of the state, the city has associate degree vast hands of vernal personalities from great distances abroad. The nerds here while not a doubt understands the way to keep the operating party balance. That’s a plausible motivation behind why the town is likewise known as the bar capital of the Republic of India – focal M. G. Street alone comprises over forty bars. On the off likelihood that you love lager, the city would be the most straightforward place to party because it incorporates a goodly variety happening brewpubs and funky spots to run with companions and associates.

5. Pune

The city of Pune has lounges, clubs, discos, and bars in teemingness. Here, wild gatherings persist all the all year and shake shows and melodic shows unit command nightly. Associate degree exhaustive piece of Pune’s public unit understudies, henceforth such an energetic nightlife. Terribly the same as the metropolis, brewpubs unit hot and hip in Pune. Their group as well as different themed bars, that unit a significant fascination for the young here.

6. Hyderabad

Celebrating in Hyderabad ensures the first shimmering night out. With different clubs, discos and parlors, you may be compelled to travel through the night swallowing some fun mixed drinks and moving the gap to unbelievable music. We can say this is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in India.

Rain Escape, taxing Rock building, Touch, F Bar, 9ty nine megacycle per second and beneath Deck unit altogether likelihood the only places to possess some good times at intervals the city. Whereas you’re here celebrating, you may be among specialists, Hyderabad being the second IT center purpose in the Asian country when city.

7. Chandigarh

For a playful and energetic nightlife experience, there’s no higher place in the Republic of India than Chandigarh. Instead, just like the spirited of us of geographical area, the nightlife at Chandigarh is jam-packed with energy too. All the same, what place you go, Punjabi music will dominate the parties here.

Oriental Lounge, metal Lounge, Arizona, Lava Bar, Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar and remedy a variety of the first notable places to experience a fun-filled nightlife. If a symptom is your issue, then at Chandigarh you’ll encounter thrill to an individual level.

8. Jaipur

Famous all across the world for its spectacular forts and palaces, Jaipur is, also, a locality to experience an improbable nightlife. Associate in Nursing increasing form of nightclubs and bars unit cropping up here, with concerts and dance shows being continuing day after day. Jaipur Lit pageant is also command here, that’s the variety of a vast city-wide party. Popular places to explore embrace Devil’s Club, Café Kooba, Venom Lounge, Amigos Bar, B2B, and Angara Wavs.

9. Kolkata

Kolkata is where you get to check a superb mixture of traditions and modernism. The same is well reflected at intervals the city’s nightlife too. The thriving party scene of the city encompasses various music genres like jazz, hip-hop, blues or dance hall. The foremost celebrated and happening of all nightclubs in a metropolis is Tantra that found on Park Street. However, you may also explore different famous bars and pubs like Buzz and peacock blue.

10. Nashik

Best acknowledged for the fabulously brought on genus competition, the city of Nashik in the geographical area is presently stepped by step turning into a cultural hub. As a result of the town is besides magnificently cited because the wine country, you’ll notice some beautiful places to party and pay fun time with friends. The electronic music competition, Sunburn Reload, has jointly been hosted some times here. All in all, Nashik is nothing wanting an unlikely party place.

11. Gurugram

While in Delhi, you either have to enjoy the city’s nightlife experience or have a similar experience in the NCR region. And if you choose NCR then Gurugram is the place you should go. Respected as ‘The Millennium City, Gurugram at night is amazing. It has the best bars, pubs, discos, and lounges till midnight which makes it one of the best places in India for the night. Between skyscrapers and corporate and malls, the nightlife in Gurugram is a beautiful experience that you can hardly enjoy in India.

\It’s a drink wherever you want to just relax and drink freshly brewed beer or go to some underground venue for light jazz music or have a drink at night and dance to loud music with your friends at the club. There is no shortage of clubs and bars to choose from. Only DLF Cyber ​​City consists of a large pub and bar in the city. Then there is Sector 229 where there are some nice places to stay for the night.

12. Chennai

As one of the four major metropolitan cities in India, Chennai attracts a large number of locals from far and wide. There are lots of famous places in town where one can party hard, enjoy drinks, and play trendy music till late at night. Well, it may seem simple, so I suggest you come and take some time to visit the animated pubs or nightclubs and bars and finally you will know about Chennai nightlife.

13. Ahmedabad

In terms of nightlife, Ahmedabad isn’t as conventional as Delhi or Mumbai, but whatever the party option in the city is enough to fill your heart with some amazing memories. Perhaps, one of the safest cities, Ahmedabad is also an ideal destination for a family night out. With some nice dining bars, elegant clubs, classy lounges, and family restaurants that work late into the night, the city is also perfect for taking your family out.

Well, if you don’t love to party, the city offers some more options to enjoy a beautiful nightlife experience. Kha Galli and Khan Pan Bazaar are prominent places where you will find lots of snack stalls selling food till late at night. Manek Chuck is another busy street at night filled with countless opportunities for delicious renting and shopping.

14. Udaipur

This lake city in Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel destinations in India. From spectacular palaces and alluring gardens to the historic sites and ancient temples, the city of Udaipur, as the sun rises, begins to entertain people with some alluring heritage and natural attractions. But, it’s just one side of the city; The other side is revealed when the sun falls asleep.

The nightlife of Udaipur is as amazing as any other metropolis in North India. You can expect to spend a long time clubbing and pubbing in Udaipur. My personal favorite and popular thing in Udaipur at night is shopping. You can’t believe how the shopping streets of Udaipur are revived in the evening when the sun bids farewell making it one of the best nightlife experiences in Udaipur.

15. Manali

If we talk about nightlife in India, Manali in Himachal Pradesh is considered one of the best hill destinations in India for the experience. Well, the experience will not be like Delhi, Mumbai, or Goa, but it is something you will not forget for a long time. With live music, a lively atmosphere, and delicious food and drinks, several cafes run late into the night and some of the main hangout zones for tourists in Manali.

16. Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, has no less nightlife than any other major city in the country. Here, you can find an abundance of local talent and the people of the city are very much interested in singing. Shillong may not have your party night like Delhi, Mumbai, or Goa, but it is sure to entertain you with the most enthusiastic crowds and some great entertainment bars, clubs, and pubs. However, if you want to fully enjoy the nightlife experience in Shillong, be sure to plan your night on Saturday when all the pubs and cafes will have DJs and local bands.

17. Gangtok

Another popular nightlife destination from the Northeast, Gangtok. Gangtok is so famous for its pubs, casinos, bars, and clubs that come to life when the sun goes down. Here you can enjoy a night spent in Gangtok, literally tempting food, fun music, sparkling drinks, serene surroundings, and huge crowds. The great lineup of bars and restaurants doesn’t let the Gangtok miss out on places for the ultimate nightlife experience.

18. Jodhpur

Like Jaipur and Udaipur, Jodhpur in Rajasthan is also a prominent nightlife destination in the state. In addition to its palace buildings and perfect architecture, the city is also famous for its state-of-the-art restaurants, state-of-the-art lounges, and trendy pubs. Whether you are looking for a party place or want to dine at a restaurant, Jodhpur offers many places where you can truly enjoy that indomitable nightlife experience.

So, this was a list of the best destinations in India for the nightlife experience. If I miss some important places, let me know in the comments section. Moreover, consider Tour My India, if you want to plan a holiday at any one of these destinations as we offer the best tour packages that cover each and everything of a specific place including nightlife.

19. Gokarna

Although, not the official nightlife destination, Gokarna can still offer much more than expected, and therefore, it finds its place in this list. Okay, I would suggest you visit this place not just for nightlife but for some worthwhile experience. Located in the state of Karnataka, Gokarna promises you a captivating nightlife that is strange.

Without any special bars and nightclubs, you can enjoy food and drink in your hotel bar or restaurant. As I quoted earlier, the place has a strange nightlife, therefore, you will have the opportunity to go to any beach and go to a bonfire with doll set music and cool beer. Okay, I don’t know about you but it sounds like a perfect night outing experience that anyone can enjoy anywhere in India.

20. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is the best destination for those looking for some cool places in South India to spend some amazing nights. The city offers a kind of nightlife experience that no other beach town in South India has. With great beaches, gorgeous French-style neighborhoods, and lively surroundings, the city is certainly not attractive in the state. But what makes the holiday in Pondicherry even more special is the nightlife experience.

Due to its cosmopolitan culture consisting of Indian, French, Dutch, and British influences, the city has some unique places for hipsters to experience the ultimate nightlife experience. Just White, Coffee Bar, Dragon Lounge, Pub Zipper, Rendezvous, Asta – The Spirited Lounge and Toxic Bar are some of the favorite spots for parties, clubbing, and social get-togethers.


What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word India? Probably rich culture, wild wildlife, and historical attractions, right? Well, this beautiful country is like that during the day! But what about the night, what do you know about nightlife in India? Well, don’t stress yourself out, this blog will tell you everything; From top places to popular nightclubs planning nightlife trips to India where you can go out for that unforgettable night out experience. All you have to do is keep scrolling and reading. So let’s start with a list of the top 20 destinations in India for my nightlife experience.

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