Famous 26 Bicycle Brands in the World

1. Orbea Bikes

Arabia is one of the oldest cycling companies in the bike industry. Founded in Spain about a hundred years ago, Arabia is a company that manufactures handguns and later began its life by transforming into bicycle manufacturing.

They were featured on the Tour de France in the 1930s and have gained popularity ever since. Today, they are most famous for their long line road bikes, such as the Orbea Orca M30. However, they also produce mountain, triathlon and road bikes.

2. Niner Bikes

Niner Bike is the ideal bike maker for two bike adventurers and those who want to challenge their skills from the bit track. Most recently they have focused on producing the 29er model and using CVA (Constant Wearing Arc) suspension, which improves the rider’s paddling skills.

The Niner brand manufactures cyclocross, touring, full-suspension and hard-tail mountain bikes, as well as numerous bike parts.

3. Orange Mountain Bikes

There are a few bikes out there that would be more easily recognized without a label than the Orange Mountain bikes in the UK. Their authentic frames are unique and a cult favorite of hardcore mountain riders for their performance.

They started making full-suspension bikes in 1988 because they wanted to diversify mountain biking and bring a different approach to the way bikes were made. Thirty years later, they are still at the top of their game.

4. Firmstrong Bikes

Another California bike brand on the list is Farmstrong. Founded ten years ago, their mission is to ride the bike as much as possible while keeping the bike easy and accessible.

They specialize in making beach cruisers, hybrids, commuters and comfort bikes as well as children’s bikes. Their prices are affordable because they try to reduce the barriers to getting people on bikes.

5. Intense Cycles

Intense Bicycle is another mountain-specific bike brand that is just under ten bikes in their range. Growing up in the making of downhill racing bikes, the set-up of their bikes and the overall geometry focused on ‘perfection driven’ type cyclists who want to rely on their money in well-established brand perfection.

Intense bikes have received a wide patronage from legendary extreme-sports athletes at various times, although they still keep their heads away from the stage lights. Instead, they have shifted their focus to a lower production and not to the masses. Their bikes are expensive but available to those who have lost a decent bike in their arsenal.

6. Devinci Cycles

From road to carbon and dual-suspension line-ups, Devincy is a top name in the game. The Canadian brand has become one of the leaders in global frame manufacturing. Today, Davinsi’s main lineup consists of high-end roads, gravel and mountain bikes.

Thanks to their unique design and engineering, Davinsi bikes are often seen in racing competitions, such as the Enduro World Series as they patronize top athletes and ride with recreational cyclists at local clubs.

7. Diamondback Bikes

Washington-based bike brand Diamondback is one of the most well-known brands in the United States. Starting as a BMX bike manufacturer, Diamondback has become well known for its high quality mountain, road, fitness and kids bikes. Their online sales strategy allows them to bypass their retailers and offer high quality bikes at cheaper prices than the competition.

8. Alchemy Bicycles

As they themselves say, this was their main mission when they started 10 years ago and the main motivation for them to continue today. A testament to their quality is that they have won the ‘Best Carbon Construction’ award at the North American Handmade Bike Show more than once, which is not an easy feat.

Appearances should also not be ignored, which is not neglected by alchemy. Their bikes have quite a unique paint job, so it’s easy to find one on the outside even if you don’t see the logo. However, Alchemy finishes their bikes with quite striking price tags.

Are they eligible to break the bank? Let’s take an overview of all their current models so that you can answer this question for yourself. NB! All models can be customized and fitted with expensive or more affordable groupsets that will affect the price.

9. Kestrel Bikes

They were formed in 1986 with the mission of making the lightest production road bikes. They launched the Kestrel 4000,which is the world’s first all-carbon composite frame.

Also they continued to innovate from there,then introducing suspension and carbon mountain bikes. Although widely used now, Kestrel is a pioneer in the bike industry for the use of carbon fiber.

10. Ibis Bikes

Ibis Bike is a bicycle brand based in Northern California, but most of its production is outsourced to Shenzhen, China. Ibis is famous for its carbon frame and “die” tubing.

It’s a clever wordplay that means “more on the edge” because their frames are heavier at the edges than at the middle. Ibis is popular for sponsoring an Enduro World Series team, which has had many successes. Their main models are Ripmo, Mojo and Ripley.

11. Jamis Bikes

James Bike is a US-based bicycle brand that has been producing first-class bicycles for over 30 years. James Bikes focuses on making bikes suitable for all budgets. They have won several awards for the best “value” bikes.

12. Juliana Bicycles

Juliana women-specific mountain bikes create mid-range to high-end price tags. The name has earned its name in the mountain biking scene, and there is probably no such specialized MTB bike brand as Juliana Bicycles!

13. Norco Bicycles

We can’t forget to include Norco in this list, as there are more than 120 bikes to choose from as they have a wide variety of bikes in different ranges. From children’s full-suspension mountain bikes to adult roads, gravel, cyclocross, and even electric fat bikes to choose from, Norco offers a wide variety of bikes for every type of rider.

The Canadian brand is probably best known for its mountain bikes, which have bikes in every category, including Enduro, Trail, DH and XC.

14. Pivot Bikes

Pivot Bike is a high-end low mountain bike brand for competitive or specialized mountain bikers. Their range consists of carefully designed and manufactured bikes in eight different categories: XC, Trail, Enduro, E-MTB, FAT, Dart Jump and Pebble bikes.

Founded in 2007, the American brand is well known for its innovative bike production and mountain bike lineage. Although somewhat expensive, these carbon-framed bikes are built for racing and end up for even the most adrenaline-junkie athletes.

15. Pure ‘Fix’ Cycles

Pure Bicycle offers some of the best spectacular bikes on the market. Founded in LA and inspired by the design of 2000’s US track bikes, Pure Bikes has done a great job delivering minimal and kick-ass-looking bikes.

Most of their range is built in single / stationary gear with steel frames and freehubs, but you will also find gear rods and women’s step-through frames.

16. QuietKat Bikes

Designed for hunters, anglers and overlanders, Quietkat produces the most powerful electric bikes with tons of useful extras. They have nine bikes in their range that can handle a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect from an ebike. Not checking is worth checking out because the brand has made the bar rather high in their league.

17. Priority Bicycles

Priority Bicycle is a small but successful cycling company that has a dream – to make cycling as easy as possible! They make bikes that are easy to buy, ride and maintain. In 2014 they launched Kickstarter and the campaign was successful enough to launch a priority.

Their bikes use belt drives instead of chains to reduce the maintenance required to keep the bikes running. They specialize in hybrids, passengers and cruisers, ideal for both men and women, there are also some baby models in line.

18. Brompton Bikes

Although a relatively crude version of what they offer today, the bike was awarded ‘Best Product’ at the 1987 BicycleX event in London. Their popularity increased and they needed more space to work so in 1988 their first factory opened in West London.

Currently, the brand has ten stores around the world, as far as Kobe and Tokyo in Japan, as well as across the UK. Currently, the brand has three different styles of folding bikes and a limited edition range. The brand has grown rapidly since its inception in the 1990s, yet they make bikes in London, England.

19. Colnago Bikes

Colnago, perhaps the most coveted bike on the planet, has been out of the race for quite some time. For more than 50 years, this Italian company has been building race winning frames. What started as a general workshop in Cambiogo, Italy, is now recognized worldwide as the best race-bread bike.

Many bike critics consider the Colnago frames to be more than the traditional theatrical aspect of the spectrum. While this may be somewhat true, it is worth noting that Colnago was one of the first companies to research and employ carbon fiber in their frame.

20. Co-op Cycles

Co-op Bicycle is a popular bike brand made by the famous outdoor equipment manufacturer and retailer REI. They are focused on creating affordable entry-level and mid-range bikes, which sets them apart from other brands. Co-op bikes mostly make mountain, hybrid, road and adventure bikes, so you should take a look if you’re interested.

21. Critical / Retrospec Cycles

Simple single-speed, fixed bikes have been popular for some time. However, although single speed bikes have fewer running parts than regular bikes, their price can be quite high. 

22. Evil Bikes

Evil Bike is a dirty brand born out of the mountain bike scene of the late 2000s. They proudly own riders which means they build their bikes that their crew wants to ride and they use their patron riders for research and development, creating innovative machines for trails.

23. Felt Bikes

This list feels like another young brand, since they were founded in 1994. Innovative and free-spirited, they embody the essence of California on their roads and mountain bikes.

They also make successful triathlons and time trial bikes. Felt bicycles are innovative and have developed many technologies of their own, including Equilink and bayonet fork technology, including many of their MTB models.

24. Prevelo Bikes

Founded in 1982, California – Privelo is a children’s bike specialist brand focused on creating “better bikes for kids.” Today, their children’s bikes range from five different sizes and balance bikes to high quality MTBs for teens.

The most important thing about Privelo is that every detail of the bike is designed for the best ride to encourage kids to go out and ride.

25. Ancheer Bikes

Ancair’s main selling point is the low-cost / high-spec design of bikes, with front suspension and disc brakes being common features of their bikes but not commonly seen in the same price options. Users are often pleasantly surprised by performance and reliability, said one Amazon reviewer. 

26. Electra Bikes

Probably the most famous for the beach cruiser bike revival, the Electra is one of the most visible bike brands in the United States. You will now find a mix of cruisers, hybrids, electric bikes and kids bikes in their line-up and this is a must consider if you are after leisure bikes and want to stand out.


We know that there are many brands out there, making it difficult to pick the top 15. For the best possible start, it is advisable to invest in a quality product. Do not get lured by the ultra-light weighted frame.

Choose aluminium or steel based frame over a carbon frame. Comfort and budget should not be compromised just for a few attractive features. Opt for something that adds fun to your journey.

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