Pyramids of Giza – Location, Age, Structure, Ancient Story

A pyramid is a structure which external surface is triangular and joins at the top in a single step, converting in a geometrically shaped pyramid. The base of the pyramid can be any polygon in shape like triangular shape etc. The Great Pyramid of Giza were some of the most man-made structures in history. Their […]

Pyramids of Egypt – Magnificent Architectures of Pyramids

There are many ancient pyramids in Egypt, but not all of them are royal tombs. Some have a worship role, others just a satellite of the main pyramid. But almost all of them are in Lower Egypt, near the Blue Delta, and almost all on the West Bank, dedicated to the kingdom of the dead. […]

Top-Rated Tourist Places in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Beginning in 5500 BC, this country was once ruled by mystical pharaohs. Subsequently, the country was also an important outpost of the Greek and Roman Empires. Needless to say, Egypt is a haven for tourists to explore the astonishing archeological ruins and archeological symbols […]