Top 18 Cafes in Mussoorie

With good food, sweet vibes and beautiful scenery, Cafes in Mussoorie , the queen of the hills, is eager to satisfy the thirst of anyone who travels. From the view of the mountain entrance to its lush green forest, Mussoorie is a one-stop for any experienced traveler who wants to relax in the midst of nature.

The hill station is equipped with a mix of contemporary and traditional themed cafes that serve food from around the world. If you are planning a trip to Mussoorie and are looking for quality food, stay tuned because we have compiled a list of the best cafes in Mussoorie.

In the winter, many families pack up their belongings and move to the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. And one of the most popular hill stations for this trip is Mussoorie. While fresh air and natural beauty serve as enough reasons to visit, what is a holiday without some great food, right?

If you’ve got a curious teenager who isn’t willing to come on a family trip, editing the best dining places to visit in our town, suggested by Chef Simron Singh Thapar, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, will help you understand them. Scroll forward for cafes you can’t miss when visiting Mussoorie.

That Mussoorie is a food-lovers’ paradise is a fact that has been repeatedly established. But the real treasure of this hill town lies in its cafes. If you love mountains, you know that the experience of sitting in a cozy cafe and enjoying the view can be matched by something else.

Whether you’re drinking some coffee or reading your favorite book, these weird little knocks help you feel the place in the most intimate way. Snow-capped peaks that raise themselves to a height to kiss the skies, meandering roads as though the path to heaven and a vantage point to view gorgeous Doon Valley.

Mussoorie, the ‘Queen of Hills,’ has got everything to mesmerize you. Same goes for its eateries, and they too will leave you in awe. If thinking of a perfect romantic ever with your love, Mussoorie is your calling. Here are the Top 18 cafes in Mussoorie.

1. Emily’ Rokeby Manor

It’s time to take you back to the British Era! Emily’ Rokeby Manor was built in 1840. As the place is centuries old, it is engulfed in vintage charm. Teak floorings, stone walls and wood-panelled ceilings reflect the touch of British sophistication.

While the rustic surroundings make it a peaceful spot. You will enjoy lavish meal complemented with a peaceful surrounding. Rogan Josh, salads, cakes are the best delicacies of Emily. Among all the usual modern restaurants, dining here will give you a distinct dining experience.

Location: Rajmandi, Landour Cantt, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Emily’s – The Rocky Manor is located in Landur Cantt, overlooking the alluring Mussoorie Rizline. With 1900s recipes, their food will take your palate to overflowing joy! Decorated with old teak floors and stone walls, the cafeteria offers a dining experience around its patrons.

They serve delicious snacks with Indian and continental food, making it one of the best cafes in Mussoorie. If you leave this restaurant, taste their famous apple pie, hot chocolate and pepperoni pizza. Inside it is a library, which gives it the pleasure of a bibliography.

With floral wallpaper, wooden furniture and brick walls, it has a very rural feel. They also bake their own bread, so you will always find the smell of fresh baked goods here.

Kerala curry, biryani, mustard chicken and fish with mustard sauce are other popular foods here. And don’t go without using their sticky toffee pudding, apple crumbs and date cakes,” he said.

2. Wisteria Deck

Wisteria Deck is a very spacious place, also having a fireplace. Surrounding with a magical view, the place is an ace restaurant owing to its location. The highlight of the restaurant is its terrace where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding valley while savouring your meal.

With an extensive menu, it caters the demands of the foodies nicely. Wisteria deck is generally packed with families. It’s coming in top list of famous cafes in Mussoorie. As already mentioned, it is very spacious and has a serene ambience, hence you and your loved one remain undisturbed.

Location: JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, Mussoorie.

3. Writer’s Bar

Writer’s Bar is a melting point of antique with a modern touch. The antique chandeliers and weathered teak floorings make it look distinct. It is trendy among the tourists and has been known for its sophisticated ambience.

This exquisite restaurant offers wood-fired pizzas, an extensive wine list and a casual outdoor seating. Spend a beautiful evening in this excellent restaurant.

Location: Spring Road, Mussoorie.

4. Regency

Part of Jaypee Residency Manor, Regency is a branded restaurant of Mussoorie. This luxurious restaurant has stained glass panels allowing a see-through to the majestic mountains surrounding it. Plan a lavish meal with your partner in this classy restaurant.

Location: Jaypee Residency Manor, Barlowganj, Mussoorie.

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5. JW cafe

Its time to introduce to you an offbeat dining location. JW cafe is one of its kind eateries in Mussoorie. So what makes it stand out? Open Kitchen. Yes! A nice seating complemented with an open kitchen. And this gives another level of happiness to be able to peep on how your meal is prepared.

It offers American, Asian and Indian delicacies. This is one of the famous cafes in Mussoorie. The cafeteria is located on Campty Fall Road as part of the JW Marriott, Mussoorie. This is a beautiful property that provides a great buffet spread.

You can try sweet and American food in the restaurant. Also, the cafe’s open kitchen serves a variety of regional dishes and world-class delicacies. JW Cafe is an all-day dining restaurant at the JW Marriott Hotel in Mussoorie.

The wide buffet here includes Indian favorites and international dishes whose taste is enhanced using local ingredients from the Himalayas. With a lively open kitchen and outstanding dining all day, the JW Cafe at JW Marriott Mussoorie is a must-see if you’re in town.

Whether you want to start your day with a great breakfast or end the night with a great dessert, this place offers a variety of local and global dishes. A truly five star experience.

Location: JW Marriott hotel, Kempty Fall Road, Mussoorie.

6.Trout House Grill and Bar

Take a culinary journey through Trout House. Mighty mountains surround specialized in both Indian and European, the restaurant. The staff is really friendly and will treat you with utter care. You need to reserve a seat for yourself beforehand.

The quality of food is of paramount importance to them. The food looks appealing, and so does it taste. Order the sumptuous non-veg along with chilled beer and you are sorted!

Location: JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, Mussoorie.

7. Urban Turban

Believe it or not, Punjabi food is the ultimate treat to the taste buds! Urban Turban is one such exciting restaurant that flaunts a modern decor and serves authentic Punjabi food. Everything is spiced up here! It’s spiced up veg, and non-veg dishes satiates the taste buds.

Location: Opposite Canara Bank, 1st Floor, Kulri, Landour bazar Rd, Mussoorie

8. Little Llama Café

Little Llama is the cutest and the most popular spot to hang out with friends. With the perfect food, on-time services and delicious delicacies that truly feed the soul. Chinese Lamps and colourful Tibetan flags give an authentic touch to the decor. This is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie.

One more perk of visiting here, you won’t be burning your pocket, its all under the budget. The restaurant serves Chinese, Thai and Tibetan cuisines. The steamed and fried momos are the backbones of Little Lamba. A single visit here will compel you to come again and again.

The Little Lama Cafe is located in London House near Union Church and it will intrigue your senses with its natural location. Overlooking the mountains, the cafe gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy your food with a panoramic view of the green forest.

It produces a wide variety of delicious food and it is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie with its affordable price. If you go to the cafe, check out their falafel, walnut brownie and hot coffee.

9. Chic Chocolate

Chick Chocolate is located on Mussoorie’s Upachepra Mall Road and serves lip-scent delicacies. The cafe enjoys a beautiful and cozy atmosphere, with attractive interiors that give a pleasant experience.

A fully dedicated section for homemade chocolates and famous for their waffles, pizza and nachos, their menu will captivate your taste buds, making them one of the best cafes in Mussoorie.

We recommend using their chocolate fudge brownie, New York cheesecake and grilled chicken and cheese burgers.  Chocolates are very much associated with love. And what else could be better? This old restaurant cum cafe is the spirit of Mussoorie.

Chic Chocolate has been serving all sorts of chocolates for years. Their chocolates are to die for! However, it is not only limited to chocolates. There is a variety of shakes, pizzas, and pastries.

Location: 1, London House, Near Union Church, Picture Palace, Kulri, Mussoorie.

10. Cafe Clock Tower

As it is located next to the Clock Tower, it was named so. It is mostly famous among the younger crowd. All thanks to mouth-watering fast food- momos, pasta and pizza. To complement your meal, there is the perfect view of the hills from the window.

Location: Mall Road, Survey Colony, The Mall Road, Mussoorie

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11. Casa Mia Bakery

It serves freshly baked crescents, muffins, pies, breads and more, making it a sanctuary for all dessert enthusiasts out there! Although it does not include a seating area, it is absolutely worth it because of its quality and options.

We recommend using their Apple Pie, Almonds Muffin and Blue Cheesecake, which is enough to satisfy your appetite for dessert. This small bakery can easily walk down Mall Road. Casa Mia Bakery is known for making fresh baked products such as crescents, muffins, pies and bread.

Chef Thapar suggested ordering fruit cream. And their hot and crispy patties are also perfect companions for a cold winter day. There is no seating, but the food is so delicious that you wouldn’t mind eating it.

12. Cafe By The Way

Cafe by the Way Sound and House, located near Mall Road, brings a cozy atmosphere, thanks to its charming decor and rich menu. The cafe specializes in casual food and serves delicious food such as fried, burgers and garlic bread.

Whenever you pop in by this cafe, place an order of Chili Cheese Garlic Bread, Oreo Shake, and Chicken Finger. It is an ideal place for a coffee break while visiting various shops on Mall Road.

Located in an old British building, the vintage decor inside will take you back in time – the café has everything from old records and cameras to scooters that emphasize its rustic charm.

With a weird decoration of the back seats of scooters as polaroid cameras, large leather couches and resting stools, it gives a fun and lively feel that goes well with its most delicious coffee and shake menu.

If you’re looking for something comfortable after a long and busy day of sightseeing, you’ll love sitting here in the evening with your favorite kappa and possibly a novel.

13. Kalsang Friends Corner

Kalsang is located at Friends Corner Mall Road, Survey Colony. The joint has a close seating arrangement and a comfortable environment, which gives a pleasant dining experience.

Serving Tibetan, Thai and Chinese food for 15+ years, serving every dish on the cafe menu, it is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie. If you’re looking for a delightful full meal, try their Drums of Heaven with Momo, Shezwan Rice and Noodles.

14. Char Dukan Cafe

Char Dukan Cafe Char Dukan Caf Landure has curves and offers an inspiring mix of great views and delicious food. The things that make them one of the best cafes in Mussoorie are a varied menu because they have a wide variety of items like pancakes, waffles, omelets and tea.

Reaching the cafe is a treat in itself while going through a picturesque landscape adorned with green trees and mountains. If you stop by this cafe, order cheese omelette, cinnamon pancakes and honey lemon ginger tea.

15. Cafe De Tavern

Café de Tavern Picture Palace, located near Mall Road, offers an unparalleled experience in terms of environment, decor and food. It has gained a reputation since its inception in 2015 and has become one of the top cafes in Mussoorie. One of the reasons behind their dominance is their authentic, wood-fired oven pizza that has captivated everyone in Mussoorie. 

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16. Cafe Tea Totaler

Cafe Totler Tibetan Market, located near Mall Road, and one of the best joints for enjoying food with a view. In addition to being a photogenic spot, the cafe brings out exotic food and snacks from pizza to waffles. With a strange atmosphere and fine menu, the company is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie. If you want to try their food, taste their pizza, crepe and fries!

17. Landour Bakehouse

Landur Beckhouse is located in the Sisters Market in Landur Cantt and is a cafe for every tourist interested in dessert and coffee. It was founded in 2013 and is always immersed in the aroma of fresh baked bread.

The cafeteria’s menu adapts to the local conditions and provides an old cabin-like setting. If you are in Mussoorie and the weather is a little cold, go to this cafe and order a chocolate croissant, honey ginger lemon tea and walnut pie.

Located near the Sisters Market, it is the ideal place to experience a natural beauty. The decor will remind you of the colonial era, and has the feel of an English tea house.

Talking about the menu, the cook said, “The menu includes the classics of ‘The Lander Cookbook’ and consists mainly of fresh bread, cakes, pastries, muffins, tarts and various cookies. The menu also has a selection of teas and includes classics like Madeleine. Don’t miss the chocolate either.

18. Cafe Ivy

Cafe Ivy is located in Landur Cantt near Char Dukan. It has seating arrangements both indoors and outdoors, a cozy atmosphere and a breathtaking view, especially during sunset.

Often renowned among Mussoorie’s best cafes, this restaurant has a mix of delicacies that will give your taste buds a blast of different flavors. The cafeteria specializes in serving pasta, hot chocolate and pizza, so make it a point to taste this dish. Cafe Ivy Landur has recently joined the famous char shop area of ​​Mysore city.

This restaurant offers a great dining experience with fun music. A large copper kettle placed on the top of a restaurant near their billboards marks the location of this cafe. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with recycled wood and wine ingredients.

The fireplace is very nice. You can try using freshly cooked pizza, pasta, burgers, nachos and sandwiches here. Through her mouth watering recipes and excellent service, it has become the talk of the town.


Between the clouds and the slow-moving hills, the queen of the hills aka Mussoorie. This hill station has always been one of our favorite vacation destinations. But this time, it came as a food paradise.

On your next trip to the Queen of the Hills, don’t miss these top cafes and restaurants to eat in Mussoorie and Landour which are not only Instagram worthy places, but also serve some delicious food to satisfy your taste buds. Mussoorie, called the Queen of the Hills, is one of the most popular hill stations in India.

It is a perfect summer resort that offers a great landscape of Himalayan peaks. Enjoy rock climbing, trekking and other adventure sports in nature. The best cafe in Mussoorie for your drink and light snack trends, there are numerous cafes here. Here are a few suggestions for your quick reference so that you have a clear idea about the best.

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