5 Best Water Parks in Chennai for Fun in Summer

Summers in southern India can burn and temperatures in busy cities like Chennai can hit the roof. Fortunately, there are several water parks in town that bring a pleasant relief from the heat and also create a great vacation for the day to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. There are quite a few of them in town and children and adults love to splash in the water and go on different rides which are both fun and exciting at the same time. These are world-class water parks and the facilities here are amazing.

With the arrival of summer, going out for waterpark purposes is the only thing that excites children and adults alike. Especially when in a city like Chennai, the only vacation on a smoky summer is going to the water park. Here are some water theme parks in Chennai that you need to visit this summer to cool off.

1. MGM Dizzee World

It is a theme park with a water world full of splashing activities. The park has been skillfully covered by Italian designers across the green landscape that is close to the beach! What they add to the experience is that their features show that you are experiencing a snowfall. This park will let you get dizzy and the water rides here are amazing, it is one of the best water parks in Chennai. The park is designed according to international concepts and is the equivalent of a theme park and a water park that you see abroad.

The rides are exciting and one of a kind and it is one of the best-maintained water parks in the city, with plenty of safety and security measures. The park is a great place to throw a themed party and kids often come here with their parents on summer vacations, when in fact the walks here are too much. You can play water frisbee and water volleyball in the pond or just splash around the wave pool. Rides are one of a kind and there are rides dedicated to adults and children.

You can also go boating, see a rainbow in the rain tree or feel the imitation of the waves of the sea in Alai Osai. This is one of the best Chennai Water Park. About 32 kilometers from Chennai city center takes you to this entertainment destination where incredible hours of incredible entertainment await you. Once you enter the park, you can easily guess why MGM Chennai is synonymous with high-energy adventure and fun. One of the largest theme parks in the city, the place boasts a wide list of ride and recreation options.

Whether it’s kids or adults, this park has something for everyone. Some popular rides like Rolling Thunder, Caribbean Swing, Big Wheel, Kamikaz Ranger, Water Coaster, Wave Swinger and Super Trooper are sure to challenge the adventurer in you. There are even rides designed for the whole family to have fun together. The possibility of a fun-filled adventure at MGM does not end here. Rather, this best amusement park in Chennai gets even better with the family recreation options you start exploring. Alai Osai, for example, offers you the thrill of high rolling sea waves in the park grounds.

You can enjoy simulator rides for different movies as well as raise your imagination, while carnival games will delight children and adults alike. Speaking of kids, in addition to the countless rides designed exclusively for them, a trip on the MGM Express is sure to make them jump for joy. The park has a veggie and multi-cuisine restaurant so you can charge your stomach while you are with your family and friends. So, next time you are in Chennai, set aside a day to have a few hours of fun and enjoyment at MGM DGG World.

2. VGP Universal Kingdom

Claiming to be the first and largest theme park in India, VGP’s the Universal Kingdom has an exciting water park called The Aqua Kingdom with two adventure rides that are suitable for every niche and age group. It is one of the best water parks in Chennai. For kids, they have a small pirate ship, train ride, water duck, and arcade games where adults enjoy typhoon tunnels, tornadoes, wave pools, and water chutes. On your trip to the park, you must visit the Petting Zoo and play with your hairy friends and click on a picture with the infamous sculptor.

The Aqua Kingdom of the VGP Group is located in the VGP Universal Kingdom section and is another favorite spot among the townspeople. You can try visiting both sections in one day, but to be honest, both of them are so huge and with such a huge number of rides among themselves, so it would be nice to see them separately. The Aqua Kingdom, among other rides, also has a man-made beach, so you can get the feeling of a beach holiday right in the middle of the city.

Then again, some truly daring rides will surely make you feel like a stuntman! The place is also neatly cleaned, the authority has stickers for hygiene and cleanliness and so that families can come here and enjoy it without any hindrance. All kinds of extra facilities like changing room, parking, cafe, and locker room are available.

3. Queensland Amusement Park

It is a theme park located on Bangalore Trunk Road and covers an area of ​​70 acres. It ranks among the best water parks in Chennai with a total of 51 exciting rides like Free Fall Tower, Octopus, Himalayan Water Ride, and Super Wave. The park provides separate swimming pools for men and women so that you can enjoy some relaxing moments in the water. The American Wave Pool in the park, just by car and train ride spends a delightful day.

It is located near Chennai-Bangalore Highway, Palanjur, Sembarambakkam.  The entrance fee is Rs. 550 for adults, Rs. 450 for children. Another very popular theme park in Chennai, Queensland Water Park is the thing, made of dreams. The park is spread over about 70 acres and has over 50 water rides that will make you incapable of leaving places. There are waterfalls and artificial wave pools, slides and water discos, and much more. If you are not in too much noise and chaos, you can simply go to a quiet pool and relax.

There are several good restaurants inside the premises and the food is quite good, especially smoothies and mocktails. The park has locker rooms and clean washrooms and the water is recycled and cleaned daily using the most advanced technology. The name of the park may be Queensland but it can rightly be described as the king of all amusement parks in Chennai. Offering an amazing combination of rides, the park promises a fantastic experience for everyone setting foot in this fun state.

The biggest draw in Queensland Chennai is the Free Fall Tower Ride. Designed for adventure daredevils, this thrilling ride will send your adrenaline rushing as you descend from the sky. Another major attraction of the park is the super waves that let you spin in the water when huge waves hit you. From roller coasters, Centrox, and hanging coasters to go karting, bumper cars, space journeys, the list of thrilling rides here is really long and varied!

Queensland has a large number of dedicated rides to keep the little two adventurers happy for hours on end. A huge lake within the perimeter of the park enables you to enjoy boat trips. The best part is that once you enter the park you don’t have to pay anything for the ride; Your entry ticket covers all. In other words, you set foot in an area of ​​boundless fun and adventure.

4. Dash N Splash

The park is spread over a huge area of ​​21 acres and when you enter it you may feel that you have lost your way and got lost on a beach. Operated since 1995, there is a huge artificial beach inside the park and it is lined with coconut trees that shade the park’s pools and there are several of them. You can simply go here and rest all day, watching the activities of the happy family around you.

The most exciting thing about the park is its free-fall slides and it is one of the most exciting rides in your life. It has a great cafeteria on the grounds and ample parking space. This place has a very comfortable environment despite many people being together and many dedicated patrons like this place.

5. Kishkinta Theme Park

The park is being enriched with energy waves that you can feel as you enter. It is populated with plenty of water sports and rides such as aquatic volcanoes, raging rivers, white water rides, water twisters, beautiful waterfalls with tsunamis, and other attractions like the Rainbow Tunnel. This park is named after the legendary monkey kingdom found in the Ramayana, but no, you won’t find any monkeys here! However, you can make as many monkeys as you want and have fun all over the world.

This is one of the best water parks in Chennai and is designed in such a way that everyone finds something to enjoy here. There are amazing rides here and water slides are the most popular. The park is equipped with a changing room and there is ample space for car parking. The park also has a snack bar and cafe where you can fill up after splashing in the water. The rides are very safe and there is also a dedicated kiosk to handle customer questions. There is a beautiful waterfall here that flows into many of the ponds in the park.

It highlights a 3D theater with boat rides and conference or party halls as highlights. In addition to numerous water slides, games, and pools, they offer a variety of dry rides as well as entertaining shows from time to time. Named after the legendary monkey kingdom in the epic Ramayana, Kishkinta Theme Park is a complete family recreation area. From adventure rides to water slides, this theme park in Chennai covers all the bases for fun and entertainment.

Spread across 120 acres of land, Kishkinta tells thrilling candidates of all ages to enjoy boundless joy. Exciting rides like the Cyclone, Space Shuttle and Super Jumper can test your quest for adventure fun. Family trips like Arabian Nights, bumper cars, and road trains can entertain everyone from six to sixty hours after hours. Kids can explore many attractions and rides that are designed specifically for them.

Monkey Jump, Animal Planet, Carousel, Sleeping Beauty, Helicopter, Aqua Boat, Swing Train and many more rides in the park promise kids memorable times. Several water games and rides add to the park’s appeal. Whether you are planning to visit the park with your family or your friends crazy, you can definitely enjoy a great time here and create lasting memories.


The city has quite an impressive list of dedicated and best water parks in Chennai and they arrange great vacations for the day even if there is no time to go anywhere else on weekends. They bring a wave of joy into your city life and keep the kids looking forward to their summer vacation when they can have uninterrupted joy and lots of fun and can’t be condemned without being around as much as they want in the water.

Speaking of Chennai’s waterpark, the city is blessed with a good score for its achievements, which ensures that people have arrangements to cool them down. Quite a hit in the city of Chennai, these waterparks are the best bet when trying to cope with the scorching heat of the city in summer. Visit the places above and share your funny stories with us in the comments section below. If you have visited the above-mentioned places, you are also welcome to share your suggestions and recommendations on the same subject. 

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