Best Sleeping Bags – Budget-Friendly Top Rated Comfortable Sleeping Bags

A good sleeping bag can make a great impact on a sleepover or camping trip. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. So to help you find the best pick for you-starting with large and tall sleeping bags that seal you like a mummy we’ve collected the best of the best, according to reviews. From the snow in the Sierra Nevada to the mighty deserts of Death Valley, every bag has been rigorously tested in labs and backcountry.

We have considered every aspect of sleeping bag performance including warmth, weight, comfort, and versatility. We know you care about your sleeping bag options, and we’ve done our best to make choosing one easy. Whether you want the best overall bag on the market or just a great deal, we will take you to the best product for your needs. We discuss here budget-friendly top-rated best sleeping bags.

1. Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF 20

For the best combination of weight from comfort, quality, and warmth, it’s hard to lose a feather friend sleeping bag. This boutique Seattle-based brand specializes in premium down products and makes everything in the Pacific Northwest. Mountaineers stop religiously before heading to distant places like Mount Rainier, Alaska, and the Himalayas, and it’s worth a visit if you’re in Seattle.

And with the straight-to-consumer model, feathery friends sleeping bags and other down products are extremely well-made and competitively priced for what you get. In addition, against the popular Western Mountaineering Ultralight below (it is rated at 20˚F), it is somewhat lighter and significantly cheaper. For those who want to lose more weight, feathered friends make the Hummingbird UL (1 lb. 8 oz.) A thin 10-denier shell and a 5 550 premium for another $550.

2. Kelty Cosmic 20

For those who are new to backpackers and those on a budget, Celtic makes cheap gear that delights you with its quality. It’s worth noting that Celtic has updated the cosmic line for 2021, with the main change being slightly lower-fill-power down, and a fairly cheap price tag at just 1.0. Below 3 3 for the regular version, this is our favorite budget down bag for 2021.

Keep in mind that due to the low fill-power down, the Celtic Cosmic isn’t as light or packaged as the more premium options on this list. By spending, the hummingbird with feathers on top offers almost the same amount of warmth for significantly less weight, but it can be three times the price and more brittle. For those looking at their wallets and not counting ounces, it’s hard to lose the value of this Celtic line, which is also offered in the 40-degree and 0-degree versions. It is budget-friendly top-rated best sleeping bag.

3. Nemo Disco 15

Like the slim mummy designs that trim the dimensions for weight loss, Nemo uses the concept of a “spoon” shape at the disco. Attention is paid to comfort: the bag is wider than a normal mummy, especially at the elbows and knees, so slippers and others can move around without restrictions.

The Disco 650-Phil, PFC-free hydrophobic down, uses a waterproof panel around the foot box for extra protection and built-in sleeves for pillows. For ventilation, you get two zippered drink gills ”running long along the top of the bag, and unzipping them creates a deliberate cold spot to let out hot air in hot conditions. It is budget-friendly top-rated best sleeping bag. The biggest disadvantages of Nemo Disco are weight and bulk.

First, the spacious design that turns into an extra room means more fabric and down fill is needed. 2 pounds 11 ounces for regular size, far from disco 15 ultralights. Second, it doesn’t help that Nemo uses a 650-fill down for this bag, which is no doubt mid-range (see 800-fill reef 15 for a lighter but more valuable option). 

4. Western Mountaineering Flylite

Feathery friends set gold standards for premium down products, but Western mountaineering is hot on their heels. Specializing in the following sleeping bags, this San Jose-based company has a complete collection for every type of adventurer, from durable and waterproof expedition bags to featherweight quilts. Flylight here is their premium ultralight offer for through-hikers, fast packers, and weight-conscious mountaineers, clocking in at just 1.3..3 ounces with more than half of the weight dedicated to down fill. 

What sets Flylight apart is the completely confusing construction, which removes the cold stains found in the sewing-through design (a common weight-saving feature in wool bags with Summit Spark in Wool Sea). Using tiny confusions, Western Mountaineering can provide extended insulation without a significant weight bar, making them the lightest yet completely confusing sleeping bag. It is budget-friendly top-rated best sleeping bag

5. Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt

Some ultralights and through-hikers opt for a sleeping silver, which has an open-back design that wraps around your sleeping pad and therefore reduces weight even more. And Silver is the bread and butter of Minnesota-based illuminated equipment, so it’s no surprise to see their enigma at the top of our list for 2021. Front and side of the body.

In addition, illuminated equipment dyes are handmade and can be customized to different sizes, plus you have the option of 850- or 950-fill-down with a full temperature rating. Priced at a reasonable $ 290 for the 30-degree model, Enigma is our top choice for Sleep Silver. We are big fans of sleep pigments for their versatility and weight saving, but they are not the ideal choice for every backpacker.

The backless design makes the hatches hard to bat perfectly in cold weather and without any hood, you don’t forget to pack extra coverage for your head (a beanie or hood down jacket will do). Added, we would be hesitant to take Enigma in winter conditions, although we certainly know who does it. Finally, in the case of most cottage-industry brands, make sure the wait time: Most illuminated equipment is made to order products, which is great for customization, but products from large companies are often available quickly.

6. Feathered Friends Tanager 20 CFL

The Ultralight Sleeping Bag World is full of models that reduce weight with premium down, ultra-thin shell materials, streamline feature sets, and narrow dimensions. The Flylite gets our top pick for its fairly uncompromising design, but the hoodless feathered friend Tanager is an interesting alternative. The result is impressive, to say the least: the 20-degree tanner weighs just 1 pound 2.6 ounces but has plenty of 12.6 ounces of insulation.

Do the math you get 4.9 ounces more in a 4.3-ounce heavy build and it’s warmer for weight than the flighting above. With a zipperless design, lack of hood, and ultra-thin there are a few reasons why Tanner doesn’t get our top UL picks. What’s more, most through-hikers and fast packers won’t enter sub-frozen temperatures, which for some conditions raises Tanager’s warmth a bit (it doesn’t help that you can’t open the bag for ventilation).

But 3-season alpine mountaineers can choose a lot from this purpose-built bag, and these deals are perfect for weight saving. And for a complete mummy design of feathered friends with a zipper, our top hummingbird comes in a UL version, featuring 14-ounce down in a 1-pound 8-ounce build.

7. Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass 15

There are plenty of expensive sleeping bags on the market that use 800-fill-power down or even more, and there are several budget-based synthetic options, but mid-range down offers are surprisingly limited. In this section, we like Mountain Hardware Bishop Pass, which works great by assembling it at a reasonable price. You get a comfortable 26-degree ISO comfort rating at roughly 2 pounds 5.4 ounces, which makes it a little warmer and lighter than the Marmot Southouth below.

And this bag is well built and comfortable, much more than the cheap down bag on this list. At about half the price of a high-end model like the Fifth Friends Hummingbird WiF, we prefer the quality of the Bishop Pass. Keep in mind that the Mountain Hardware Bishop Pass bag helps cut weight by sewing cuts. The regular size for buttock measurements is 53 inches, while the Marmot Southouth and Celtic Cosmic are Rumier at 57 and 58 inches, respectively.

If you’re the side slipper who tosses and turns all night, we suggest choosing one of the above options (or Nemo makes room bags there). But for those who don’t mind cutting trimmer mummies, Bishop Pass is a quality mid-range bag at a good price.

8. REI Co-op Magma 15

The latest Magma 15 is: At $389, you get a premium and warm backpacking bag that is loaded with a 1550 ounce 850-fill down (REI also makes a 30-degree variation for 9 339). On paper, this is fine with top-tier brands but Magma is by no means cheap with less damage to your wallet – Down is the most expensive insulator and for good reason – but and especially with member coupons it’s a solid price. But in reality, REI Magma 15 has some flaws.

It’s hard to determine exactly why, but the variables have something to do with buffer spacing – the buffaloes in the lower half of the body are noticeably wider than the upper half, which can cause our feet and legs to feel a bit cold. In addition, the shell does not match the super-high feel of feathered friends and western mountaineering bags. But you will be under severe pressure to find a good price for weight and warmth, Magma will gain a place at the top of our list.

9. Western Mountaineering UltraLite

The Upper Western Mountaineering Flight is a trim-down ultralight bag for warmer temperatures, but a more versatile and fully-featured alternative to the ultralight brand. In contrast to the minimal flight, you’ll find a wrap-around draft collar, full-length # 5 YKK zipper, and 5-inch down loft. All in all, the long-lasting Ultralight is one of Western Mountaineering’s most popular – backpacking bags of the season, and for good reason.

Compared to the 20-degree version of the Hummingbird YF, a feathered friend at the top, the UltraLite’s 12 deniers (Hummingbird 20D) have a thinner shell, it comes down slightly lower-quality and weighs about 3 ounces more. That said, we think Western mountaineering shell fabrics are a bit softer than feathered friends, which makes the Ultralight arguably the most comfortable as a 20-degree bag on the market. 

10. Nemo Forte 35

Nemo tried to bridge this gap by decorating the fort with relatively compressible PrimaLoft RISE insulation and we think they did a good job overall with bulk cutting. In addition, the bag takes on the generous shape and spaciousness of the popular disco above, subscribing to a 40-degree ISO comfort rating and significantly reducing the price by $ 100 (compared to a 30-degree disco). Despite all the positivity, it’s still a final battle to compare the Nemo Fort to a bottom sleeping bag. At the same temperature rating, a down bag will almost always be lighter and more packaged.

But the big selling point here compared to other synthetics is comfort: the heavy marmot trestles Elite Echo at the bottom is tapered like a traditional themed mummy bag, giving the Forty significantly more space around the elbows and knees. We also like the gills, which allow you to dump heat without unzipping the whole bag, and the included compression sack. After all, Forty isn’t perfect, but it’s another creative option at a good price from Nemo.

11. Big Agnes Sidewinder SL 20

Over the years, Nemo has dominated the market for sleeping bags made for side sleepers, but Big Agnes has come to the plate in 2021 with a new sidewinder. The most notable are the shapes: Big Agnes is 61 inches at the shoulders and 55 inches at the buttocks (Nemo 64 and 59 inches, respectively). It’s hard to argue with the extra space, but the sidewinder clock ounces are on the lower watch (with the same 650-fill down and 30D shell).

And like Nemo, it also has a custom pillow pocket, which keeps your camp pillow (or stuffed down jacket) up all night. With a good number of comfort-related differences, Ficci sleepers may prefer to use both bags before buying, but the Sidewinder is no doubt a great addition to the side-slipper market and priced at just $ 280.

12. Marmot Sawtooth 15

Most sleeping bags within this price range are made for frozen or higher temperatures. But for those who want a little extra warmth during the shoulder season without running cold or breaking the bank, try the Marmot South. This bag is warm, comfortable and offers a nice compromise of 650-fill down 20.8 oz performance and price.

And with the added Down Defender treatment for water resistance, the Sawtooth is a well-thought-out and comfortable backpacking sleeping bag at a reasonable $257. Keep in mind that a 27 degree EN comfort rating is enough for a maximum backpacking shake in the mountains and you may not be able to check the forecast continuously before the trip, but Southworth may be extra for warm summer conditions.

And while it’s not enough insulation for winter camp, marmots are best for those who run cold or go out in the spring and fall. Finally, compared to the Bishop Pass above, the Southooth is a bit heavier and more valuable, although some would appreciate the short zipper on the right for ventilation and can go in and out easily.


Buying sleeping bags combining fraudulent marketing claims, huge numbers of models, and priceless prices is a daunting task. The goal of our extensive testing process and thorough evaluation is to crack the code of the three-season backpacking sleeping bag. Depending on your activity, you may be happy with a special ultralight option or a cheap car-camping model. We hope this review has identified you as the best model for your needs.

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