16 Best Shopping Malls in Bangalore

Although we agree that traditional markets entice their buyers, malls are more important. And in big cities like Bangalore, they offer a stress-free experience like no other. So if you come to visit the city, shop at any popular mall from your hotel in Bangalore, eat out and spend some relaxing time with friends and family. Shopping malls in Bangalore are like a dessert section in a buffet. People keep traveling there. Especially young people who are annoyed sitting in their hostels and PGs. 

If you live in a Stanza Living residence in Bangalore, you already have a great place to hang out with your roommates, eat some delicious food, and stream unlimited movies (thanks, high-speed internet). We take care of you even if you are not a stencil. That’s why we’ve collected the names of these top malls in Bangalore to have a cool day for you. And even if your Stanza Living Residence has more than enough to keep you cool, you know what they say – a little retail therapy never hurts anyone. In this article, we discuss the best shopping malls in Bangalore.

Complete Guide on Shopping Malls in Bangalore

1. Forum Mall, Koramangala

The first shopping mall in Bangalore, Forum Koramangala has its legend. Although it is smaller than other malls in Bangalore, it attracts a lot of crowds every day. Especially frustrated college kids finish their work in the coffee shop in Kalman. And if you’re also frustrated with something, we recommend a cup of their copy Blue Grass. And a virtual flight experience at the Flight 4 Fantasy outlet.

Spread across five floors and filled with students and families to find some fun time while out in the sun, Forum Mall is one of the oldest and most popular shopping malls in Bangalore. It’s great for a shopping spree, browsing books for hours at a huge landmark store, and having coffee at Kalman Coffee for a little leisure time. Take them to the timezone created to delight Manchakins with its interactive recreation center.

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2. VR Bangalore, Whitefield

For all sports junkies, VR Bangalore has the only concept store of Adidas Originals in India. And not only that, the mall regularly hosts farmers ’markets, music gigs and has a full floor for children’s entertainment. Although they don’t call themselves “malls”, VR Bangalore is no doubt one of the best malls in Bangalore that you will ever visit. So good that visiting this mall makes even heavy vehicles on the way to Whitefield worthwhile. The ‘black box on Whitefield Road’ is what the people of the city affectionately call it.

And this awesome ‘space’ is more than just a shopping mall because it’s a boutique hotel, co-working space, a nine-screen multiplex, and of course a huge retail area. Arranged with pubs, cafes, and restaurants, VR Bangalore is a ubiquitous experience that goes beyond other shopping malls in Bangalore. The country’s first Adidas Originals Concept Store, VR Bangalore has a farmers market where you can get new products, an amusement park for kids, and many spas including one of the French brand L’Occitane.  

3. Phoenix Market City

One of the best and largest malls in Bangalore, Phoenix Marketcity offers a great balance of shopping, food, and adventure. In addition to the hundreds of fashion outlets and restaurants that attract so many people here are some non-mall-like things like live performances, art installations, and rock climbing. It’s less of a mall and more of a small town, we have to say. Just as the name suggests.

Phoenix MarketCity is ready to change the shopping and leisure behavior of the people of Bangalore with this world-class shopping center – which has never been seen or experienced anywhere in Bangalore before. Centrally located, the mall also offers many dining options like Copper Chimney and Punjab Bistro or kid-friendly Crispy Cremes and Burger King. Not in the mood to eat? Have a cup of coffee at Starbucks or chill with ice cream from Hagen-Dodge. The stool is spread over a huge area so wear comfortable shoes (or buy a pair here!), And start walking.

4. Mantri Square, Malleswaram

Mantri Square is distinguished from other top malls in Bangalore by the fact that it is directly connected by a single metro. If it’s not impressive enough, it has more than 10,000 brands. Yes, you are right. Oh, and before we forget, a six-screen inks multiplex and India’s largest spare hypermarket. If Minister Square were a minister (minister), he would be the Prime Minister.

This huge mall was designed for shoppers only! One of the largest shopping malls in Bangalore, Mantri Square is spread over 1.3 million square feet (read this again) and has outlets selling more than 10,000 brands. You can get lost here! But if you do, it will be a happy accident because, in addition to the shopping experience, the shop offers a fun six-screen INOX multiplex and a bowling alley. The food court offers several meals to tired shoppers and a gaming corner is happily occupied by children (and often adults).

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5. Inorbit Mall

Inorbiit Mall has something for everyone. Books and stationery on the crossword for your introverted friends. And a unique breakout studio called that awesome place where your whole family can participate. In addition to the typical brand accommodation from Levi and BlackBerry to Global Desi and Pepe Jeans, Inorbit Mall hides some weird little gems like Craft World for contemporary ethnic wear and eclectic handicrafts. You’d love to go here for her family-centric ‘The Awesome Place’, where there’s a playground where kids can go crazy, a cafe where parents can do the opposite. This is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore.

6. 1 MG Mall, Someshwarpura

One of the fancy malls in Bangalore, if you want to humiliate yourself, come here. You can see Da Milano’s Italian leather accessories. You can go to The Tao Terrace for some pan-Asian food. Or actually at any of their restaurants. You now know the perfect mall in Bangalore that can be visited on payday. If you still don’t have enough shopping malls, visit 1MG Mall, one of the best places in Bangalore that offers a stimulating array of dining options.

You can visit the famous Caf Felix with its famous Goan Chorizo ​​Pizza, Fort Kochi for some delicious Malabari food, and the very elegant The Tao Terrace for Pan Asian delicacies. Of course, you can find the best brands of clothing like FellSafe Marks & Spencer, Uber-Chic Promode, and many more. Browse for fun decorating items at The Bombay Store or get some luxury leather goods at Da Milano. One of the attractions of this mall is the Smash, Interactive Sports Entertainment Space.

7. UB City Mall, Ashok Nagar

India’s first luxury mall, UB City is the definition of posh and classy. Louis Vuitton, Barberry, Paul Smith – you name it, they have it. Not only these shops, but this mall also has an art gallery. We acknowledge, for those living in PG, this is a somewhat valuable aspect. With the opening of The Collection, UB City, Bangalore a shopping trip to Europe, which most Indian luxuries needed to make to improve their lifestyle, has become irrelevant.

The luxury retail market in India has suddenly taken a radical turn for the better. The most famous landmark of the city, UB City – Dr. Vijay Mallya and Prestige Group have captured the Indian market in a significant way. Rare rabbits are here, so are Barberry, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, and Canali. One of the most favorite shopping malls in Bangalore, Bank & Waltz in UB City is what they need.

Celebrated as India’s first luxury mall, UB City is everything you dream of. With some of the best luxury brands in the world, UB City Hall is where you get windfall gains or inheritance when you go shopping! And once you are splurged on a L’Occitane product, treat your taste buds to a high-end restaurant in malls like Sanchez, Rasovara, Shiro’s, and Fava. Loud (or don’t!) While enjoying some advanced artwork at the Sublime Gallery

8. Bangalore Central Mall, Bellandur

Bangalore’s Central Mall is a huge hit for all types of shoppers. It is a window buyer, discount chaser, or sophisticated. We mean it. They have all the regular fast-food chains, special discount stores on weekends, and some high-end stores like Gucci, Armani, and Versace. I told you, something for everyone. Bangalore Central Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore.

9. Garuda Mall, Ashok Nagar

Garuda Mall is a beautiful shopping mall in Bangalore. It gets Brownie Point for being located in the center of town. And not in remote Whitefield. With so many options to choose from, Garuda Mall is one of the best places to shop in Bangalore if you want to refresh your wardrobe, shoe rack, and make-up kit.

People visit the mall for some delicious delicacies like delicacies and delicacies. But we suggest you go here to Sree House for screaming-persuasion hours! Zombie attacks, blood-curdling with blood-sucking strangers it’s a spook-fest that you won’t forget! You will come back with a shopping bag full of trendy clothes and a terrific look on your face.

10. Forum Value Mall

Outside with a jungle gym and trampoline, it is one of the best malls in Bangalore to spend the day in a peaceful environment with your siblings and friends. Or if you like your own company, this mall is right for you too. Grab a book and read for hours in the open-air bookstore right in the middle of the mall. This is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore. 

11. Vega City Mall, Bannerghatta

Vega City Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore. When you want to pick up a beautiful dress from H&M. Or when you are in a fine eating mood in Chianti. Maybe work from Starbucks. Or pick up some household items from Super 99. Or maybe do them all. The place you are looking for is Vega City Mall, one of the top malls in Bangalore.

12. Elements Mall, Kasaba Hobli

Elements Mall is known for two things – its range of technology stores, and a playground for kids. When kids run into each other in remote-controlled cars or get on a red bus, adult 8-year-olds shop at Reliance Digital or Applecare without bothering, constantly wanting ice cream. Not surprisingly, this shopping mall in Bangalore is very popular with children. And more so for their parents.

13. Gopalan Mall, Bannerghatta Road

Gopalan Mall facilities are by no means old-fashioned. We are not just talking about the international brands available there. But their high-quality bowling alley and gaming zone are always packed even on weekends. Also, we cannot forget their famous Gopalan multiplex. And it’s a more famous matinee show. This is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore.

14. Leela Galleria Old Mall, Airport Road

Leela Galleria Old mall is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore. This is one of our favorite shopping malls in the town. And they insist on staying at The Leela Palace Hotel. Then you don’t have to worry about taking them to a shopping mall in town. Leela Galleria, the hotel mall is luxurious, glamorous, and very high quality. From cashmere stalls to designer sarees to fancy jewelry, the mall has everything for your high-maintenance guest.

15. Ascendas Park Square Mall, Whitefield

Any mall can have a denim brand and food joint. But not all malls have huge music stores with thousands of albums. Well, lucky for you, Ascendant stools. Even lucky for those working in international tech parks. They can go to the mall every day during lunch break. Maybe for an album of sad songs when they don’t get their promotion. Or maybe expressing their anger towards their dictatorial boss for the Death Metal album.

16. Esteem Mall, Hebbel

Esteem Mall is one of the largest malls in Bangalore. It has three huge floors filled with all your favorite indie brand retail stores. We especially recommend checking out the huge collection at FabIndia. Esteem Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Bangalore.


Located on the southern tip, Bangalore is the third-largest city in India. Bangalore has been crowned as the most captivating place due to its beautiful aesthetics. One can easily recreate a whole palette of greens because of the city leaves. Due to the rich recreational background of the city, one can do a lot in Bangalore. If you are someone who inspires a passion for pleasant weather and great lakes, you must head over heels for this city. You get complete information about the best shopping malls in Bangalore.

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