20 Best Restaurants in Mumbai to Hangout

Often hailed as the country’s “highest city”, Mumbai is not disappointed when it comes to working with taste buds. The local gastronomic scene – including the street food stalls that sustain more than half the population – is really impressive: the regional gourds and spots the joints hope to bring to culinary life at the current “dessert table”. Other Highlights: Himshim Portuguese-Goan Restaurant, Immigrant Percy Community Cafes Serve Crispy Brun Masks (Toasted Bun), and Traditional Theme Indian Rentals that will tickle all your senses.

1. The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel

Paying respect to the new lodges of Bombay, Floyd Cardoz’s most recent endeavor: The Bombay Canteen structured like an old Bombay home with verandas, a focal feasting territory, and a high roof. The menu here separated into Chota (hors-d’oeuvres), Bada (mains), Patiala (large plates) and flask lunch (uncommon lunch menu).

Each dish here is propelled from local Indian toll and conveyed to your table with an additional bend (pork ribs presented with theplas, arbi put together Shivpuri thus for). Old works of art like eggs benedict (named Kejriwal Toast) and dabeli (Bombay-style road sustenance) taste new and reviving.

2. Shamiana, Colaba

Shamiana was the initial 24-hour bistro in Mumbai, and it opened its way to the clients in 1973. The eatery which once overflowed an elitist pioneer vibe has reestablished into a progressively Indian-style dinner with curtains from Saurashtra and Rajasthan.The servers here too are wearing easygoing Indian garments (pajama-kurta). The live kitchen and treat counter add buzz to the general smoothness of the eatery.

The menu brags of multi-cooking admission including a Taj Autograph menu (a melange of mark dishes from Taj Hotels around the globe), Bombay-style road sustenance and European solace nourishment. The eatery is a mainstream buffet setting, yet requesting from the special menu may demonstrate happier. The strong Kheema Pao, hot Mutton Hamburger, Prawn Patio and Pav Bhaji are a couple of victors from the list.victors from the menu.

3. Masque, Mahalaxmi

In a period where most eateries are shocked by the veneer of sub-atomic gastronomy and combination food, Masque remains consistent with the roots. The eatery has a ranch to-table idea that trumps herbal bistronomy, and good eating. Masque’s gourmet specialist Prateek Sadhu has made a massive system of natural and conventional agriculturists to buy nearby create and meat from, concentrating entirely on best regular fixings and marking the experience ‘from seed to table. The menu here keeps always advancing and changing, yet the taste stays natural and valid.

4. O Pedro, BKC

The far-reaching and agreeable vibe of O Pedro spells bonhomie and is well-suited for unwinding and getting a charge out of a beverage. The lively stylistic layout of the spot with a glass exterior involving stick seats, indoor plants, and quieted hues immediately enamors you with its appeal.

The eatery roused by Catholic, Hindu Saraswat and Portuguese cooking styles of Goa. The center menu adheres to its legitimate roots, yet periodic dishes offer some little innovativeness and advancement in taste. The hearty Chicken Bafta Curry is reminiscent of home flavors and prescribed.

5. Dakshinayan, Juhu

Albeit more significant and more far-reaching than its Walkeshwar outlet, Dakshinayan’s Juhu branch keep up the legitimate taste of its veggie-lover Tamilian dishes. The stylistic theme of the spot is oversimplified, with top marble tables and agreeable cowhide settees. The menu here is very reasonable (the standard cost for dishes being Rs 70). The Tamilian charge at Dakshinayan made to flawlessness, with fluffy firm idlis, tart lemon sevai, flavorsome Bisi Bele Bhaath, Thayir Sadam and increasingly authentic dishes.

6. Masala Library, Bandra

Masala Library has pushed the wilderness of Indian toll by mixing it with sub-atomic gastronomy. As far back as its origin, the eatery has earned incredible notoriety for serving stunning present-day Indian nourishment with a contemporary wind. They have the most significant wine basement in the nation, and there are not many that can coordinate the models of the food that they make.

The mind-boggling spicing and exact cooking lead to contemporary works of art that brag of layers of differentiating flavors and surfaces. They don’t merely introduce nourishment, and they make quality on a plate.

7. Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel

Punctured pastel-shaded walls, huge padded settees, and an all-around supplied bar: Farzi Cafe is a striking bistro where you can move on a Saturday night and have a casual feasting background on a Monday evening. The staff at Farzi is magnificent and can enable you to out with every dish on the menu. The administration is energetic. The Farzi Cafe menu centers around sub-atomic gastronomy, serving Pan-Indian admission with a cutting edge contact and introduction at reasonable costs.

8. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Marine Lines

Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar is a notable goal among meat darlings in the city, yet it is their delicious biryani that gains them a spot on our rundown of the best eateries in Mumbai. The biryani here (accessible with lamb, chicken, eggs or prawns) is an ideal mix of long white rice grains, smoked meat pieces, and fragrant flavors, toppings and herbs.

Each chomp of the biryani leaves an enduring engraving on your taste buds. Jaffer Bhai’s succulent oven flame-broiled kebab and tikkas have likewise set a benchmark of unfaltering quality and taste.

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9. Ling’s Pavilion, Colaba

Ling’s Legacy can be followed the route back to 1945. The eatery, which was then a Chinese area joint, has now turned into an acclaimed frequent for the admirers of bona fide Chinese cooking in the city. It controlled by the third era owners of Baba Ling and Nini Ling, and they have managed to keep the eatery’s validness flawless by adhering to the original style of arrangements.

The eatery imports a lot of their fixings from Thailand and China or sources them from Sikkim and Darjeeling to keep the nature of their dishes bona fide.

10. Wasabi By Morimoto, Colaba

Wasabi By Morimoto directs all eateries in the city with regards to Asian cooking. The eatery, a brainchild of cook Masaharu Morimoto, is a vibrant showcase of style and advancement (both in stylistic layout and sustenance). Wasabi’s stylistic theme is a blend of conventionalism and contemporary polish. It located into a sushi counter, Tepinyaki counter, and a Tamati room.

The nourishment draws motivation from Marimoto’s Nobu days, re-presenting old top choices, for example, Rock Shrimp Tempura and Black Cod. As a large portion of the fixings sent from Tokyo, Japan, France and Korea, the nature of the sustenance here is profoundly genuine.

11. The Table

Offering some of the best European and Continental cuisine in the city, The Table ranks among the best restaurants in Mumbai. Located in South Mumbai, the atmosphere and aura, as well as its interior (the place is decorated with mezzanine floors) will take your dining experience to new heights. So if you can splurge a bit (and every once in a while you’re allowed to do it), we’ll give you their delicious zucchini spaghetti, their lip-smoking boneless chicken wings, their flavored cheese gaggers, and their irresistible charcoal-grilled chicken.

12. Kofuku, Vikhroli

If you’ve been craving some sushi (or just Japanese food in general) lately, but finding a restaurant that seems incredibly challenging to you that will give you a real taste of Japanese food, Kofuku is where you need to go. Located on the 6th floor of the Suburban Mall, the restaurant is equipped with a platform table, a long bar, and even a private area for large group dining. Add to that the perfect variety of Japanese food they can offer including Miso Shiru Soup, Tofu Salad, Seafood Kakiyaz, Squid Tempura, Variety of Yaki-Mono Foods and Their Signature.

13. Pan Asian

As the name suggests, one of the famous restaurants in Mumbai is the delicious, innovative, and tasteful Pan-Asian cuisine. It’s their lip-smacking Chinese offerings (Beijing Roast Dak and Stirred Fried Chili Bean Chicken Absolute Hit), their delicious Japanese food (especially their Japanese style dumplings and Japanese white noodles), or their delicious Thai food (including lemongrass shrimp and Thai).

Salad), you’ll love dining here. We also like how innovative and vibrant their interiors are, the three interactive settings reflect the three popular dishes they are given. And although the cost may be a little higher for two, you won’t mind scattering food here because the food, the service, and the environment are all valuable.

14. Salt Water Café

Salt Water Cafe is the place where you should go if you are in the mood for some live music, sitting outside, and good food. In short, it makes for a candlelight dinner or a simple dinner date for a perfect restaurant in Mumbai. Their menu is full of delicious and tasteful European and Italian food, their smoked Spanish paprika chicken burgers, pan-fried John Dory, fluffy omelet, mango duck salad, and shrimp ravioli are absolute favorites. And for the wine lovers out there, you can get your hands on some unlimited sangria during the fun time (11 am to noon) from Monday to Friday! When we recommend their Bandra branch, you can also visit their Churchgate outlet.

15. Chakra Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for some good food or get an important date for dinner, you can’t check the rain, but kind of break down because it’s the end of the month, so the cycle makes a great budget-friendly option, especially if you’re eating seafood or Tasted North Indian food. While the interior and atmosphere may not give exactly the five-star atmosphere, the dishes here make for the most interesting and tasteful food. Labbdar will force you to come back even more. Considering all the lip-smacking kebabs and tikkas they serve, it wouldn’t be wrong to debut the chakra with the title of one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Mumbai.

16. Satkar Rice Plate House

If seafood for you is what Timur is for the paparazzi, inseparable and irresistible, then you should immediately find out the time to go to Satkar Rice Plate House. It is probably one of the top restaurants in Mumbai for those who are in the mood to eat some authentic Maharathrian seafood. Its interior space or location will not allow you to bypass this underrated gem, as the food you are going to eat here will be a neutral treat for your taste buds. After all, their crab masala, malvani biryani, pomfret fish curry, and shrimp masala are an absolute highlight, as is the fact that you can enjoy a good time here without worrying about your budget.

17. Cafe Royal

Founded in 1919, Cafe Royal has something for everyone. For example, if you’re a movie fan, you’ll love the interior of this place (especially the walls that depict iconic movie stars). As far as food is concerned, they serve an interesting Italian, North Indian, continental and Mexican cuisine. Some of our favorites include their Crunchy Peppered Prince, Fish Hazaravi Tikkas, Almond Broccoli Soup, Mexican Beef Chili, and Butter Garlic Fish.

And if you like to feast on a sizzler, you must order their Pilot Mignon Steak Sizzler (an underrated and hidden gem in their recognized impressive menu). All the sizzler lovers out there will be incredibly happy to know that they let you customize and make your sizzler (vegetable, sauce, side, and of course the steak itself).

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18. Sammy Sosa

Located in Andheri West, Sammy Sosa is a cowboy-style Tex-Mex restaurant that will make you feel like an American Westerner. The best restaurant in Mumbai to enjoy authentic Mexican food, you need to order their steak with vegetables, Whacko Tacos, Chachos Nachos, Ranchado Chicken, Cilantro Rice with Peri-Peri Chicken, and vegans there. And if you love your beer as much as your food, you’ll be glad they’ve saved more than 30 imported beers (including an Amigos Tequila-flavored variant, made with experimental flavors) and Aztec Native with European drinking tradition. Sure to increase. We’re sure you won’t even hear about half of the beer imported into Sammy Sosa, which creates a truly unique and memorable experience.

19. Global Fusion

If you’re in the mood to dine in a place that will serve you a Pan-Asian buffet with an amazing and fun selection of different dishes (including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian), then Global Fusion is where you should be beheaded. Their lunch buffet is served from 12 noon to 3:30 pm and the dinner buffet is served from evening to noon. We recommend you eat their sushi, dumplings, and their teriyaki shrimp.

While you may believe that dining here will be a little higher, considering that you will enjoy everything you can eat at the buffet at that price, it is an incredibly affordable trip. And the icing on the cake? Amazing dessert buffet which is an absolute treat for everyone suffering from sweet teeth.

20. Britannia & Company Restaurant

The Britannia & Company Restaurant is not only one of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai (which brings an incredibly rich heritage date), but it is also the best place in town for you to enjoy some Persian food. Their berry pulaus (which is specially made using sour berries brought from Iran) and leafless flies (fish fried with green coconut sauce) are already famous throughout the city, but we also have their raspberry soda, fried Bombay duck, khima biryani, and egg spice. Not only is the serving and authentic Percy food served here that puts Britannia & Company on the bucket list of every food item, it’s the environment and the interior that reflects the charm of old school Bombay, it almost feels like you’ve had a secret time capsule in Mumbai.


Mumbai is a terrible place. There are 22 million people here. The population density averages 21,000 people per square kilometer. It is crowded and noisy and full of traffic jams – endless dams of smoke and car horns – torture. Inequality is deep and inevitable. Some have succeeded. Many more have failed. But they all brought their food. Overwhelmed by the dreaded fear of intestinal pain, for the first time many visitors come to the city with limited caution in paranoia, a foolish way to feel the place determined by his crazy passion for stupid gambling.

This list of essential experiences is not exhaustive it focuses on the historic southern and central suburbs where visitors can spend at their remote, and increasingly populated, suburban cost yet it offers a cross-section to many of the city’s tighter communities. The world to live in close. Because India’s greatest metropolis eats it when its chaotic, democratic best.

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