20 Best Camping Places in Uttarakhand

“Land of Gods Uttarakhand” The home to several highly-revered Hindu shrines. And where the range of mountains spread its arms, you recognize there’s an excess of adventures to dive in. This, like several alternative range regions, is nothing but a paradise for campers, trekkers, and alternative adventure-enthusiasts. Everyone Know that These are the best Camping places in Uttarakhand

Summer is that the excellent time in the Republic of India to happen your long unreal set up of exploring a brand new place. It’s conjointly the best season to travel rafting, bivouacking and trekking within the rough region. If we tend to cite Uttarakhand, there are many places to get pleasure from journey activities alongside bivouacking.

The green rolling mountains, the thick forests, productive life, journey activities, and healthful climate decision aloud to people who want to expertise one thing over usual. Summer bivouacking in Uttarakhand is simply the correct factor to form your summer vacation unforgettable.

1. Shivpuri

Shivpuri, sixteen metric linear units from Rishikesh, could be a hub of campers and adventure-seekers. The camps are settled on the white-sand watercourse beach, by the Ganges River on one facet and its tributary on the opposite. Jungle walks, kayaking, volleyball, watercourse rafting, climb, jungle trekking, rope jumping, and alternative such journey look you.

And once you merely need to unwind around the fire, the soothing gurgles of the watercourse and chirps of gorgeous birds can keep you company. From fundamental to luxury tents, you’ve got choices to decide. You may notice the accommodation and packages that may best suit you.

2. Sattal

The name Sabbatumtal springs from 2 words Sat (seven) and Tal (lakes), due to its interconnected cluster of seven lakes. British rulers dotted four regions of Kumaon, and this happens to be one in each of them. Practice woods and you’d encounter a refreshing venue dotted with tents and wherever individuals indulged in several activities. Within the camps of Sattal, the organizers offer an opportunity to undertake your hands on fishing, rappelling, kayaking, trekking, etc.

Settled in Kumaon hills, the cluster of seven lakes, Sattal makes an ideal place for a family vacation. Enclosed by green leaf and rolling mountains, Sattal could be a picturesque place to be. Unlike, its neighbor Nainital, Sattal is tucked off from the scope of exploitation and therefore offers a tranquil and peaceful ambiance that’s apt for bivouacking. Throughout bivouacking at Sattal, one will go hiking within the forest, go bird look and if lucky one may sight muntjac grazing in woods.

3. Jharipani (Mussoorie)

Probably the most uncomplicated read of Doon depression may well be savored from Jharipani. This is a perfect location for nature-lovers and quirky travelers. Star-gazing because the fireflies peep peace into the guts, and that’s what Jharipani is all regarding.

From waterproof Swiss tents to basic ones, camping-accommodation offered. Several of the tents offer connected bogs, hot running, and cold water, sit-outs, and garden. Alternative activities to undertake in and around Jharipani Falls ar paragliding, rafting, horse hunting expedition, trekking, etc.

4. Rishikesh

An incautious vacation in Uttarakhand includes bivouacking in Rishikesh. I mean what proportion higher will it get than bivouacking on the banks of the watercourse Ganga? Rishikesh is additionally one in every of the few places in Uttarakhand, wherever you’ll be able to notice white sand.

Conjointly throughout bivouacking in Rishikesh, one has the chance to travel for foam watercourse rafting, trekking, rappelling, rope jumping, fox flying and plenty of alternative similar journey activities. The balefire in the dead of night conjointly adds to the fun of bivouacking here.

5. Kanatal

Located around thirty-eight metric linear unit off from Mussoorie, Kanatal could be a small village, which could be an excellent alternative for an out of doors camp keep in Uttarakhand. It is settling at Associate in Nursing altitude of 2590 meter on top of the ocean level, Capitol Hill station endued with wealthy abundant forests with a range of multi-colored flowers and fruit trees.

Capitol Hill station is settled off from the hustle-bustle of town and provides you a tranquil and peaceful ambiance; therefore, you’ll be able to observe yoga conjointly, select trekking or nature walks.

6. Chopta

Chopta is one in every of the foremost common bivouacking destinations in the Republic of India, that could be a part of Kedarnath life Sanctuary and conjointly the bottom for trek path to Tungnath. The great unspoiled thing about this charming hill station offers the read of the conspicuous range ranges as well as Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi and Trishul. This is the best camping place in Uttarakhand.

Throughout bivouacking, one will head out for a few fascinating treks like Chandrashila, Tungnath, Deoria Tal and Dodi Tal. Whenever you visit Chopta for summer bivouacking, don’t miss the possibility to travel for trekking, to complete your holidays in Chopta.

7. Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal, alongside Bedni Bugyal, is among the few most abundant meadows in Garhwal Mountain regions because the winter knocks within the city get born-again into a ski destination. several common trekking destinations of Uttarakhand are in shut proximity with this city like Morsuna and Gidara Bugyal, and so this happens to be a well-liked base camp space among trekkers. So, you’ll be able to notice bivouacking accommodation naturally and in the budget.

8. Tons River

In the Jaunsar Bawar region, Tons river offers itself as a perfect place to camping in Uttarakhand. Alert at the height of 3000m on top of the water level, and this depression has a number of the first picturesque places to witness. If truth be told, Dehradun and Chakrata are also the vicinities of this depression. The depression is densely wooded with pine, deodar, oak, chestnut, jaamun, shrub, and birch.

Here, you’ll be able to get pleasure from hiking, and nature walks, fishing and birds look. Also, one has the chance to witness a unique culture in some elements of the depression, wherever rather than the Pandavas, and the Kauravas idolized as gods.

9. Deoria Tal

For the journey buffs, bivouacking at Deoriatal in summer will be the most straightforward plan. Settled off the road from Mastura and saree Village at a distance of 3kms, Deoria Tal is one place that has got to be visited once in a very period.

It’s Associate in an isolated Nursing place, with a crystal clear lake at the center; the background with the mighty covered Chaukhamba Mountains. On a clear-sky day, one will see the reflection of the massive high mountains within the lake water, creating the place ever lovely.

Trekking is that the sole thanks to reaching Deoria Tal Associate Nursing it’s an uphill climb all the manner. There are many summer camps organized close to it, that conjointly provide you with the chance to explore the close areas yet.

10. Pangot

Located at area thirteen metric linear unit from the Lake-town of Nainital, Pangot is an Associate in Nursing another summer bivouacking spot for camp lovers. The most attraction of this place is that the birds found here, one may decide it a bird watchers’ paradise, wherever you’ll be able to notice 580 species of birds. So these things make it one of the famous Camping places in Uttarakhand.

11. Nainital

Nainital is one of the best hill stations in India which is also famous for camping. Its pear-shaped lakes and natural beauty have made it an attractive destination for travelers around the world. There are camp and tent accommodation arrangements that allow you to feel close to nature.

In addition to camping, there are several activities where you can take part, such as trekking, rock climbing, paragliding, hiking, etc. Adventure sports in Nainital are available on a budget that is a must for everyone.

12. Corbett

Corbett is one of the few popular national parks in India that provides accommodation within the reserve. Thanks to the ecotourism areas there are several accommodation options to choose from which make it an extremely popular camping spot.

You can rent not only luxury safari-style but also cottage camps. While soaking in nature, you can take a safari through the tiger or even indulge yourself in an exciting elephant safari. Spend your leisure time watching the birds and enjoy most of the beauty that surrounds this camping area.

13. Auli

Auli, a popular tourist spot located in Auli at an altitude of 200 feet, is located in the Chamoli district. The place is located at an altitude of 8,200 feet in the Himalayas and attracts tourists for camping. In addition to camping, the surrounding snow-capped mountains make it a popular ski destination among adventure hunters.

It is a meadow that is conical and surrounded by oak trees while presenting an exciting view of the Himalayas. Camping provides an exciting experience, especially since the environment has it set up. You can also indulge in the jungle at night to get a thrilling experience.

14. Dhanaulti 

Dhanaulti is another hill station that offers a great view of the glaciers in the vicinity of Gangotri-Yamunotri. The place is surrounded by oak, cedar, and rhododendron trees. It provides luxurious tents that are comfortable and allow you to feel comfortable.

While camping, you can immerse yourself in adventure sports such as rappelling, jeep swinging, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, and forest trails. This is a great place to set up your camp because it is clean and allows you to take a break from the monotonous city life.

15. Binsar

Binsar is known as the Crown Gem of the Kumaon Mountains, located near the ancient Silk Route, surrounded by oak, rhododendrons, the perfect home for biodiversity. You can set up adventure camps that offer a variety of opportunities. It is a great place in the middle of nature, giving you a thrilling camping experience. There are several camping facilities that you can enjoy.

16. Nag Tibba

If you are looking for a nearby place for self-camping in Uttarakhand, there can be no better option than Nag Tibba which is perfect for a weekend getaway. Resting at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, camping at Nag Tibba allows you to see the most beautiful views of the Himalayan mountains like Kala Nag, Swargohini, Gangotri, and Srikantha.

In addition to this, you must catch the sunset during your camping here as it provides pictures of the perfect landscape. You can go to this place with your friends for adventure camping in Uttarakhand.

17. Bisurital

Resting at an altitude of 4000 m, Bisurital is located at an altitude of Mandakini valley. Located near Chopta, it is an extraordinary and hidden location in Uttarakhand. This lake can be visited by trekking at least 60 kilometers, the highest point of Bisuri Dhar altitude. Surrounded by green forests and waterfalls, it is a real paradise of nature.

18. Naukuchiatal

The place is named after a nine-cornered lake located at an altitude of 1220 m above sea level in the Nainital district. The lake is 1 km long and 40 m deep and is therefore considered to be the deepest lake in Nainital. Surrounded by mysterious and green valleys, people visit this lake to enjoy a different experience of boat travel, boating, and paddling.

19. Mukteshwar

It is a wonderful place to visit in Uttarakhand which is located at an altitude of 2,255 meters above sea level. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, this place is famous for its 350-year-old temple called Mukteshwar Dham where Lord Shiva resides. Apart from being a famous religious place, this place is an ideal place for camping in Uttarakhand.

20. Har Ki Dun Trek

Resting at an altitude of 3566 meters, Har Ki Dun Govinda Vallabh Pant is in the shape of a swing right in the middle of the national park. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, this place is known for its incredible trekking trips. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Har Ki Dun is undoubtedly one of the best trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. Some of the famous activities hosted here are bird watching, photography, trekking, and camping.


Uttarakhand is a beautiful state in northern India that was once part of Uttar Pradesh. Although mountains cover 70 % of the state, Uttarakhand has a diverse landscape consisting of high mountain peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, meadows, meadows, and forests.

Although the combination of rock and ice has higher altitudes, the lower elevations are more tolerable and contain pine forests. Check them out for a smoother experience. Before pitching your tent, make sure you are familiar with your gear and have gone through tutorials on how to pitch it.

Make a checklist of everything so you don’t miss out on essentials. Getting to camp early is always a good idea so you can get to know the area and choose where to put your tent. Make sure you plan your meals properly and buy all the necessary ingredients in advance. Bring enough clothes for your camping experience, not too much or too little.

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