Best Cafes in Delhi to Spend Some Quality Time

Whether it’s your love of coffee, your search for some solitude, your desire to spend some quality time with your loved ones, your need to have some fun with your friends, or just a place to offer an interesting meal, Delhi has it all. Looking for a romantic cafe in Delhi to take your special someone out? Maybe a nice rooftop cafe in Delhi for peace with your relatives? Well, whatever you are looking for, you can find it in this list. While we’re not a fan of going out to eat every day (all Stanza Living residences in Delhi have evidence of our home-cooked food), we also understand that it’s important to be unwelcome. 

Especially when you are spending too much time at your study table. And since we’re feeding some young people like you at Stanza Living, we know what you like. Or don’t. And we know for sure that you will like the places we have selected in our list of the best cafes in Delhi. Read about them. Make a note of them, and commit their memory. So the next time you want to eat a piece of earthen pie at your PG or hostel, finding a cafe will be a piece of cake. 

1. Cha Bar, Connaught Place

The tea bar at Library Cam Cafe, CP is one of the best cafes in Delhi for bookworms where you can grab a book, choose a comfortable place and eat the food of your choice. The impressive interiors complement the soothing aura with a simple white and blue decor and serene atmosphere making it one of the best beautiful cafes in Delhi that is a must-read. Here you can find all kinds of books from history to fantasy to biography. Speaking of their menu, they have about 60 different types of tea, ice cream, and ban kebabs, fish n chips, chicken shawarma wrapping, smoked barbecue sausage, and muffins among other dishes that make the tea bar the best – Rounder Book Cafe in Delhi. 

2. Hard Rock Cafe

As the name implies, (and every Delhi resident already knows) Hard Rock Cafe is where someone loses their head when there is some fog, soul-satisfying music, unlimited wine, and delicious burgers! Their playlist is always wonderful and if you’re lucky, you can catch some famous bands there like local trains in the evenings. The reason for the music, drinks, and food options is that the place is constantly getting higher and higher in the list of the best cafes in Delhi.

3. Hauz Khas Village Cafe

If you are looking for a beautiful cafe in Delhi just to talk about coffee then this is the right place for you. Ignoring the green vegetables of Hauz Khas village, Imperfecto is one of the best offbeat cafes in South Delhi that attracts pedestrians with its unique look and impeccable sense of character and style. This is the perfect dining spot for bird lovers and your group of friends. Wooden furnishings, exotic food, comfortable and serene installations, and a veranda on HKV’s castle and green surface, Imperfecto is Delhi’s best rooftop cafe for those looking for more than just good food.

4. Nukkad Cafe

Located in the extreme “nook” (corner) of the SDA market, this place will always delight you with its quaint, rustic themes, twinkling fairy lights, dim lights, and of course food. You are guaranteed to fall in love with everything on your plate and in your mouth. From pizza, minced pav, fries, pasta, chili chicken, fried sandwiches, chipotle chicken tikka to their steaming basil tea, the weird menu of this rooftop cafe in Delhi will make you come back even more. 

5. Rose Cafe

One of the best cafes in Delhi for couples, Rose Cafe overwhelms people with its beautiful surroundings. With beautiful shades of pastel pink and bright blue, the ceilings are decorated with pretty lamps, with the right lighting to set the mood, Rose Cafe Delhi is arguably the best cafe in Delhi for couples. So, the next time you think you are taking your daughter on a date that she will never forget, this is where you should go! Be sure to use their heavenly espresso cake.

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6. Diggin Cafe

A fabulous place with well-appointed French windows, green gardens, fancy colorful birdcages, and beautiful vibrancy, Digin is one of the most romantic cafes in Delhi that has taken the Insta-worthy tag to a whole new level. The cafe replicates those rustic European cafes with a perfectly natural environment and great scenery. 

7. Di Ghent Cafe

A great breakfast or a good weekend brunch? Don’t worry. They got it all! Not too spacious, but the popular De Ghent Cafe will make every moment you spend here worthwhile. Serving some of the best coffee in Delhi, De Ghent is known for its warm, serene atmosphere, great location, and sophisticated atmosphere, which will ensure your romantic date a huge success due to which it is one of the top cafes in Delhi. ! From a classic range of soups, salads, and waffles, De Ghent ensures that it serves the most authentic flavors on your plate and with an admirable taste it makes it one of the best cafes in Delhi.

8. Cherie Cafe

One of the best cafes in South Delhi, this delightful place is the famous cafe in Delhi for couples who do not mind eating expensive food on special dates. Carefully designed by acclaimed architect Lucy Salon, Cherry has a wonderful interior that will melt your bay’s heart in an instant. Soft lighting, ethnic food, exotic drinks, and live musical performances are perfect for celebrating a romantic evening with your partner.

9. Soho Bistro & Cafe

One of the best cafes in South Delhi, Soho Bistro and Cafe is rapidly climbing the ladder of gastronomical competition in the city. This deep beautiful, dim light, tastefully curated with a modern atmosphere can draw an impressive crowd in Saket’s Glam Alley. In addition to appearances, their delicious menu sent to heaven also speaks to the public. Soho’s delicious international cuisine is the next big thing in Delhi which is quickly spreading its silent sound appeal to the food-loving population of Delhi. What else do you need from the best cafe in Delhi?

10. Cafe Lota

Set in a craft museum, a diverse cafe offers excellent modern, regional and Indian food that is going to satisfy all your hunger pangs, and believe it or not, it is one of the top cafes in Delhi. This Artis Cafe also makes a perfect date night place where you can marvel at the intricate interior or wander around the enchanting village-themed museum.

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11. Triveni Terrace Cafe

Minimalist Terrace Cafe serves as a casual hangout spot for a date or one of the most spectacular cafes in Delhi due to the hearty Indian snacks with friends and a fresh cup of coffee. This hidden gem has a simple charm and greenery all around you that adds to your dining experience.

12. All American Diner

The cafe has a jukebox that plays floral tunes and is decorated with red leather-covered seats, and the menu includes a variety of shakes, burgers, waffles, and fluffy pancakes. You can enjoy an early breakfast rush at the cafe as it opens around 7:00 am.

13. Café Wink

You will find some of the best food in the city at one of the cheapest cafes in Delhi and this is their specialty. The cafe has rustic decor and features a well-appointed and well-appointed interior. This is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy the fun.

14. Pearl Boutique Bakery Cafe

If you want to enhance your day with some delicious desserts then this cozy and great cafe is the perfect place. One of these famous cafes in Delhi serves the best variety of cakes and pastries with a delicious shake. You can enjoy great food at the place and have a great time at the cafe.

15. Xero Degrees

Located in Connaught Place, one of the smallest and cheapest cafes in Delhi, it is a great place to hang out with friends. The cafe serves delicious food that you can enjoy during your travels. 

16. The Blue Parrot Café

One of these elegant and famous cafes in Delhi is built inside a hotel and it is a coffee shop. The shop is furnished with wooden furniture including Italian, North Indian, and other rich-flavored dishes. This cafe is a great place to enjoy a fun time with friends.

17. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

Born out of the love of all Delhiites to try the novel experience (especially in terms of food), Patbeli Rooftop Cafe is the most notable rooftop cafe and one of the best cafes in Delhi for friends. Unique Bihari cuisine with scenery, decor, atmosphere, comfort, and a twist! Dedicated to making your winter evenings much more comfortable and fun, you shouldn’t miss Potbelly if your stomach wants some delicious litty chowder!

18. Amalfi, GK II

If your soul desires some good, soothing music then go to Amalfi for some sweet melody in your ear. Though a little on the expensive side, Amalfi will pay every penny spent with its wonderfully crafted decor, quiet environment, comfortable roof seats, friendly staff, and finger-licking food. 

19. Delhi Heights Cafe

Their powder comes in three flavors with plenty of whole wheat or plain flour – banana and seasonal fruit chantilly toffee cream, cherries, and berries, chocolate chips, cheese, and sweet potatoes, each bite of which is a delightfully sweet delight. . When you are in Delhi Heights, don’t forget to taste one of the best coffee in Delhi.

20. Big Yellow Door

You will know when you see it! The imperfect, crooked yellow door that brings you to this cafe smells of aromatic herbs and coffee makes it one of the funniest places in Delhi! A hotspot for all college-going kids in Delhi, it has become a popular hangout among all Hudson Lane cafes and is one of the pocket-friendly cafes in Delhi that has become a statement landmark in the Satya Niketan area. The best part – it serves the most delicious food at the lowest prices between warm interiors and great music (not like those shady restaurants).

21. Raasta Cafe

Want to show off your singing talent? The raasta is one of the best cafes in Delhi’s House Khas for a karaoke night. Their solid DJs and acoustic gigs simultaneously attract party-goers to Delhi every day which makes it one of the top social cafes in House Khas. Another thing that attracts people here is the amazing choice of Caribbean food different from elsewhere in the NCR. With some normal music rental in the back, also listed in the list of best cafes in Delhi for street couples and friends.

22. Farzi Cafe

Only the name Farzi (fake), the cafe itself is 100% authentic, and wonderful and no doubt one of the most spectacular cafes in Delhi! This relaxed cafe mixes well-known flavors to experiment with and puts it in a completely unexpected shell on your plate every time. Tempura fried shrimps with their amazing Pearl-G cheesecakes and foam are perfect examples! Their ‘detox’ chasalai, sweet cocktails, favorite desserts, and fusion dishes make it one of the best cafes in central Delhi.

23. The Hudson Cafe, GTB Nagar

The most popular of the affordable cafes in Delhi, The Hudson Cafe is a big hit among college students, school kids, and everyone else because of its great Orio Shakes and Red Velvet Cakes. Attractive decor with ornate mirrors on the roof and captivating wall art, the beautifully crafted interiors of Hudson Caf are quite attractive which attracts people here. Don’t go without using their lasagna and so delicious red velvet cake. This is truly a must-visit place in Delhi with your traveling friends.

24. Hauz Khas Social

They have earned their place as one of the best cafes in the house khas because of their world-class work, super consistent quality, tempting cocktails, great music, and the most wonderful atmosphere that will make you want to stay here forever. If you haven’t been there before, you’ve got a glimpse of this glamorous and elegant place of the Bollywood swarm “joke”. In addition to being one of the rocking cafes in South Delhi, Social is a dynamic workplace that attracts office-goers and freelancers to work and is in search of a peaceful environment.

25. Rico’s Cafe

The best books, and the best coffee – a wonderful combination, don’t you think? The most expensive item on their menu is only 200 / -, which makes this place a great option for young and college kids. Be sure to try the great chili cheese fingers offered here among the most affordable cafes in Delhi.

26. Ivy & Bean Cafe

The Book of the Week, is a hit among Delhi’s young, literary-loving population, as well as their mouth-watering snacks, making it one of the best cafes in Delhi. Not just readers, Ivy & Bean is also one of the best book cafes in Delhi for working professionals and freelancers who can use this secluded place for work, courtesy of high-end WiFi.

27. Cafeteria & Co

If a list of the best cafes in Delhi had been prepared, Cafeteria & Co would have been at the top. Don’t go looking at them. This cafe will be as attractive for your eyes and taste buds as it will be for your wallet. Cafeteria & Co. is known as one of the best cheap cafes in Delhi with their warm vibrancy, inviting atmosphere, great food, star-shaped burgers, Hexa pizza, tiramisu shakes, Beyonce burgers, peri-peri chicken 7. Well, you got the point! This is the best place for the hungry and the hungry.


Travelers come from far and wide pass-through food alleys, roadside stalls, loud dhabas, upmarket restaurants, and strange cafes on this rich metro. Along with the city, its food has evolved over the centuries – courtesy of the people who brought it here, embracing the new, preserving the old, and blending in with the cuisine from different parts of the country. We get detailed information about the best cafes in Delhi. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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