24 Best Cafes in Dehradun for Couples – You Must Visit

Best cafe in Dehradun is one of the many hill stations in India known for it’s cozy cafes. Dehradun is the gateway to the many scenic and popular hill stations in Uttarakhand,India. Located in the Dun Valley with a Shivalik and low Himalayan background, Dehradun is one of the diverse cities providing pleasant pleasure.  

Known as Dehra during the British rule, the town became home to many elite institutions and forest research institutes, Dun Schools, and Welham schools for boys and girls. Travelers love to spend time at Cafes in Dehradun that fills your life with color and a positive vibe.

1. Café De Piccolo

Cafes in Dehradun for the best hut-shaped cafe located in the bungalows of Rajpur gives you a rural feel. This Italian-themed cafe is a hidden gem of Dehradun. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it has a very different atmosphere from other cafes in the city. It is advisable to visit the place later in the evening as it is enhanced with bright lights.

The light music, the puppet-like decor, the comfortable seats, and the cottage shape of the cafe makes you feel like you are in Italy. This is one of the best cafes in Dehradun for couples. The cafe is owned by a married couple: Sudhanshu and Aarti and run by a decent employee. Made of all wood, it looks straight out of the fairy tale. The white color and French doors and windows make it more dreamy.

2. Best Buddy’s Restro Café

Interestingly, their best cafe in Dehradun menu also includes street food items. The decoration is smartly done with beautiful quotes and unique names for each table. They have a book corner and live sports screening for their readers. In addition to the large menu of food items, they also have unique dessert items. It is a student-friendly cafe, which has economic value.

Best Buddy’s Restaurant Cafe is famous for its amazing Asian food and Indian street food. With a menu of delicious food, an artistic atmosphere, and impeccable service, Best Body Resto is one of the best cafes in Dehradun for couples. Located on the grounds of the Pacific Hills condominium, make sure you taste the mouth-watering street food platter on your next trip to Dehradun.

3. Y Café & Restaurant

The cafe is wine-themed, with hints of modern shades. cafes to visit in dehradun It is spacious with indoor seating and outside lawn seating. If you are wandering around Karanpur, you can stop by this wonderful outlet and try their Mexican, Indian and English food and their fusion shakes and smoothies. They give complimentary cupcakes on Saturdays and similarly interesting discounts on special days. 

Located within the luxurious White House Hotel, Y Cafe and Restaurant is one of the famous cafes in Dehradun for couples, serving authentic Italian food. Antique furniture and classic decor add to the charm of the place, while the delicious menu and instant service attract locals and tourists. Lots of books are available here if you want to enjoy some ‘my’ time sitting in a window seat.

4. Rising Dough

Delicious food options are one of the most popular cafes in Rising Dough, Dehradun. Their cakes look so beautiful that they turn into a treat for your eyes and a treat for your taste buds! Soothe your soul as you dive into their draw-worthy menu which offers plenty of cocktails, desserts, and cheesecakes. The lights in this cafe glow brightly across the long hallway. These hallways are set with long tables across the walls to create American-style bar designs.

Simple decor, extensive menu, fast service, and amazing reasonable price; These are some of the ingredients that describe Rising Do a famous cafe and bakery in Dehradun. Grab a snack early or just relax on a cup of cappuccino and relaxing music, this is an amazing place to stop for a while.

5. Razzmatazz

Rajjamataj is a sailor-themed cafe in Dehradun with a contrast of blue-and-white colors. It is located in a bungalow with a nice curated environment. Excellent ventilation and dim lighting make Rajjamataj one of the most beautiful dates in Dehradun. The dining room also has an outdoor seating area in the shade of a huge tree wind.

Razzmatazz is one of the top cafes in Dehradun. But more than the food, the anchor-themed interiors, the color combinations, the garden seating arrangements, and the quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city, make it one of the most popular hangout places for couples or solo readers.

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6. Eddie’s Patisserie

Eddie’s Pattisery in cafes to visit in Dehradun is famous for cakes, brownies, pastries, and other baked items. This cozy cafe is located inside the Jamuna colony. There are board games and a bookshelf with a collection of good books. In addition to mouth-watering desserts, the cafe is popular for burgers.

Eddie’s Patisserie is one of the top cafes in Dehradun. Located inside the Jamuna Colony, this cafe is lively, yet cozy. Offering spacious outdoor seating, a chill in Eddie’s Patisserie completes your holiday in this small foothills town. 

7. Chhaya Café

A popular cafe in Dehradun, Shadow Cafe is a favorite hangout among students and youngsters because of its environment, good crowds, and more importantly affordable prices. If you want to spend an evening, have a quick bite, and chat with your loved ones with good coffee, this is the right choice. Chhaya Café is one of the best cafes in Dehradun for couples. 

8. First Gear Café

Ideal for couples as well as groups of friends, it offers a view of the Dun Valley and the Shiva Temple. The name of the cafes in Dehradun for couples cafe is because you have to drive your car. Cars have to go into first gear, as the road is steep up to 200 meters. The view gets better after being washed away in the rain during the rainy season.

They supply a variety of food items and have become popularly known as ‘Maggie-Point’ and ‘Momo-Point’ due to the popularity of the two dishes there. Let’s enjoy real Chinese food while admiring the enchanting beauty of the surroundings with live music from the wide roof of this cafe in Dehradun.

9. Eltham Bakery & Coffee House

A perfect place for breakfast and brunch, if you are a sweet tooth, Elham Bakery is a spectacular cafe in Dehradun. The interiors of this place are full of old school and European and the aroma of biscuits, coffee, and newly baked items. Perfect for an all-day breakfast and evening date, the place is famous for its wide range of pastries, cupcakes, and cookies. It not only serves delicious baked goods but also gives leisure to those who are looking for gluten-free food.

10. Café Marigold

With a quiet environment, brick-designed interiors, spacious outdoor seating, and affordable food menus, this popular cafe in Dehradun have touched many souls. Specializing in breakfast and finger meals throughout the day, Cafe Ganda is ideal for sitting back, relaxing, relaxing, and spending some relaxing time on a hot piping spit, momo, smoothies, and shakes. 

11. Jalapenos

A true paradise for Mexican food lovers, it is undoubtedly one of the romantic cafes in Dehradun for couples. In addition, the free parking facilities fascinate visitors also available. Interestingly, Jalapenos Cafe accepts wallet money as one of the forms of payment.

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12. Kalsang AMA Café

It boasts courtesy staff, gorgeous interiors, and drool-worthy food cooked in Tibetan fashion. The cheap cafes in Dehradun serve as a perfect hangout spot, where you can enjoy innovative delicacies and drinks with your friends and family. If you are also on a short trip to Dehradun, this place is a must-visit, to hang out with friends and fans. 

13. Just Café

Just Cafe is a simple, small but cozy cafe around New Market in Dehradun. Located in one of the subtropical tourist areas, it is a perfect place for those who are thirsty for some fast food. Just Café is one of the tourist cafes in Dehradun for couples.

14. Café Valley Retreat

Unique decor, fairy lights, and wicker furniture that you find at Cafe Valley Retreat – the only themed cafe in Dehradun by a swimming pool. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is ideal for romantic dates and cozy chatter. Bonus; It also accepts wallet payments.

15. Café Cibo

Caf Sibo has garden seats, amidst lush greenery, light music, and wooden furniture. They have a good variety of coffee and have the potential to be the best barista corner in cafes in dehradun for couples. It is amazing how the cafe maintains such a quiet atmosphere despite being on the busiest road in Dehradun. They are also known for their lasagna preparation, so it is a must-try from the menu.

You can enjoy their delicious collection of shakes and pair them with truly heartwarming sandwiches. Whether it’s the environment, the variety of food, or the attractions, the stylish and buzzing Caf Sibo Ni is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Dehradun. Delicious Italian food and mouth-watering desserts from the wide terrace, a must-visit this lively cafe at least once in Dehradun.

16. Krazy For Coffee

One thing that will get you back to the craze for coffee is their ultra-soft bun. This Dehradun cafe is well designed with properly placed lighting and excellent infrastructure. Be it a date or a casual reunion with friends; This place will no doubt serve you best. If you’re crazy for coffee and burgers, Crazy for Coffee is right in town for you.

It is one of the most affordable cafes in Dehradun. Known for serving coffee and snacks that are finger-licking well, coffee for coffee deserves a place on all your lists. This café has an interior elegance and you will enjoy coffee and your visit here. Burgers, pizza, white sauce pasta, and fries are some snacks that you must try in Crazy for Coffee.

17. Farm To Fork Café

A cafe that offers an Old English theme easily qualifies as one of the best cafes in Dehradun. There is a logo at the very entrance of this cafe, which spreads a welcoming feeling in the beautiful castle. The decor is stunning, mostly covered with bamboo stems and glass. Take some books with you if you find yourself lost in the vibe provided by Farm to Fork Cafe; A place you will never regret going to.

18. Lemon Grass Cafe

cheap cafes in Dehradun look very beautiful in the morning and if you believe in getting up early and enjoying a cup of coffee while enjoying the view, then Lemongrass Cafe is the right place for you. From pleasant surroundings to open environments, Lemon Grass Cafe will fascinate you with everything you have to offer. In the evening, you will see many locals enjoying coffee and snacks and you can contact them and get their recommendations on what to order.

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19. Café Doonga Central

As soon as you enter Cafe Donga Central, you will fall in love with the glamorous interior. The specialty of this cafe is not only its food but also the collection of books displayed in it. Sunkissed selfies, gorgeous coffee, delicious snacks, and books. Café Doonga Central is one of the top cafes in Dehradun. If you want all this and more then Caf Donga Central is a great choice for your next date or hangout scene with friends. You must try their pancakes and coffee from their fascinating continental menu. 

20. Waffles & Crepes

Waffles & Craps is known for its delicious ice cream, pizza, and waffles, which makes it one of the best cafes in Dehradun. Lose your feeling in the most elegant combination of soft vanilla and delicious cocoa-based soft and delicious waffles. If you are a waffle lover, don’t miss this waffle-mania. A paradise for all waffle lovers, this cafe will satisfy your inner dessert lover and leave you thirsty for more. 

21. The Mudcup Cafe

With rich wooden interiors, Alaya Mudkup Cafe will surprise you with good things. cafes in dehradun Enjoy mouth-watering meals and aromatic coffee while sitting in a cozy yet classy cafe, this will be your evening! If you have doubts about any cafe in Dehradun, you should not be left out, then The Mudkuo Cafe should be at the top of your list.

22. The Tea Room at Alaya

This cozy tea house is located at the foot of the Mussoorie and offers breathtaking views. Great for breakfast, quick bites, and evening tea. If you are looking forward to spending some peaceful time in the lap of nature then the way to this cafe will be worthwhile.

23. Salt & Cravings

Salt and Cravings create an environment to live in your date moments! The delicacies are beautifully presented and filled with a great mix of flavors. Salt & Cravings is one of the amazing cafes in Dehradun. The interior decor is captivating and refined with its old-world charm. The lighting is dim and bright, while the walls are neatly lined pebbles and tall tables can fit your whole family. Engage in some soul-satisfying meals while resting and relaxing at Salt & Cravings.

24. Valley Retreat

Perfect for romantic lunches or poolside group parties, Cafe Valley Retreat is a pool, surrounded by surrounding mountains. The pool can be used with a nominal charge. Valley Retreat is one of the top cafes in Dehradun. The place is located in the valley. Hence the name. The place has a nice atmosphere, with wooden furniture hut-themed, a garden, and fairy light decor. They have both indoor and outdoor seats. It is well known for its sips.


Cafes and restaurants are commonly referred to as informal workplaces and hangouts. One can easily find the vibe of a city by visiting the cafe. As the rivers Ganges and Jamuna flow beautifully east and west, Dehradun, the winter capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is located in the foothills of the Great Himalayas.

The city is rather called the gateway to Mussoorie, one of the highest hill centers in India. From spicy Indian street food to Italian and Mexican, the cafes not only add flavor but also provide a fine-tuned environment to enhance the experience.

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