Best Beaches in Las-Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful city that is world-famous for its resorts and nightlife. Las Vegas has the spirit of making it possible to gamble like being a millionaire or spending your time on the beach. What happens to the popular beaches of Lag Vegas can make Vegas attractive with man-made but very single necessities and luxuries that you won’t even find on a natural beach.

A time to spend your summer under the top services of resorts that not only gives you luxurious loading but also gives you a complete tour of the best beach experiences within their building boundaries. Spend the real fantasies of your dreams on the beach that can provide every necessary activity and fun in Las Vegas.

1. Hermosa Beach

This charming and coveted beach hangout at SoCal is a paradise for beach bums. With more than 320 days of sunshine per year, Hermosa Hall is the perfect, sunny, and shelf path from Vegas all year round. Like most Sokal beaches, this miraculous cove boasts spectacular sunset views, a canyon, and sandy and splashy activities. It’s a 4-hour drive from Vegas, so it’s perfect for weekend travel.

Hermosa Beach does not have the best and most consistent waves off the coast of California. On the bright side, however, it’s a great place for newbies who want to get the feel of a surfboard. So, sign up for a surf camp or a private class at schools like Wavehoogers and Aqua Surf.

2. Lake Las Vegas

Before we jump into the beaches, Westin Lake should be mentioned in Las Vegas which is a remarkable property and costs between INR 10,000 to INR 50,000 per night depending on the size and convenience of the room. The clubhouse provides members with a white sandy beach with a swimming area, an outdoor pool, a cabana, a lounge, as well as a snack bar.

Anyone can rent a kayak, paddleboard, and boat here so there are never any dull moments for you and your friends or family. Located 18 miles from the Strip, this deluxe resort is one of the most satisfying fast beach trips from Las Vegas. Not to mention, this is the closest beach to Las Vegas.

With its private white sand beach, the resort is a fresh oasis in the middle of the desert. Perfect for relaxation, the beach along Lake Las Vegas feels like a world away from the city of Sin, thanks to its serene environment. Also, private beaches and lake water provide ample opportunities for sports, such as SUP and kayaking. The resort’s beaches and pools are only available for guest resorts. After filling your sun and sand, check out the recreational attractions near the resort. 

3. Mandalay Bay Beach

We’re sure you’ve heard it before and if you don’t we can assume you’re in a cave without any connection to the outside world! Yes, that’s how popular it is among Las Vegas beach resorts. The freshwater pool is huge and is bordered by a sandy “beach” that goes more than a wave machine that swells in the pool at regular intervals. Make sure you visit the Muria Beach Club in Las Vegas for the best time ever. Located right in the middle of the city, this 11-acre aquatic wonder is home to a unique man-made beach.

Mandalay Bay Beach offers a different side of Vegas that is out of the ordinary. It is one of the most beautiful man-made beaches in Las Vegas. With artificial waves and more than 2,500 tons of imported sand, the beach offers a taste of the sea in the Mojave Desert. The pool and beach access to Mandalay Bay are admirable for guests. Affordable day passes are available for non-guests at the resort.

4. VooDoo Beach

There are stunning voodoo beaches in Rio, Las Vegas, with four swimming pools surrounded by real sand and waterfalls and a jacuzzi to complete the package. Guests can relax by doing a poolside massage while they get the most perfect tan so far, the best aspect is that hotel guests get a massage supplement. Located at the Rio All-Suite Hotel, this sun-soaked spot is a must-see for travelers with its one-of-a-kind water features. VooDoo Beach is an energetic hub, known for its crazy fun pool parties.

Only open to guests 21 years of age or older, this trendy hotspot has a white sand beach and 4 swimming pool areas. In addition, the beach has 2 bars, a poolside spa, a whirlpool spa, and an artificial waterfall. Don’t try to walk from the Rio All-Suite Hotel to the Las Vegas Boulevard. On paper, walking doesn’t seem long, and you’ll see a few people do it. But, walking is not inviting or pleasant, and there is a fast-moving path that includes going on a huge freeway.

5. Laguna Beach

If you are looking for the nearest beach in Las Vegas, California, your search is over now! Visit Laguna Beach in Las Vegas to experience the true glory of California! Beyond the sun, sand, and water; there is a rich community here that is within the heritage of art and history. If you’re in the area, stop by the Laguna Art Museum or the Laguna Playhouse to see art festivals around July and August. Famous for its diverse culture and beauty, Laguna Beach has 7 miles of coastline that attracts beaches and artists.

Every year, the city attracts 6 million visitors, thanks to its great beaches. Each beach has its taste, personality, and specialty. Crescent Bay, for example, is ideal for kayaking and spot seals. Parking on Laguna Beach is quite limited because it is a popular SoCal city. To find a suitable parking spot, get to any beach in the city early. And, however, most parking meters in this city limit 3 hours. Laguna Beach is 276 miles from Las Vegas, meaning it’s ideal for a weekly beach getaway.

6. Tao Beach

Sitting in Vegas is how the beach in Las Vegas will make you feel! It is one of the best quality beach resorts in Vegas, and probably the entire United States, and has all the essentials you need to have a great time: bungalows, day beds, stunning landscapes, and bright music played by a live DJ. The best part is that guests have the option to use the services of an on-site appointed minister to confess about their time in Sin City or to sink with their loved ones near the pool.

7. The Beach Club Pool

It is one of Las Vegas’s brightest beaches and surrounded by jungle-like gardens that offer easy access to pools and water slides. Reserve one of the 6 luxurious cabanas before spending the best time. It’s a family-friendly resort with water slides and cabanas along the go pool reserved strictly for adult fun.

8. Paradise Beach

The Hard Rock Hotel has lots of beaches and nothing makes us happy. It’s a 400 million property with three pools and you can go to any of them for a great time! It is one of the best Las Vegas beach resorts overflowing with palm trees, lively flowers, daisies, and cabana. There is a cover charge between US IN 50 and US 35 on weekends, but locals can enter on weekdays free of charge! The Nirvana Pool also has a cafe, bar, and grill so you can truly enjoy Nirvana in this beach paradise!

9. Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

You will forget the fact that Las Vegas is located in a desert when you enter this property. There are adult slides, teen rides, kids pools, and more to make the whole family explode here.

10. Tahiti Village

This fantastic resort features a Tahitian-themed pool that leads to a shallow sandy beach and is surrounded by palm trees and palm groves. The largest part of this complex is the lazy river which has tiki poles that draw water and waterfalls from the overhead. All guests at the resort are entitled to admirable lazy river tubes.

11. Santa Monica State Beach

The potential for fun and adventure is endless at this famous 3.5-mile sandy end of Southern California. Santa Monica is a world-famous destination that attracts crowds of visitors from all over the world. In addition to its fine sandy expanse and iconic pier, the beach is full of colorful people and activities. From tulle pancakes to roller coaster rides, you’ll have a lot of fun on this beach.

Like Hermosa, Santa Monica is an hour’s drive from Vegas. That means you spend the weekend there instead of taking a day trip. Drop the lobster restaurant at the entrance to the pier at sunset. With endless views of Pier and Malibu, this restaurant is a prime place for photography and sunset watching. And, while admiring the view, take a sample of the restaurant’s mouth-watering seafood.

12. Cottonwood Cove Beach

Perfectly located on the shores of Lake Mohav, this enchanting beach is just a 1-hour drive from the strip. With non-existent waves and gentle shallow water, it is the safest beach for kids near Sin City. Of course, the beach has a variety of recreational activities for adults, including paddleboarding, water skiing, and fishing. You don’t have to pack a ton of food to escape to Cottonwood Cove on your beach. There is also a restaurant, Cottonwood Cove Cafe, which serves delicious meals on the beach and a smorgasbord of breakfast. You will also like the gift center, which sells convenience items, souvenirs, and clothing. This is one of the best beaches in Las-Vegas.

13. HRH Beach Club

One of the best pool resorts known for having one of the best beach clubs in Las-Vegas, The Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club hosts the popular Pool Extravaganza, commonly known as Rehab. Beach club pools are surrounded by real sand and zero access slides that will tempt you to believe that you are on the real beach! One of the most popular and posh beaches in Las Vegas is a must-visit.

14. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach has everything you need for a memorable day trip from the city of Sin. Enchanting swimming beach. There are a variety of activities on the beach, including sailing, sunbathing, swimming, and boat trips. Even if you plan to stay overnight, there is a picnic area and campground. Wear shoes instead of your usual beach flip-flops. There are several small and large stones in the area.

15. Willow Beach 

Willow, lying next to Lake Mohav, is a tranquil and mind-clearing nature escape just 45 minutes away from the strip. Surrounded by scenic desert scenery, this beach will fascinate you with its fascinating nature. And, there is plenty of wildlife around the lake. You don’t have to pack extra on your trip to this beach. Unlike the beaches of other lakes in the desert, this cove has a marina with a gift shop, restaurant, and convenience store.

16. Coronado Beach

2 miles wide, San Diego is a haven for lovers of fine stretched beaches near downtown. Coronado Beach is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in California. With its calm, warm waters and lifeguard duty, it is the best beach for swimming near Las Vegas. There are lots of fun attractions and activities including surfing, kiteboarding, and a kid’s playground. However, since the beach is 335 miles from Vegas, we recommend that you spend the entire weekend there. See Hotel del Coronado. Even if you’re not a guest, you can browse through pictures and history exhibits.


All the beaches mentioned above are the best in providing great adventure and water sports to take your beach fun to another level. You do not want to be in a long line in such weather in LA, therefore, get all the information about the most visited beaches in Las Vegas that can help you on every tour of this city and get the best deals possible under your budget at the famous Beach Resort in Las Vegas.

Vegas can be so tough if you don’t know where to find the best beaches that are acceptable to customize their offers to suit your needs. Therefore the above-mentioned guide will help you to save your money on those expensive bookings and choose the perfect beach of Las Vegas according to your preferences and budget.

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