9 Best Beaches in Chennai

When you want to spend most of your beach vacation think of the west coast of India as a place to go, the east coast is made up of many beautiful beaches that most of us have not explored. With a long coastline, Chennai boasts of several vibrant beaches that are suitable for some fun time and provide a brand new beach experience seamlessly.

Chennai, the largest city in Tamil Nadu and one of the four major metropolitan cities of the country offers a huge number of hotels to choose from and you can choose one near the main beach of the city. Plan a vacation this summer, discover the beaches of Chennai and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Best Beach in Chennai you should visit

These alluring beaches attract not only Chennai residents, but also tourists from all over the country. From these beaches you can get a panoramic view of the coastline and the city close to the heart of the weary townspeople. In fact, many of these beaches, especially in areas close to the city, become crowded in the evenings when you see women, men and young people enjoying and relaxing on the beach. You can play many different games among them and enjoy evening snacks.

If you like adventures like parasailing and windsurfing, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in them on some beaches like Kovalam beach. Chennai’s family beaches abound in forts, memorials, churches, temples, etc. in its vicinity. In fact, these few beaches have historic monuments. The view of fishing villages and fishing ports in the coastal areas can make you mingle with the fishing folks and lean towards catastrophic trips.

1. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

After the strength and chaos of Marina and Elliott beaches, you will love to travel to the nearby Tiruvanmiyur beach, close to Elliott, relatively quiet and very clean. A friendly view welcomes you to Thiruvananthapuram and you will find yourself indulging and enjoying some time on this wide edge of the sand between runners and families. Several (quite healthy) food stalls on the beach street sell delicious snacks and there is a paintball club for a few hours of fun. A quiet beach in Chennai, Tiruvanmiyu is a wonderful pleasure and we would recommend a visit.

2. Marina Beach

Dragon sellers, cricket enthusiasts, food stalls, families with kids and a bunch of sea glasses… this is what you will find at the iconic Marina Beach in Chennai. With one of the longest stretches of sand in a city setting, the Marina is definitely the most popular beach in Chennai and if we are in the Bay of Bengal (or sunrise, if you are an early riser, we strongly recommend looking at the sun!).

This procession seems to enjoy a lot of rides and activities for the little ones, food stalls selling veggies and corn-on-the-siv and colorful crowds walking among the many memorial statues and installations here. While you can enjoy the vast expanse of the ocean, a fisty undercontinent means swimming is questionable.

3. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chennai, a natural highway flowing along the Bay of Bengal, part of the East Coast Road or ECR in Tamil Nadu. The beach is a short walk from the city, but tourists still enjoy its swimming water, the clear sand stretches long where you can take a walk and stroll along this shore of the Coromandel coast for many connections to eat at the point of the region.

The biggest draw, however, is surfing. Yes, surf is always at Kovalam Beach and you will see many surfers climbing on the riding wave or waiting on the beach, on board with their hands for that perfect wave. Even an annual surfing festival, the Kovlong Point Festival; Complete with live music and food that you must see. There are also surfing schools where you can take lessons. If you are planning to visit this great beach in Chennai, you are signing up for a fantastic time.

4. Elliot’s Beach

One of Chennai’s cleanest beaches is Elliott’s Beach – one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods in Besant. Bound by a friendly joke, it is certainly a spectacular beach, especially in the evenings when young people and families crowd the beach. The clean whites are set in trendy restaurants and cafes that most young people can see outside for the evening.

The beach is clean and you can take long walks on the beach without worries. More interesting attractions on the beach are the Nirmala Ashtalakshmi temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Velankani Church. More notable is a monument named after the Dutch sailor Carl Schmidt, who lost his life here in the 1930s, saving a young girl.

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5. Santhome Beach

Located in the historically important neighborhood of Mylapore, Santhom Beach is actually the southernmost part of Marina Beach. Although it is the same sand arch, Santhom is much quieter and cleaner than its more popular cousin. Dig a crowd of mariners to see a clean beach in Chennai that is still miraculously spotless. Young couples, groups of friends and solo beachgoers are seen here enjoying the sunset on the other side of the low seas, and a number of meals ensure you take a long walk once after sunset.

6. Sadras Beach

If you look to escape the crowds at Chennai’s beaches, the beautiful Sadras Beach – an almost pristine beach – that many tourists don’t know about. Hidden from view (read, happily secluded!), The beach is one of the few remaining landmarks of Chennai’s Dutch heritage behind the historic Sadras Fort (yes! The Dutch also came here!)! Sadras Beach, on the other hand, is a little bit of a paradise in the crowded city and you can spend hours here looking at the bright blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Explore the castle for some hidden gems or scatter around in cool water; The day is a quiet time on the beach or with delicious snacks sold at beach food stalls.

7. Palavakkam Beach

Remember those scenes from the old movie where people went to a beach where there weren’t too many crowds, where you could sit on a bench and enjoy the sea view and cool breeze while the kids went to play in the sand? You can still do it. Palavkam, one of the top beaches in Chennai, where ‘reel’ becomes ‘real’ and you can really do all these things.

A wide, clean, uncluttered beach, Palavakam is still perfected by the commercialization you see towards the other seas of Chennai and allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life in the world of nature. Of all the beaches in Chennai, Palavakam is by far the best and certainly spectacular

8. Kasimedu Beach

When you want to spend a weekend like the locals, you go to Kasimdu, one of the most popular beaches in Chennai. It is a choice for beautiful ponds, colorful boats and stunning views of the sea, Kashimdu Beach where Chennai opens on Sunday evenings.

You’ll see families with kids hanging out on the beach, young people playing volleyball or cricket, and even people fishing off the coast with homemade fishing lines. Kasimadu Beach is a place you can’t miss if you really want to explore the city as much as it is found illegally.

9. Akkarai Beach

One of the most scenic routes in the country, TN’s East Coast Road, runs along the Bay of Bengal and driving through here will take you to an equally beautiful destination – all these quiet, pristine beaches, endless and near-ancient. Of all these beaches, we offer a trip to Akkarai – the best beach in Chennai. It doesn’t fit in like the Marina or Elliott Carnival, it has other beaches that boast of cafes and restaurants and it’s not about half the people. But Akkarai allows you to enjoy being by the sea without any interruptions.

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Chennai is better known for its beaches than anything else. Chennai has a number of beaches that cater to the urban imagination for a weekly nature getaway. However, family beaches in Chennai are not the only reserve for those living in Chennai and its suburbs Walking along these beaches in the morning can give you a great view of the sea, the surrounding landscape and the shiny white sand. The cool sea air comforts tired travelers. These beaches offer the people of Chennai a perfect escape from the scorching heat of summer. The natural allure of these beaches helps people to prepare for their horrible life after vacation.

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